Triarii System Hera-arms Walther P99 As

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miketong2007: classify as class 3 firearm

duski kurdish Lion: woooow amazing video with amazing p99  
where can i get this tool ?????????????????????????????

Kaibil Balam: Damn this is dope!! And the trigger on the walther is already smooth enough for rapid fire and now with that much control!! I need one for mine! lol

TheDiscardedFoot: yeah buying this gun for my 21st birthday... where can I get this in preparation? I can't read german on the website so I have no idea where to go on it or if it's even offered online

Riki Deep: It is also possible to use the P99 compact? where can I buy it?

fwbrc51: RONI makes a kit for the glock.

Wolffrider700: this would be cool with a glock 18 + drum mag :)

jp1234554321: @omgnumbersandletters

special jester: can that be used with the ppq as well

THEKINGOFMETROPOLIS: Learn some trigger control for freaks sake.

MOSQUITO8004ZH: from all convertions systems is this one the best... damn expensive but you have quality...

Lil_Ro_Bro: When is this going to be released?

akasleeper777: I will purchase this as soon as its released! Please message me...

Philip Hopkins: yes, how do i get one of these...for a ppq

dullbrass: hot!
triarii system hera-arms walther P99 As 5 out of 5

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triarii system hera-arms  walther P99 As