Spyderco Pacific Salt Knife: An Ocean Of Utility

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Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility
Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility
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Benchmade H2O Griptilian vs. Spyderco Pacific Salt - Knife Review
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**New Method**  Spyderco Pacific Salt H-1 Rope Cutting/Edge Retention Test
**New Method** Spyderco Pacific Salt H-1 Rope Cutting/Edge Retention Test
Spyderco Pacific Salt
Spyderco Pacific Salt

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Gabriel MacDonnell: A few months in, and i'm 100% sold on this knife and H-1. H-1 is incredibly tough, like 1075, it will bend or roll, not chip. Edge holding is about like Good AUS-8, tho w/ a coarser edge, it holds more like 154cm, (i usually like high polish, but some steels perform better with coarser edges.) I do wish Spyderco would update the design slightly, add a choil in place of ricasso, (like the Stretch or PM2,) and hide the blade tang when folded. If possible, a loopover clip would be great. That aside, with the new torx pivot and construction, updated components and great H-1, the Salt series is an incredibly tough, light knife that is almost impervious to anything. Solid 9.5/10

Gabriel MacDonnell: Oh, and in Serrated edges, H-1 is perhaps the best steel, bar NONE. it achieves 68 hrc w/o ANY brittleness! It will hold an edge longer than ZDP-189, but sharpens far easier. I much prefer plain edge, but the super edge holding, high HRC, and ultimate toughness of H-1 make it THE choice for rope work, rescue blades, etc. 

KnifeGuy375: MAN, I LOVE this scenery!! I saw it lots of months ago, and I always think of this Video, when Nutn Shows one of These yellow-handeled salts in one of his Videos :)

TiredOfApathy: OXNARD, CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Born and raised baby! Swam Hueneme beach my entire childhood. Saw quite a few sharks back then. Good times :)

The Bomb Squad: Nutn, I currently go to SUNY Maritime College in the Bronx which is a school for merchant marines(sailors), I myself am a deckie and this knife is what most people use while shipping out, usually the full serrated blade to cut line but that knife none the less. I also thought I would let you know that the tip of the blade is rounded like that so you can bring it into an inflatable life raft so there's less of a chance of popping the raft when using the blade by dropping it tip down. Thought I might just share my two cents for what its worth, love your videos keep it up

Gabriel MacDonnell: The ultimate survival kit/ stash knife- no matter what, it'll be like new when you need it. 

Gabriel MacDonnell: I've mod'd mine with about 10degree per side, (20 inclusive,) edge, convexed edge, (also took down the sides,) and its sharpness lasts VERY well now. H1 seems to have high edge stability, and so a very thin edge wont chip like 154cm or even S30v. Cliff Stamp did a much heavier mod on his, FFG And even thinner edge, and gets great performance out of it.. Spyderco should still add a choil, but properly sharpened, H1 is incredible. 

WColdblooded357W: I believe the cutout on the lock bar was designed to make it less likely to disengage the lock by gripping the handle too tight. I could be wrong but I remember reading that somewhere

a3ng25: Nutnfancy, you say in this video that you'd do a separate review on the Salt 1... did you ever do that? I searched your youtube channel and ran a google search and couldn't find the Salt 1 specific review. 

Thoseflyvlogs: Yeah they are

BenjiEDF: POU: how about on the go impromptu chef's knife?

AntebellumOg: Hearing your voice in a review...tells me I'm going to get this knife.

shortylickens69: Wish they made stuff like this when I first joined the Navy. Went through many cheap blades over the years cuz I never wanted to spend the money on a good quality knife.

JoeNoToes: Really cool review. Are you going to be doing one on the Benchmade 110H2O Fixed or Folding?

Acesaurus: 'im a nature freak too...' bird lands nearby pulls out knife and stabs bird to death '...sorry...-pants-... i dont like finches.' Great review!!! :D

Kevin O'Donnell: they need to make a FFG H1 blade

KURSSLEY: @shamrox311 Man I feel your pain. He's killing mine too. Just purchased the all black Pacific Salt H1. At least its quality stuff and we arn't wasting our hard earned money

magnetmixer: this is a cool knife. does it come in blue??

chbclark: @Kylef7735 True any knife can be used in a defensive role, but in Nutnfancy's reviews he talks about Philosophy of Use (POU). The POU is about what the knife is designed for and is primarily used for. This knife was designed by spyderco to use as a water/fishing/rigger's EDC knife. Nutnfancy in no way appropriately reviewed this knife for its intended POU. I don't care if Nutnfancy doesn't prefer this knife as his EDC choice. The knife should have been reviewed with its real POU in the review.

Flash9590: @deftoneslive123 if its still in warranty

KnifeLover97: whats better seraded or plain edge

Thoseflyvlogs: Titanium

Zeus_Meraz: Do you think this would be good if i were to become a lifeguard?

shamrox311: Thanks alot Mr. Nutnfancypants. Because of you, I've just purchased yet another knife and now have to explain it to the wife!!!! You have to stop the knife reviews, you're killing my bank account.

TheRiz52: @chjens5 Thanks. I tried that before but could not get a good grip. i'll keep trying.

Kylef7735: @zThanatos Size, the pacific salt is as big as an endura, the salt one is delica sized

John Slagboom: @SgtSlagRock whoops, forgot I posted a similar comment 3 months ago XD ...Just goes to show you how much I enjoy your videos, I guess!!

Derek Bergstrom: does anyone know how this compares to BM H20 griptillian ?

dieselmilkshake: Cool to hear Nutnfancy lived in Oxnard. I assume for the Air Force?

jjay623: what kind of waranty dose this knife come with???

Baris Kurtulgil: if i were to grind down the spine of the blade to get a tip similair to the police 3 would that affect its corrosion resistance qualities, any ideas would be greatly appreciated - cheers

Kylef7735: @squanto9328 A shark with leopard type spots.

JRSP: @Rotwang72 There is a video on youtube "spyderco H-1 underwater" which shows a diver actually using the folding salt knife. I just figured the salt could be used while diving.

Soren Blackheart: what do you guys think is better between H1 vs VG-10?

Ontario Northerner: I edc a pacific salt everyday. Lightweight, extremely low maintenance, decent point for cutting things off of stuff without damaging the knife/ or what ur cutting stuff off of and good blade length. Im glad to see others have acknowledged its edc prowess.

Dusty Robertson: It would be just perfect if the blade was partially serrated instead of fully serrated

redandbluebeater: Hey!! Hello fellow bay area citizen!

dylbyl1234: LOL if a shark starts to attack u if u r wearing sunglasses take em off brake off the plastic tip where it lies on ur ear and stab that bastard

ace19636: @fustercluck534 Japan

CrotalusKid1: @KnifeLover97 depends, if you are using the knife for self defense, aka killing bad guys, emergency rescues, or cutting rope or things like that, then go serrated, but if the blade is for EDC tasks go with plain edge

Chris Chuck: No, for spyderco, the manix 2, native 5, military, and paramilitary 2 are the main US made blades, there are a few that i didn't mention, but these are the most popular. Or you can get a benchmade, they're all made in the usa haha.

Krist Pimsakul: Where is this place? I live just north of San Jose

Austin Jacob: It comes in a black version which I got

JRSP: @Rotwang72 Hrm, I thought nutnfancy mention that some places dont allow people to bring knives and that's why a folder would be good to have (smuggle in)? U can close most spydercos w/ one hand Also, who mentioned this was a tactical? Anything can turn into "tactical", such as a hair comb. I carry a < 3" EDC every day b/c it's good to have. And yes, if it ever came to decision on my life, I def. would use it to defend myself @nutnfancy so when are you going to do your review on the salt 1?

John Slagboom: Yeah Oxnard!!

Cool Shop Projects: All spyderco knives are made in usa. All but one cold steel product are made in asia or africa. I believe one tanto is made in usa. IMO, cold steel is the most over rated company out there.

Derek Bergstrom: i wanted to try that scalpel steel... plain Gerber surgical gets really sharp and if a benchmade claims to be able to get sharp... its just my personal infatuation of how fine can i get an edge ya know?

hansirui: I lived aboard a sailboat for almost 3 years (not dockside) and experimented with many different blades during that time. The H1 steel on my Salt 1 was by far the best for that environment. It holds an edge very well. IMHO better than 440c on par with AUS8 & S30V. In that environment AUS8 AND S30V rust, quickly! The AUS8 required cleaning and lubing on a daily basis. The H1 simply did not rust - Period. Salt 1 still functions as my EDC blade after 5 years, clip and blade lockup good as new.

gggggg: Does anyone know where the blade is produced???

newedgecutlery: Nutnfancy sold me on the dragonfly, and now im out to get a pacific salt because of him! And also a leatherman squirt ps4. Thanks nutn hahaha
Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility 4.9 out of 5

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Spyderco Pacific Salt knife: An Ocean of Utility