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K2 summit bowl
K2 summit bowl

"Spice" use skyrockets, Arizona 7th highest
Toxicologist speaks on the dangers of K2
Toxicologist speaks on the dangers of K2
Kids trip on k2 in class!
Kids trip on k2 in class!

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jaybirdk74: I agree with most of the comments on this page! Try to be a hero with K2, and you may only do it once! This "gay ass k2 bullcrap" is stronger than you think (and I've seen die-hard potheads TKO'ed by this stuff). That's why salvia was widely criminalized-some freakhead tried WAY TOO MUCH at once. Same situation with the guy at the party who drinks too much (alcohol poisoning? ). Are we starting to see a pattern here? Use, but use wisely. That goes for whatever you decide to do...

k2Rob: k2

kurt daukei: i did this once and it made me trip real bad i dont like it i stil feel it messing with my body how long does it stay in my body? any one knw its been 6 days

Tupac Amaru Shakur: Don't worry man, use with caution. You will only feel freakED UP, if you decide to look cool in front of your friends by ripping 5 hits of k2. Use with caution, this is STRONG stuff 10 times more stronger than weed. I've had no problems with it and i've been smoking it for over 6 months. As I said before, if you smoke this, take 1 or 2 hits, chillax and wait 10 mins, and if you aint stoned hit it again. This crap will freak you up if you smoke lots of it. Other than that it does the job Stay safe

Tupac Amaru Shakur: Those dumb ass retards that you see on the news, are stupid try-hard kids who don't ever smoke, and then they decide to pack a fat bowl or take 3-5 hits of it then start tripping- " Oh mah gawd i needa fuarkin hospital arhh" Use it Don't abuse it. K2 is 10 times more potent and stronger not to be freaked around with. If you decide to smoke this take 1 or 2 hits. Chill wait 10 mins see how you feel, and if you aint stoned hit it again

Hunter Kelly: i got high off my ass of thiz crap ;)

MustNotRead: that looks like something you got out of your vacuum cleaner.

Findles: Yet millions are sent by alcohol & tobacco, stop complaining it will never be as bad as them

jordan walker: i smoke weed and i relly want to try this. im young but i heard this give you a heart attack???

Tony Danza: Hows this compared to dust?

SPIDEYTHREAD: U trip super hard on incense, I used to do it a lot... I then found out this is worse than cocaine... So I just stick to weed now

MrUgek010: @MrUgek010 I was really expecting for this thing to freak me out and all it did is give me a melow feeling, the kind I can get from having two beers, and a headache later on.

MrUgek010: dont know what all the fuss is about this thing...just tried it the other day. At first I was a bit skeptical because of all the scares I've seen online...so tried one hit first, 5 min passed nothing..so then tried 2, then 3 then 4 until half the bag was gone and I barely had some effects. Not sure if i am doing it wrong but I'm not impressed really...but also dont understand what all those lunatics are claiming that this will send you to the hospital.

888777888x: @ 0:45 "Its all natural"? You do know it is sprayed with synthetic chemicals right?

Heroes: I like how you're like "I smoked some of this yester..." and it cuts off. Then at the end you say "not for human consumption" haha.

Heroes: @swetwpeteonex lol this is nothing. Try "mad hatter" or "hammer head". Those WILL freak you up.

Blindave: @blizzarroo Because of panic :) and fear of really strong high... nobody died because of this stuff ;) get more info :)

420srhrings: i been smoking for about a year every day, and at the least 1 1/2 gram a day sometime i get to high and pass out for a few hours, or smoke to much and get a harsh head rush that lasts a few seconds. but other than that no problems. does give u a bad smokers cough tho

ZachWild1123: It says on the pack, when you buy gay2 at the store "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION"

Alex Holdridge: Ive smoked purple haze, pure haze, dank ass fluffy weed all that crap, but i have to say i smoked some k2 and i was higher than i have ever been in my life. I was freakin trippin cuz
K2 Summit Herbal Insense 5 out of 5

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