49 Two-Strand Twists On Thin, Natural Hair - Second Attempt

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NappyNFree: @TheNaturalmystery I tried, but it was a no-go. They are just not in my cards. When you did the twists on dry hair, I liked how it looked. However, I think water and shrinkage is a thin-haired gal's best friend.

NappyNFree: @dkblck1958 Hi there. Good observation! I am just doing this for 2012. Next year, I will go back to trimming my hair twice a year...spring and winter.

Angela Walton-Raji: I loved the twist out!! That might be your style to wear from time to time as it really looked good! What kind of schedule for trimming will do? Every three months perhaps take off 1/2 inch to trim the damaged part, which might help. Good results! I loved the braid out---I think your braids were too small, for your twist and yes grease on thin hair will just consume the hair and make it so small and thread-like. Light oil is best and protect the ends. most of

NappyNFree: Thanks for the tips. I have become a pro with the curly twist out!

NappyNFree: @padee99 8 hours?! Wow. Maybe one day I might try this. I worry about making them so small, but it doesn't seem like that is a valid worry. Thanks!

s pacino: glad to see u gave it another shot. I use henna on my hair to thicken it up. as far as styling I suck lol. as always luv ur vids!

AllisonLPayne: Awww...I was really looking forward to seeing the results. Looked like it was going well. I did notice that you started twisting bigger as you got to the top. If you keep em small, less scalp will show. Your cornrows were lovely, and that first pinup style you did was lush and full looking. *Joyfully Awaiting 3rd Times a Charm!(0:*

Alexis Milner: Awesome video! 2 questions....How long have you been natural? How come us fine haired naturals always have scraggly ends at the end of our twists?

NappyNFree: @twistedmetal37 Yes, I was horrified when I saw how my twists looked without the yarn. That is a great way to express it. Yes, our hair issues run deep. It is a shame because it is just hair, but it can be one the most difficult things to handle mentally!

CessCurls Turner: BTW I actually thought that the results in the beginning of the 1st vid (i think #44) was cute.

Julia: I did try it *drum rolls* and it's working. The hair at my nape is growing, my edges is at its best. I've used it for only a week before misplacing it. I got another, and prepared it yesterday evening. I mixed it with Kinky-curly serum, and 8 different oils (including JBCO) as I want my hair to be nourished and thick at the same time. My natural-haired friend also says hers is working very well for her. I hate addiction, so after a month of using, I'll take about a week's break, and so on.

Que P: Being that your hair is thin, try making your two strand twist smaller. Thus giving off a fuller looker

NevJamGal: My hair is thin too, when I wear yarn twist for a while then twist my own hair it takes a while for me to get used to the look. When I used grease to twist it made my hair look thinner. now I twist on wet hair using butter cream mix. for the gaps I learnt to finger part on a diagonal so the twist above covers the gap below like brick work but at a diagonal I twist tightly not to pull on my hair just to make the twist last longer and give fullness.

NappyNFree: @miknotti You are so right. Chunkier twists will make a better twist outs. I guess when the two-strand twists didn't work, I could have retwisted each section bigger for a fuller twist out. Thank you...I am always looking for alternate ways to style my hair! :-)

NappyNFree: @meadowarch Okay, I really need us to meet so you can do my hair! It sounds like you have a good system. Next time I two-strand twist, I will try your suggestions. Thank you!

bellanatural01: love the phony pony and twistout !!!

NappyNFree: @AYWalton Again, thanks for the helpful comments! It did seem as if my hair got thicker each day. When I had the hair tuck and mullet on day 3 (LOL), it looked really full. I wasn't using grease, only a little olive oil. That phony pony is the bomb. I absolutely love it!

NappyNFree: @rainbowbrite621 Thank you!

NappyNFree: Thank you!

NappyNFree: @leenaturally Thank you!

D K: if your trim regimen is Jan,April,August,Dec; aren't you trimming in Dec and then again one month later rather than 3 months later? just observing. thanks for sharing the journey queen

NappyNFree: @sparkle453 Hi there! Thanks for this message. At this point, I am done with the twists, but who knows? I may give it another try. Maybe they would look better after several days!

Brooke Moore: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! Also, keep deep conditioning. I think you will notice a difference

Jay Weston: have you tried the brick laying pattern?

NappyNFree: @KizzyGreen MsVcharles is great! I saw that video and have some JBCO that I have been using in rotation with other oils. It is definitely a keeper! :-)

Kia Anique: Ive heard that castor oil thickens your hair, and seals your ends. I do not know how true it is, but when being a natural you have to test out new things. Good luck and your hair is gorgeous!!!!!

NappyNFree: Thanks, lady! I won't...I will keep plugging away with this hair of mine!

NappyNFree: @caprimomx2 Maybe. :-) Okay, when I try this again, I will play with ways to mask the scaliness (LOL!) until it gets a little frizzy and poofy. Thanks!

NappyNFree: I AGREE! Jherri curl juice has been my go-to for moisture. Too bad I had to learn the hard way. :-)

Angela Walton-Raji: I looked at the video again and noticed that as your hair got "older" ---thus drier---it actually looked thicker. You perhaps did weigh it down with too much grease----grease is HEAVY on thin hair and it weighed more than your hair and as it was drier each day--it looked thicker. Perhaps just moisturize and lightly oil and avoid oiling it everyday---maybe thin hair can't take anything heavy. You looked great!! I also loved the look with the phony pony--that was so pretty!!

Lola Brigida: I have thin hair too and twists are a pain but they do help your hair to grow and not break. I suggest that you do them with as little product as possible. I put in light leave in (I like Giovanni Direct leave in) throughout damp freshly washed hair and then twist . Then I rub a little oil over all of the twists and roll them on flexirods. When I take out the flexirods I pin the twists up kind of close to the roots. At night I moisturize with water and put the flexirods in again.

NappyNFree: @MsSassyLaRue Awwwwww! You! (heeheehee) Sorry to disappoint, but they looked a mess! I just keep forgetting how to handle my hair. I have the yarn out and plan on keeping it out for a few weeks. I am discovering that I looooove grease for cornrows and eco styler is a great friend to my hair. I need to write this stuff down! Thank you for your support and encouragement, lady!

NappyNFree: It's a hard-knock life. :-)

NappyNFree: @frenchiedee Yes, chunky twists make better twist outs. I use do it right in 2010, when I used eco styler gel...which I will be revisiting very soon! I am on restriction regarding purchasing hair products. :-) As soon as it is lifted, I plan on trying some Oyin products. I will check out your pictures!

NappyNFree: Hi! Sorry for the late response...this message was in my spam e-mail folder! It is depressing to have such sick looking twists, but oh well...A few years ago, I considered the coochie cream, too. I even went to the store and studied each brand. I changed my mind, though. :-p Let me know how it works for you if you decide to try it.

miknotti: i have thin hair as well and I find fatter twist look much better than small twist. in my opinion, the section you worked with could have been in six big chunky twist. the goal is to get the hairs protein bonds to break and take the shape of the twist. the small skinny twist are doing just that...because they were thin and skinny in your video. try bigger chunkier twist and separate and fluff. I really think you would like the results much better.

NappyNFree: @kcat200 Yep, I think I have come to that conclusion, too, about two-strand twists! :-)

MsSassyLaRue: I LITERALLY clapped and screamed, "Alrriiigghhht!" when the pics came on! Haha! I will mirror everyone's comments about grease vs lighter oils and that twist get better over time. I was grinning like a FOOL when I saw you with the "small bun" ....it looked VERY natural and sassy! We're rooting for....congrats on the happy hair accident!

NappyNFree: @apatte4975 I think you are right. I just saw one thin-haired youtuber braid her hair super small and it looked great!

Candie5000: Lol I love the video. Dont give up and I also have thin hair. And your funny! Good luck sista!

Julia: A lady on youtube alsosaw it a couple of years ago, but rejected the idea. After spending tons of money on products that didn't work, she hitched on the MN-ride, and she was almost in tears from joy that it worked. That clinched it for me! :D

frenchiedee: I have fine hair and I never wear twists out.I do do twist outs regularly. I don't use hair grease because it's too heavy on fine hair. I'll use Oyin Hair Dew, Shea Moisture Hair Milk, kimmaytube leave in. My hair prefers aloe and water based products to heavy butters which I can use but sparingly. I usually make my 2 strand twists a little chunky because that gives me fullnes.I liked your hair at the end cute twist out.On ReadEng. Didi's Press on wordpress you can see what my hair looks like.

MizzezJaxon: Im so glad to have found someone who has thin natural hair like mine! I just subscribed! :-)

caprimomx2: *scalpiness I mean

NappyNFree: @Teetee554 Thank you! I liked it, too. It was a pleasant surprise after the disaster of the twists. :-)

leenaturally: Love the phoney pony

NappyNFree: This is really great advice. You are so right about the wealth of info available on YouTube and how overwhelming it can be. I constantly have to fight the urge to buy everything. :-) Thank you.

NappyNFree: @AllisonLPayne I was trying to keep them small, but I guess I starting getting impatient and grabbed more hair. The cornrows impressed the heck out of me because I haven't cornrowed in a very long time - the grease was the bomb for that! Tip to file away for the future (although there may not be a part 3 :-) - keep the twists small! Thank you lady!

Julia: Sorry about the second attempt. I was searching for the loose twist by Cipriana, where she makes the root a bit lose, as well as the middle, then she twists the end tight. I don't want to twist on wet hair cuz I don't like the look. I'll be doing mini twists, and then use rollers, flexi rods and curlformers to play with it. I'm seriously looking into the coochie cream on hair wonder, and might be trying it. *hugs*

SimplyLala1: Try putting your hair diagonal instead of doing it straight across. This will help to limit some of the scalpy look
49 ★ Two-Strand Twists on Thin, Natural Hair - Second Attempt 4.9 out of 5

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49 ★ Two-Strand Twists on Thin, Natural Hair - Second Attempt