Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife: An Ocean Of Utility

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Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility
Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility
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k0pper: Just a note, the newer PS2 has the newer clip design and has better jimping. It's similar to the PM2 jimping and IMO is better. Great knife. I bought mine about 2 years ago and it's been on numerous ocean kayaking fishing/camping trips and shows no sign of rust or corrosion from the saltwater with no additional maintenance on my part. The blade has held an edge very well and the only thing I've done to mine is put a couple drops of oil in the action once or twice a year to keep it super smooth.

Steve Martin: Small folding knife vs Great White Shark, seriously? Damn why did no-one else think of this? Good luck!

The Bomb Squad: Nutn, I currently go to SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx which is a school for merchant marines(sailors), I myself am a deckie and this knife is what most people use while shipping out, usually the full serrated blade to cut line but that knife none the less. I also thought I would let you know that the tip of the blade is rounded like that so you can bring it into an inflatable life raft so there's less of a chance of popping the raft when using the blade by dropping it tip down. Thought I might just share my two cents for what its worth, love your videos keep it up

Gabriel MacDonnell: The ultimate survival kit/ stash knife- no matter what, it'll be like new when you need it. 

TiredOfApathy: OXNARD, CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Born and raised baby! Swam Hueneme beach my entire childhood. Saw quite a few sharks back then. Good times :)

KnifeGuy375: MAN, I LOVE this scenery!! I saw it lots of months ago, and I always think of this Video, when Nutn Shows one of These yellow-handeled salts in one of his Videos :)

Gabriel MacDonnell: I've mod'd mine with about 10degree per side, (20 inclusive,) edge, convexed edge, (also took down the sides,) and its sharpness lasts VERY well now.
H1 seems to have high edge stability, and so a very thin edge wont chip like 154cm or even S30v.

Cliff Stamp did a much heavier mod on his, FFG And even thinner edge, and gets great performance out of it..

Spyderco should still add a choil, but properly sharpened, H1 is incredible.

Gabriel MacDonnell: Oh, and in Serrated edges, H-1 is perhaps the best steel, bar NONE. it achieves 68 hrc w/o ANY brittleness! It will hold an edge longer than ZDP-189, but sharpens far easier.

I much prefer plain edge, but the super edge holding, high HRC, and ultimate toughness of H-1 make it THE choice for rope work, rescue blades, etc.

Gabriel MacDonnell: A few months in, and i'm 100% sold on this knife and H-1. H-1 is incredibly tough, like 1075, it will bend or roll, not chip. Edge holding is about like Good AUS-8, tho w/ a coarser edge, it holds more like 154cm, (i usually like high polish, but some steels perform better with coarser edges.)

I do wish Spyderco would update the design slightly, add a choil in place of ricasso, (like the Stretch or PM2,) and hide the blade tang when folded. If possible, a loopover clip would be great.

That aside, with the new torx pivot and construction, updated components and great H-1, the Salt series is an incredibly tough, light knife that is almost impervious to anything.

Solid 9.5/10

WColdblooded357W: I believe the cutout on the lock bar was designed to make it less likely to disengage the lock by gripping the handle too tight. I could be wrong but I remember reading that somewhere

a3ng25: Nutnfancy, you say in this video that you'd do a separate review on the Salt 1... did you ever do that? I searched your youtube channel and ran a google search and couldn't find the Salt 1 specific review. 

Thoseflyvlogs: Yeah they are

Paul Camacho: The blade is H1, I get it, and the pocket clip titanium. What about the rest of the knife's hardware (screws, locking mechanism, etc), are they H1 as well?

Thoseflyvlogs: TNP TNP TNP TNP

Darksjeik: A great white has a mouth full of Pacific Salts and can generate up to 18.000 Newtons of bite force with them... good luck taking one out with a plastic knife..

Dusty Robertson: It would be just perfect if the blade was partially serrated instead of fully serrated

Thoseflyvlogs: Titanium

Jean-Luc Camilleri: What are the screws and pocket clip made of

Thelema9331: Does anyone know if Spyderco is going to continue making H1 blades it looks like they are all in the process of being discontinued, although I did see the new "Enuff" sheeps foot blade, I really want a Caspian Salt but can't find them anywhere , glad I just ordered a Pacific Salt, I'm going to be Camping/Living in the Pacific Northwest.

IntheLowcountry: Surfs up Nutnfancy!
Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility 5 out of 5

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Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility