Remington .22 Cal Model 552 Speedmaster, Semi-auto Rifle

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Your average Savage: I have the same gun

Ted B: HEY, Great video...watched it before disassembly of a buddy's newly acquired 552...I followed the video instructions and cleaned rifle thoroughly before re-assembly...rifle cycles without ammo and seems to rooster and fire on an empty chamber. BUT when using live ammo, the rifle will not fire; I pull back charging handle to cycle a round into chamber manually, pull the trigger, and rifle does not seem to have roostered hammer. I then cycle the rifle again manually, it will fail to strip a round from tube, and it seems to rooster and sounds like hammer strikes an empty chamber. I then cycle manually and it loads a round into chamber but will not fire. This sequence repeats itself until all the ammo is fed through tube...ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!Thanks

Hugodante Fernandez: save alguien donde pedo conseguir la uña extractora del lado isquierdo de n reminton 572 gracias

scb0421: Actually the J.C. Higgens Model 30 is a semi-auto that shoots short, long and long rifle as well.

littlejpl: I bought a 552 at a gun show the other day.  The guy just wanted to get rid of it because he said it was a jam-0-matic.  I asked if he cleaned it and he said all the time.  I took a chance and gave him 75.00 dollars for it.  When I took the trigger group out of it   the pins were peeling carbon off themselves as I was pounding them out.  the inside was so packed with curd, no wonder it didn't want to shoot anything.  I think in a lot of case's when people say they cleaned it they think by putting a cleaning rod and patch down the barrel they are cleaning it.  The rest of the gun is supposed to last for the life of the gun.  This one was that kind of cleaning.  After a proper cleaning I took it out.  It shoots beautifully with not a single stoppage ALL DAY!! shooting.  I didn't have any shorts or long's, just long rifle's to shoot but I bet it will shoot those to.  Bottom line is sometimes you just have to take a chance and buy that Jam-O-matic off of the guy.  You might be surprised in the nice gun you get for the money.

BRR: When fired the charging handle does move as the gun fires. It looks like in this video this gun is not being fired as you can clearly see no movement at all with the charging handle and no spent cases ejected.

Jesse Thatcher: My top 3 favorite guns are the speedmaster 22, 44 magnum, and Henry Repeater. Great vid man! Good gun, love how cheap the ammo is and how simple it is to shoot, clean and load. I learned to shoot my dads 22 when I was 3, so I grew up with this one and still love it today :D

likeaboss999999999: 22's no kick at all

20alphabet: That's untrue, Chuck Norris doesn't shoot a .22.

Johnny592807: i have a 552 that looks about like yours how much would you sell yours for

RebelFlag61: I love the 552 and 572 Remingtons. I have a 552 passed down from my grandfather and a 572 that was my first project gun. They both shoot beautifully and are absolutely reliable. I prefer Winchester in general, but for just cheap 22s, Remington really hit the nail on the head with the 552 and 572.

dumpbagfullofshells: My dad has one that's a hand-me-down from God knows how long ago. I've shot a lot of guns, but that is the most accurate rifle I have ever shot. I picked out pieces of grass and shot them in half with it.

John Futrell: yea, the way that I've always heard it put is that aside from the AK-47 (7.62), the humble .22 has killed more people than any other round.

Connor Chamalbide: @Gunsmith420 wow how unlucky

dylan caldwell: My great uncle died because he shot a .22 short at a squirrel and hit a large branch and ricochet back at him and hit his heart and he died sadly... So don't underestimate the power of a .22

stiffy515: Awsome gun. Works with any ammo brand I have tried. My dad had one while I was growing up and it was a tack driver. I was lucky enough to find one for under $200 a a show and it too is super accurate. I rarely go shooting and don't bring it along.

benjamindshoemaker: @arcticgummibear I don't think anyone would want to keep trying to get into someones house if the have been shot 18 times by a .22. I have a Speedmaster and love it. The date code for mine is B.G. I looked it up and it was either 38 or 68. I think that it is a 68 cause the stamps are to deep and surely would have worn down more than what they are. Thanks

Spaghetti XD: This would be a great practice gun for young kids to shot

nwise567: @shockurmom maybe its a faulty part talk to a gunsmith

Colton Fox: @arcticgummibear If you have hollow points, you can easily maim someone with a .22 LR
Remington .22 cal Model 552 Speedmaster, semi-auto rifle 5 out of 5

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Remington .22 cal Model 552 Speedmaster, semi-auto rifle