K2 Summit Herbal Insense

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K2 Summit Herbal Insense
K2 Summit Herbal Insense
K2 Smoke K2 Herb Weed   What is K2 Incense Herbal Smoke?
K2 Smoke K2 Herb Weed What is K2 Incense Herbal Smoke?
Dude rips a bong load of k2 spice herbal incense!
Dude rips a bong load of k2 spice herbal incense!
K2 Pink Incense. Smoking Synthetic cannabis JWH-018 laced herbs.
K2 Pink Incense. Smoking Synthetic cannabis JWH-018 laced herbs.
Diablo Herbal Incense Review pt 1
Diablo Herbal Incense Review pt 1
How to use Liquid k2 eliquid incense spice in an electronic cigarette from www.k2-eliquid.com
How to use Liquid k2 eliquid incense spice in an electronic cigarette from www.k2-eliquid.com

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TheDarscon: buy the stuff to make your own. 2 oz cost about 60$ for everything

cjtwc7: @JPyr0 ok maybe it doesnt stunt your growth.....that much but it relly does affect the brain when cells are still developing........ but i hate when some people do weed they go crazy and it doesnt calm them down like that pisses me off when your with some one that does that i just want to punch em but anywho are you a marijuana smoker yourself?

jtaffe84: you cant put a k2 seed in the ground this crap is gay pot head for life

KazumaHibiki: @XenHev kid are you stupid no you do not theres a few ways to pass a drug test and k2 is fake dirt not worth buying nor smoking K :)

JPyr0: Do you realize that your video made the news?

unkslappy: not summit guy...and whats with the weed seed

yim1989: not*

aazish100: what is it?stronger then weed?somthing like salvia?or wat

famousbro1: @MistahFen gay bitch? lmao you assume im gay because of some comments?? you stoners are so silly!

famousbro1: @TwiceVicodin yea its the most dangerous drug in the world i would take crystal meth before bud light anyday!

mambaKB24mvp: @halocraze23 what? does that mean its more unhealthy

Timmer Ratajczyk: No more War Pigs have the powa!

KazumaHibiki: @LALAKERFAN95 lol lights

kevintokr: @elcamino4 Go to kens5.com and type in k2 death and the video will pop up.. At least two people from Texas have died already cause of this freaking stupid crap.

NikkiiRibbon: @cannacense It says shipping isn't freee... :/

ZachWild1123: It says on the pack, when you buy gay2 at the store "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"

jafranck9880: @jiggidyjones ow, yo get baked from it sure. but have you ever smoked real amnesia haze?

famousbro1: @MistahFen hahahah only a pathetic stoner would get mad lololol paaatthehettttiitititiiccccc

Lilgrizz09: ay ima text this out and put yall young nigga on foreal dis look like some good shyt dont let me down

k2xBlazer: k2

JPyr0: @cjtwc7 Thats really funny because study's show that children with ADD and ADHD learned a lot faster while using marijuana for concentration rather than ritalin or adderal, if you are familiar with those medicines you know they are prescription amphetamines. Amphetamines are basically pharmaceutical meth. How does this tie into my argument? You said it can stunt your growth but all the patients that used Mj for ADD or ADHD are 18 or younger and they grew normally. With ritalin, not so much.

hipeddie23: it is not all herbal and natural, it is sprayed with chemicals

marco polo: @juggaloteardrop you know you can buy that JWH alone? and use it to dip your blunts in your ciggs or watever else... craps intense .

sitedude2k4: I noticed there are ALOT of fake K2 Brands, Ive been getting mine from an AUTHORIZED K2 Dealer. SmoothSpice period Com offers free shipping and offer a gram as low as 8 and 3 grams for 12. Cant beat that.

jaybirdk74: I agree with most of the comments on this page! Try to be a hero with K2, and you may only do it once! This "gay ass k2 bullcrap" is stronger than you think (and I've seen die-hard potheads TKO'ed by this stuff). That's why salvia was widely criminalized-some freakhead tried WAY TOO MUCH at once. Same situation with the guy at the party who drinks too much (alcohol poisoning? ). Are we starting to see a pattern here? Use, but use wisely. That goes for whatever you decide to do...

jordan walker: i smoke weed and i relly want to try this. im young but i heard this give you a heart attack???

MistahFen: @famousbro1 Well seeing as your a gay bitch who tries to be smart on YouTube, then yes it is safe to assume something of that measure. You talk about my IQ, but yours seriously seems to be in the toilet. I haven't smoked in months... why are you even on this video? Don't you have some government propaganda to be watching?

COBNeedled247: id wanna try this at least once but i prefer my indica

jiggidyjones: @jafranck9880 I've smoked all sorts of kind, I couldn't even begin to tell you all the "names" that were thrown around by my dealers. This sad, I don't smoke at all anymore, just once in awhile. So one hit of this crap got me baked, i'm sure if you are a burn out it may be harder or even impossible to get crazy high, but if anyone is at that point they should really cut back.

CashCash57: i think you are alittle to proud of that little pinch of grass.

jiggidyjones: @mambaKB24mvp that is going to be up to the individual lab. Most likey no one tests for this yet. If you are in treatment and are smoking this you need to say freak it and get back on hard drugs becuase you are headed right down the same road that got you there in the first place, most likely. Get you head clear and do something with your life, then smoke herbal incense.

thedirtymindedone: @God0Mighty1 dude i know people that's had ceisures from smoking synthetic weed so go with the real thing that's safe and you wont die from it

God0Mighty1: @thedirtymindedone That's unfortunate. I'm behind everybodys rights to have a weed-like high if that's what they want to do without dumbfreaks who have probably never even smoked weed or cannabinoids saying all kinds of bullcrap. I have smoked K2 Summit and K2 Avalanche with no problems, and it was almost just like smoking weed for me, but problem is anybody could sell K2 and you don't know what in it, or there could be side effects depending on the individual or whatever but i agree smoke weed

Moistened Mann: @famousbro1 i REALLY dont. obviously there were other drugs involved, either that your mom didnt know about or didnt tell you about. I hope that all works out for you though.

famousbro1: @D4rkG34r actually yea i have.

cjtwc7: @JPyr0 ha yeah i smoke i am currently 13 though so you know the parents hate it but whatever and thanks for all the info i could use a strawberry blunt.....

Timothy Harewood: That crap gets you freakED UP

halocraze23: @mambaKB24mvp look thc is a natural chemical in marijuana. its all herbal all natural. spice is chemically sprayed flowers. hence the reason it says not for human consumption. its like tobacco basically. full of chemicals except these chemicals give you a high. i consumed like 2 grams of space original orbit this weekend. and i tripped the freak out so much. even had a life changing epiphany about someone and came to terms with my cancer. herbals can do strange scary things for you. give it a try

halocraze23: @ElectricEyeJP what are you talking crap about maggot? dont comment if your not gonna address a subject. stupid freak.

Austin Campbell: yes, this stuff will get you very high, it also made my heart race for about 3 hours, a full blown panic attack. i have also been experiencing anxiety in my daily life since smoking it. i highly recommend staying away from this.

80ghog: Yall are dumbasses, i smoked it Once and wound up in the hospital. All natural doesnt mean its not gona kill you.

Moistened Mann: @famousbro1 haha yeah right, not one major incident, or one DEATH even has been caused my marijuana. no politics use it enough to freak our government up, so stfo n gtfo. your pathetic.

aldarko1: i smoke this on a daiy bases and it's not for rookies ,,,but i lke the fact you can go to the corner store and buy this for 12 dollars and get 4 blunts out of it or pay 20 fo a bull crap 8th....

MrUgek010: dont know what all the fuss is about this thing...just tried it the other day. At first I was a bit skeptical because of all the scares I've seen online...so tried one hit first, 5 min passed nothing..so then tried 2, then 3 then 4 until half the bag was gone and I barely had some effects. Not sure if i am doing it wrong but I'm not impressed really...but also dont understand what all those lunatics are claiming that this will send you to the hospital.

Hunter Kelly: i got high off my ass of thiz crap ;)

austin ross: K2 does not give the same effect of as marijuana. it gives you a headache and makes your head and eyes feel like their going to explode. dont smoke this crap.....

Cherryll Tayao: lol smoking this for a month now and it get me high as freaked and the one freaked up was mr nice guy... its like near LSD trip lmao

famousbro1: @MistahFen hahahah yea totally cause that makes perfect sense because if I type more than one of the same letters it automatically means im getting freaked....NICE! maybe if you didnt light up so much your IQ would be higher than 40

888777888x: @ 0:45 "Its all natural"? You do know it is sprayed with synthetic chemicals right?

Filip Liptak: Try black magic , thats stuff is serios !!!!!!
K2 Summit Herbal Insense 3.5 out of 5

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K2 Summit Herbal Insense