Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife: An Ocean Of Utility

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Caligo El: thought it was a ufo, just a blimp xD
I watch too much ufo vids here

LessthanRyan92: I may or may not have fallen asleep while watching Nutnfancy videos on my phone last night...

aaah beeeh: ....and its not to the slightiest made for carving wood. which is ridiculous for a knife, no matter what.
i think this cant be mentioned not high enough.

theomen49: I have another POU for you nutn... Climbing knife! If you get the serrated knife.

tony sal: nice review- stay safe!!

C Cooper: Great review as usual. Love the Salt series. I have a 6 yo Salt 1 serrated that has seen tons of use / border line abuse. I work as landscaper. Rope, bags of fertilizer, salt, burlap. Cuts everything. Pinned axis still as strong as day one. I'll bet the Salt knives are the least seen knives by Spyderco customer service.

Mike Halverson: Just found this based on your 2016 spyderco catalog review. I think I'm getting this now lol I do alot of fishing

Weird Science: Love it Dude! Senario 2 (mine). Rolled a car on a remote country dirt road. Was upside down TRAPPED by seat belt. Silence was cut by hearing petrol start to fill the roof of the car. There I was trapped. I was young and managed to push myself up and eject the belt falling neck first onto the roof and broken glass. I will never drive a car again without a knife, not for defence, but to stop myself from burning to death, or dying there trapped. Not a nice way to go. In fact its the worst.

ubioubiestveritas: I love the charm of this vintage Nutnfancy video. Fantastic!

XD1616: DAMN Nutnfancy, you lived in the 'Nard? Seriously, I can't picture a man of your vernacular living in Oxnard(I live in Ojai). You should do a water sports/fisherman/boater/kayaker/H20 oriented use knife episode. Get a blunt nose and pry some crap

Упсарин Ц: Yeaaaa, mine just arrived. It is beauuuutiful. Got the serrated version. It is better for the purposes of this knife- gutting fish and cutting man made materials.

Calvin Tan: damm i wish I had my 3 inch blade the last time i was attacked by a 20 foot great white....

Corey Blake: Awesome review man! very informative as always and btw did you get around to doing a review of the Salt 1 by Spyderco? Thanks!

Nicholas Aarons: Awesome Review Dude. Keep up the great work. Nick.

k0pper: Just a note, the newer PS2 has the newer clip design and has better jimping. It's similar to the PM2 jimping and IMO is better. Great knife. I bought mine about 2 years ago and it's been on numerous ocean kayaking fishing/camping trips and shows no sign of rust or corrosion from the saltwater with no additional maintenance on my part. The blade has held an edge very well and the only thing I've done to mine is put a couple drops of oil in the action once or twice a year to keep it super smooth.

Steve Martin: Small folding knife vs Great White Shark, seriously? Damn why did no-one else think of this? Good luck!

17 XV: The ultimate survival kit/ stash knife- no matter what, it'll be like new when you need it.

TiredOfApathy: OXNARD, CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Born and raised baby! Swam Hueneme beach my entire childhood. Saw quite a few sharks back then. Good times :)

KnifeGuy375: MAN, I LOVE this scenery!! I saw it lots of months ago, and I always think of this Video, when Nutn Shows one of These yellow-handeled salts in one of his Videos :)

17 XV: I've mod'd mine with about 10degree per side, (20 inclusive,) edge, convexed edge, (also took down the sides,) and its sharpness lasts VERY well now.
H1 seems to have high edge stability, and so a very thin edge wont chip like 154cm or even S30v.

Cliff Stamp did a much heavier mod on his, FFG And even thinner edge, and gets great performance out of it..

Spyderco should still add a choil, but properly sharpened, H1 is incredible.

Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility 5 out of 5

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Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility