49 Two-Strand Twists On Thin, Natural Hair - Second Attempt

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Donata Mooring: I am going to try the same thing. I have issues with soft fine hair. I have tried everything. I really need for my natural hair to grow. Thank you so much for sharing your failures with us which is a blessing for me.

Nina Rochelle: I like your hair. It looks fine.

Moni Sola: I have thin hair too and twists are a pain but they do help your hair to grow and not break. I suggest that you do them with as little product as possible. I put in light leave in (I like Giovanni Direct leave in) throughout damp freshly washed hair and then twist . Then I rub a little oil over all of the twists and roll them on flexirods. When I take out the flexirods I pin the twists up kind of close to the roots. At night I moisturize with water and put the flexirods in again.

Candie5000: Lol I love the video. Dont give up and I also have thin hair. And your funny! Good luck sista!

Cess268 Turner: BTW I actually thought that the results in the beginning of the 1st vid (i think #44) was cute.

Cess268 Turner: Late response. instead of heavy butters/grease for the twists try using a good leave in and a light holding gel. put the leave in throughout your hair before you start twisting and seal with a light oil then use a little gel for each twist. I too had to make this adjustment the butters/grease may be too heavy for your hair. I also find that when I curl or do a braid/twist out on the 2 strand twists it gives me a fuller look. Good luck and happy styling.

SimplyLala1: Parting*

SimplyLala1: Try putting your hair diagonal instead of doing it straight across. This will help to limit some of the scalpy look

rbandleahsmom: I love your graciousness. My 6 year old daughter had issues with her hair looking moisturized and I tried EVERYTHING. Then I went to Wholefoods grocery and bought natural coconut oil and it was amazing. Try your twistout with coconut oil blended with a little ecostyler until it makes a butter like consnsitency and you will love that look even more! Good Luck!

OliviaDaughter: Keep working in it. I have.similar issues.

Stacey K: I feel you my thin hair sister

Brooke Moore: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! Also, keep deep conditioning. I think you will notice a difference

Dr. vs Mrs.: Some aloe vera gel doesn't have a low enough pH to close the cuticle! But, I'm sure you definitely know what works for you, just trying to help save you some effort, I wish someone had told me sooner! :) Your vids are awesome BTW :)

Dr. vs Mrs.: Instead of yarn, what do u think about using kinky hair? Also, have you ever considered using an aloe vera juice mix, and spraying it on the ends of your hair only? Perhaps the aloe vera juice can help mitigate the cuticle being open, leading to a frayed ends appearance.

teeahtate: I think that the yarn can dry your hair out if you do not condition well.

Alexis Milner: Awesome video! 2 questions....How long have you been natural? How come us fine haired naturals always have scraggly ends at the end of our twists?

Julia: A lady on youtube alsosaw it a couple of years ago, but rejected the idea. After spending tons of money on products that didn't work, she hitched on the MN-ride, and she was almost in tears from joy that it worked. That clinched it for me! :D

Julia: I did try it *drum rolls* and it's working. The hair at my nape is growing, my edges is at its best. I've used it for only a week before misplacing it. I got another, and prepared it yesterday evening. I mixed it with Kinky-curly serum, and 8 different oils (including JBCO) as I want my hair to be nourished and thick at the same time. My natural-haired friend also says hers is working very well for her. I hate addiction, so after a month of using, I'll take about a week's break, and so on.

Julia: Sorry about the second attempt. I was searching for the loose twist by Cipriana, where she makes the root a bit lose, as well as the middle, then she twists the end tight. I don't want to twist on wet hair cuz I don't like the look. I'll be doing mini twists, and then use rollers, flexi rods and curlformers to play with it. I'm seriously looking into the coochie cream on hair wonder, and might be trying it. *hugs*

Kia Anique: Ive heard that castor oil thickens your hair, and seals your ends. I do not know how true it is, but when being a natural you have to test out new things. Good luck and your hair is gorgeous!!!!!
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49 ★ Two-Strand Twists on Thin, Natural Hair - Second Attempt