How To Get Unbanned From Habbo Hotel

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How To get unbanned from habbo hotel
How To get unbanned from habbo hotel
Reportage - Hoe snel krijg je een ban op Habbo? [THK]
Reportage - Hoe snel krijg je een ban op Habbo? [THK]

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Silver Gamma: I got muted for explaining how kids are born. This is the 9th time and I joined habbo about 2 weeks or more ago.

Crax Dog: I got banned for this reason: Hello habbo have been banned for: You have been banned! The reason for the ban is " Sorry, but your Habbo name is not quite appropriate for Habbo. Reading through the Habbo Way and Terms will help you avoid this issue in the future. (id: 5096127)". The ban will expire at 99,999 (GMT 46) Eastern Time. I even asked youre staff IF I COULD change my name they said we are not looking to change names another thing is that expire time is ... pretty much for ever anothing thing is i have 650c and 47 days of hc and alot of fruni please unban me as fast as possible... i would appriciate it and i will allow that you change my name i do not mind please help me out ive spent alot of money on youre game and i would appreasiate if you guys did thanks you.

Effy Stonem: i got banned for 17 years um

Shannon Boundy: Can Anyone Help Me i Got Banned For saying 100gb for doles Can Anyone help me Please i Paid you In Gold bars if you Help me Get Unbanned :{

Gabriel Brooder: I got banned for flooding the Welcome Lounge on a raid with my friends all dressed up in the same outfit. Ps. They all got banned until 2025, too. LOL

JumpGallopRideX: I got banned til 2021 hahaha

mohammed patel: i got banned for having sex

yna nicole andaya: i got banned bc im joking about my age...

Kelvin Low: You have been banned! The reason for the ban is "You have been banned until 21-10-2022 22:32:37. Attempting to steal account passwords is not permitted. Repeat offenses may be communicated to the police, and your parents. Please review the Habbo Way and Terms for acceptable usage. (id: 1858510)". The ban will expire at 10/21/22 10:32 PM (GMT +0000) Eastern Time. . What should i do anyon eplease help me i need back this account 

Jay Joshua: i got banned cause an idiot of my class hacked me and got me banned that piece of crap

Liciaziexx: SAME!!! IT SUCKS!

babyxnephilim: bro try making it to hd its hard to see when in 480 and below

ArmageddonEndeavour: ME TOO except i didnt even say a retro it was a radio website

Hannahdxxxxx: I'm banned until 7/4/2023 :L i hope this works :L

yummystyle: I still cant when i login it send me to my profile and cant go anywhere else help

josh conboy: got banned for saying lik me fanny

lol: i got banned for saying "the sims 4 looks like sims social on fb" ... requesting social media accounts? df.... they gotta fix this

kentandken: I sent them request for about 3days now... and nothing happen... how sad.

deathslide8: omg ... same -_-

Azaher Abdel Rahman: samehere

derick swiger: im banned untill 3:28 17 2011 eastern time.

Bro123Vids: i got banned till 2024 :( i was soooo rich

mrchrismania: Thumbs up if u got banned for having sex with girls :D

Marcie Elliot: I got banned from fatal hotel. - _ - For hacking. Wtf? I have never hacked anyone. Even if i did want to hack someone, they would't know about it. Stupid Fatal dumbass staff!

christopher arias: i got banned becuz i said one curse

Humza Ahmed: Someone helpppppppppppppppp i got banned from bubbo hotel someone help plzzzzzzz

minecraftHATE: im banned till 2023 :(

Huntsman Wiz: The New Habbo Staff, A.K.A Lazy Habbo Staff Bastard, who always accept random reports. He must be stoned.

Alexa Kelly: same on xen IDK WHAT I EVEN DID!!!!! D:

kendra morgan: IT DIDNT WORK DUMB ASS

Wendy Jones: I got banned when I was given 1c, and got permed for trying to sell my account. I told habbo and the dumbasses wouldn't unban me when I never did anything!

PeachesAndCupcake22: I Got Banned CAUSE MY NAME LOLOLO

darkangel666: i got banned without a reason...a few days ago someone asked if i wanted habbo sex and i said that i didn't wanted habbo sex and he called me whore and otherthings and i said some thing to him and the next day i logged in there came that i am baned till 2023...

vodastrife26: Food for thought # 2 Habbo/Sulake can hold onto your accounts and if you have a bad record and you try to take legal action because of any investments you made a wrongful bad mistake they can use your accounts for their personal discretion and criminalize you. And for the record I believe they already anonymously criminalize every account on Habbo.Com The world is a cruel cruel place,and you should research some of these things I've shared,and share this information with other habbos!

Habbo Hackin: BTW, it's not a trading game it's a game for teens to hang out -__-

Jesus Christ: @dragontooth112 same lol

RedoranGuard-SkyrimBattles: pixel sex? lol

yola JordanicusX: i have been banned for.......You have been banned! The reason for the ban is "You have been banned until 20-06-2013 22:03:13. Offering and/or requesting telephone numbers is not permitted. Please review the Habbo Way and Terms for acceptable usage. (id: 4541007)". The ban will expire at 6/20/13 10:03 PM (GMT +0000) Eastern Time.

MrLOQUENDERO2: i dont doubt this will work but when I try to go to this menu you are in at the begining I cant it only goes to the avatars I have and well I dont know how to go back to that menu. If you could help me I would reall appriciate it, thank you

Th3OneAnOnly: Banned for Scam Sites.., 27 months ago and still banned till 2022 lol

busseman200: i got banned until 2023 for asking another habbo, what he would like to have for one of his items lol... HABBO IS A freakING TRADING GAME, SO DONT BLAME ME I WANNED TO TRADE! :'(

LightQuxxn: I got BANNED until 2023 ! :(

Bro123Vids: my freind scams me >:(

i ApocaLypses: Fake and gay key loggers

Molly Jones: Ik same !!!

MynameisPerb: :/ Still not replying...

reborntiger123: Hate habbo i just make a ff then i didnt say i gonna give any prizes then got banned for it

deathslide8: people that are banned now follow this step by step... 1) click help 2) in the search bar, search request 3) click the first one, should be how do i request a ticket. 4) follow that page step by step 5) after u have done that go back to the home page and search request again 6) you should see how do i request a ticket and 2 other links again .. ignore them and scroll down till u can see didn't/couldn't find what you were looking for and under that you should see click here to submit a request

AleXiZKooL: i got banned till 2031 lol

How To get unbanned from habbo hotel 3.8 out of 5

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How To get unbanned from habbo hotel