Remington .22 Cal Model 552 Speedmaster, Semi-auto Rifle

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Remington .22 cal Model 552 Speedmaster. semi-auto rifle
Remington .22 cal Model 552 Speedmaster. semi-auto rifle
1968 remington speedmaster model 552
1968 remington speedmaster model 552
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Remington speedmaster 552 breakdown and reassembly
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Remington Speedmaster 552 Shooting Steel
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REMINGTON 552 Disassembly and Reassembly
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Remington 552 SpeedMaster in action
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Remington 552 Speedmaster Rebuild
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scb0421: Actually the J.C. Higgens Model 30 is a semi-auto that shoots short, long and long rifle as well.

littlejpl: I bought a 552 at a gun show the other day. The guy just wanted to get rid of it because he said it was a jam-0-matic. I asked if he cleaned it and he said all the time. I took a chance and gave him 75.00 dollars for it. When I took the trigger group out of it the pins were peeling carbon off themselves as I was pounding them out. the inside was so packed with curd, no wonder it didn't want to shoot anything. I think in a lot of case's when people say they cleaned it they think by putting a cleaning rod and patch down the barrel they are cleaning it. The rest of the gun is supposed to last for the life of the gun. This one was that kind of cleaning. After a proper cleaning I took it out. It shoots beautifully with not a single stoppage ALL DAY!! shooting. I didn't have any shorts or long's, just long rifle's to shoot but I bet it will shoot those to. Bottom line is sometimes you just have to take a chance and buy that Jam-O-matic off of the guy. You might be surprised in the nice gun you get for the money.

andre1611: i have this rifle its a nice accurate rifle . use good ammo no problems ..

GreyGoose: I own one of those, I clean it and take care of it and all it does is jam. Pisses me off

J. Corio: um depends when i was your age i used a 20 gauge for small game and i still use 20 guage slugs for deer

John Futrell: yea, the way that I've always heard it put is that aside from the AK-47 (7.62), the humble .22 has killed more people than any other round.

ALIENWarriorX: Basically in looks, the length of the bullet (projectile) that sticks out from the neck of the casing. LR is a longer projectile.

bryan12887: ba-ding!

spitgalore: I'm sorry to see that you have got rid of a classic, highly collectible rifle. CCI Minimags are not powerful enough to cycle a semi-auto rifle. Only .22 LR High Velocity can, with a 40 grain solid round nose. Also, if you are a precision target shooter, avoid bulk pack of .22 LR HV 36 grain hollow-points.

RebelFlag61: I love the 552 and 572 Remingtons. I have a 552 passed down from my grandfather and a 572 that was my first project gun. They both shoot beautifully and are absolutely reliable. I prefer Winchester in general, but for just cheap 22s, Remington really hit the nail on the head with the 552 and 572.

Wyatt B: @mag30th new straight from remington is about $540.

TRiiPLEAAAGAMERS: @coolkid92003..your way wrong. A .22 has killed many people, but think of the 7.62x39. That round has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

jellyking12345: oh, ok

andre1611: I have one and love it. too its a nice gun solid. I have a marlin 39a too its a 1956. i love them both . both accurate as hell.

hockeyfanatic44: Hey I have this rifle and I was wondering what the hole in front of the trigger looks like a place for banana clips but i don't know. Thanks

e1040: the remington 550-1 was the first to fire all three, and can be mixed in the tube. started production in 1941 and was replaced by the 552

Iron Wulfenn: they are price from remington at over 500. now and when mine was new 179. 10 years aggo lol.

charlie wright: @GeneralVan i would say no, look at maybe a 20 or 12 gauge short barreled shotgun for home defense

xbones101: You are incorrect about the Rem M552 being the only semi-auto rifle that can shoot 22lr, 22l, & 22 shorts. My Rem M550a can do that too. :) The Rem M550 & M552 are very different firearms designs, but they both have the patented "Carbine Williams" floating chamber.

chris35128: hellz no get a 20 single shot shotgun

Positrack1: I've got a scoped BDL version of the 552 and love it. With 15 rounds available as quickly as you can pull the trigger, it's a pretty wicked little machine, particularly when loaded up with Stingers or Velocitors. It's more accurate than I expected for an autoloader too. I do kind of miss the speed and handiness of the iron sights though. Your's sure has a pretty stock for a non-Deluxe version. Nice.

Langue_Doc: @arcticgummibear If you have hollow points, you can easily maim someone with a .22 LR

ColumbiaGorgeGuy: @GeneralVan Better than nothing, but far from ideal.

20alphabet: That's untrue, Chuck Norris doesn't shoot a .22.

poostokcerty: hell ya i would. I used a 30-06 when i was 14 why not?

tractorman96: you would reccomend a 30-06 to a kid?

tractorman96: i have a marlin .22 that shoots short, long, and long riffle

secallo28: i just got a savage 64 and hate it (too long for details) and was looking at other 22s and found this one and realy like much did you pay for it?

89runner: i own a 552 speedmaster....I LOVE IT..sweetest shooting .22 i've held

AirsoftVeteran96: for what exactly?

baristch11: do u have a owners manual that i could download because i just bought that same gun

spitgalore: For semi-auto, I recommend Winchester Xstra. Last time I checked $3 for 50. I like it because this ammo has "left-over" power. Although it does not say High Velocity, it can cycle your semi-auto. You can't go wrong with cleaning out your firearm now that you are changing to another brand of ammo. Winchester has a kick but very accurate. Another brand is CCI, much more expensive. In Canada, $8 for 100.

w33kleyeight9: @GeneralVan id buy somthing bigger than a 22 for home defence like a 12 gauge shotgun or a handgun such as a 9mm or 45 a 22 aint gonna put no one down and out jus piss em off lol

benjamindshoemaker: @arcticgummibear I don't think anyone would want to keep trying to get into someones house if the have been shot 18 times by a .22. I have a Speedmaster and love it. The date code for mine is B.G. I looked it up and it was either 38 or 68. I think that it is a 68 cause the stamps are to deep and surely would have worn down more than what they are. Thanks

1979aerocaprice: this is not the only american semi auto .22 that shoots shorts, the stevens 87a also shoots shorts

micmoable: real nice---my uncle had one of these and it was a nice rifle for sure

teddydc2: i grew up hunting with this gun. jams all the time even with cci mini mags and stingers. all my friends used 10/22.

jellyking12345: Yeah, there are a few guns out there that fire .22 short, long and long rifle. that gun your talking about was the one that i meant.

halfro117: this is my favorite .22 rifle! :)

heraldthemighty: I have the same gun and love it! The only issue is that there is no way to lock the bolt back. Hear that Remington???

Mickeym1a2n3: i have a 552 that looks about like yours how much would you sell yours for

jojosdownanout: i own a 552 speedmaster i love wouldnt trade it for anything

Matt: when my great grandpa died he left me his 552 and it is freakin awesome

Robbie Brown: im thinkin about getting this for target and some small game. im looking for it at meltzers and sons in Garfield, nj so if anyone knows about it can u help me

Redtail: I have this rifle as well. It originally belonged to my father, after he passed away it went to my older brother, when he passed away last year it came into my possession. Beautiful family heirloom that I will treasure always.

Teleoceras: My Dad got a Rem. 552 as a Christmas present back in 77. That baby is still a real tack driver all these years later! That Remington is one of the finest .22's ever made.

hakku68: I had a Speedmaster with the BDL finish. It was a beautiful looking gun. It had a 3x9 scope and I could get dime-sized groups at 50yds. I shot only CCI minimags and as a lefty, the hood over the ejector kept most of the shells from hitting me in the face. I got rid of the gun because the spent casings would stove-pipe way too often for my taste. Over all it was a really nice firearm to have in a collection.

hexcollectors101: Its a very nice rifle

spitgalore: It depends on what ammo you've been using. For semi-auto, avoid Winchester .22 LR Wildcat. The powder residue is shaped like a pyramid and jams the mechanism. Remington has a lot of sooty residue. It is best to remove all the wood & clean out with a can of WD-40 with a narrow tube, spray mechanism & let it drain, muzzle up.

slowride55: It is not the only American made semi auto that handles LR L and S. Look up the Remington 550-1
Remington .22 cal Model 552 Speedmaster, semi-auto rifle 4.3 out of 5

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Remington .22 cal Model 552 Speedmaster, semi-auto rifle