Sccy CPX-2 9mm

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SCCY Welcome
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WallabeeDeviant89: I have this gun, what kind off ammo do you guys recommend?

Marlon Morales: Just bought my wife this gun today. Hope she likes it... =)

monkerspode: I have that TR-10 laser. Or had one on my CPX-2.
Although that laser is very bright. It will not hold zero.
Great little pistol though.

June Lewis: These guns are well worth the money! I am an old Jarhead, who served with the 3rd Marines in Vietnam. I cut my teeth on the Colt 1911 A1. I used to carry either my Colt Lightweight Commander, or my Combat Commander. Because I live in the South, and we are in light clothing most of the time, this little SCCY is easy to conceal; and it is a reliable handgun. I have some Remington Golden Saber +P rounds in this gun. When practicing, I make sure that I don't give this little pistol a steady diet of +P ammo;  not a good idea. You can't go wrong with this handgun!

Johnny Railroad: Nice quick overview of the CPX-2.

Hawkeye: What kind of gloves are those?

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES: Plus P is ok for gen 2's.

Dog Face: Thanks for the review, but why are you wearing gloves?

D Charisma: man you need to mix your musics right. glass breaking and sudden beat is annoying

Bruce Silverman: I got mine with the Armalaser TR10 laser sight. I love it and DeSantis makes a holster to fit with the laser mounted. Fit's well in the hand and looks great. Magazines come with the extender so you can get three fingers on the gun. You need them as this gun has a 9 lb. trigger pull so while a good CC weapon you need two hands on the gun for greater accuracy.

snipe hunter: I purchased one of these a few months ago, shoots true, but the trigger will not reset unless you tap the side of the slide. I have no doubt that they will stand behind their product and correct it,,,,,, but this one will get sold, if I cant trust it, I wont keep it.

Charles Collins: weakest spring i've ever seen.

Crystal Dunkin: I have this gun and shot yesterday for the first time. I really like it!!! Trigger pull didn't take too long adjust to. It's small, feels really good (comfortable), and shot really well. Thanks for your review. Be safe out there!

Jackie Vail: They sell a laser for this gun on the sccy website!!

Jake R.: great review

Michael Copeland: I have the 2-tone model. Weapon shoots well & is very accurate. Recoil is not as bad as I thought it would be - very manageable. Armalaser has a sweet laser that is made for the CPX 2. It is model TR 10. Lists for around $150, found one for $88. It has a contact pad built in the laser body that turns the laser on when you grab it & off when you  let it go.  Mounts on the trigger guard.  Hope this helps!

: Nice review, I picked one up a year ago, great little gun for the money.

Richard Boies: Love my CPX-2. My main carry weapon.9 lb. trigger pull takes getting used to, but accurate as hell at 10, 15, 20 , 25, and 35 yds. Can't beat the price.

Mykel Obvious: Just for the record: ArmaLaser makes the TR10 for the CPX series pistols. Interesting touch tech, but probably won't work if you are wearing gloves (just so ya know)
Sccy CPX-2 9mm 5 out of 5

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