Arduino Tutorial #10: Arduino To Arduino I2C

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Jim Lianos: Why you din't not use github... ??

Clamor Sachtler: How can i send more data, like sensor data?

Hossam Zayed: Is it possible to use 2 Arduino Nano and get them to talk together

Van Hien Nguyen: Hello. for nhing hoi , size 1 analog master to signal the slave of 2 variables or less how competition ?

Funkafett: This might be a stupid question, but if i want a switch on my master arduino to trigger the pin 13 led, how do i manage to do this?

meghanath chary: Hi..
I am trying to transfer the Negative values but am receiving other values at Slave, as I have tried to transfer -10 from Master and Slave is getting as 45, can you advice me how to get the negative values at the Slave board.

Coxy's Railroading: Great stuff, thanks for putting these together!!!

jai Lopez: can i still use the USB serial port to have all this arduinos multicieve "tx/rx" to visual studio com port ?

i want to have arduinos talking to each other in order to fulfill each others loop functions meaning the master will have a servo "example" and the slave will have sensors (sense sketch and hardware) and in order for the master to move the servo it must get intel from the slave about what the senors are saying and if the condition is met then the servo will continue the conditional statement in the master BUT in order for the servo to move it have to read the serial port connected to the pc where the command will come from and IF the serial value is > than 0 then it will call that servo to move but as i stated only if sensor data from slave is all set to go, hope this explains the type of connection im looking for cuz as in now im doing a & a wireless and both of this mcu's are right next to each other so no reason to use wireless

i thought about using the arduino TX & RX pins to just connect those 2 wires to the other mcu RX & TX but im not sure if that will let me access the USB data from visual studio maybe you can confirm this one for me as well thanks!

Tomek 1111111: hi, great video
but one thing. I would like to send from slave to master 10 variables all the time. How to do this? I mean I have to know exactly if I send variable t1=25.8 and t2=25.9, that it wouldn't be radnom values and master would know t1 is 25.8 anf t2 is 25.9.
thanks for any help

Bill Field: Excellent subject matter. I'll refer to this video regularly. With a like and subscribe, I hope to see more great vids.

ahmed ahmed: slm alikom , good video thank's

Jack Byers: Thank you Human Hard Drive , This is very helpful.

Khawja Ashhad Belal: Thanks!!!

PIXscotland: Good video. Thanks for that.

Marco Tricca: Hi, very nice video
what about merge those 2 sketches?
I need to have always connected 3 to 5 arduino for R2D2 project.
one master, slaves would be controlling motors, head, sounds.
suggestions on how continuously reading infrared sensors from slave and control movements(motors) ?


Fahmy Izzuddin (James): hi, need some help. Do we need to upload the sketch of slave to random comport as long as it is not the connected arduino?

Ken Franco: Can you use the "INPUT_PULLUP" command instead of the two external 4.7k pull up resistors ?

ParanoidAndroid86: hi
great vid
i was looking for a way to pass an received char array (that i've send from my leonardoto my gsm shield equipped mega over i2c) to my sendSMS(needs char array)
or to ask in another way: to make the receive event return my char array? (pointers?)

any reference you could guide me to?
thx anyways and keep on the good stuff

Scientist Razz: Thanks. That helped.

Fatih GÜMÜŞ: what if I want to send a 240x320 array (one component of a picture) through this line to another Arduino with using Arduino UNO or equivalent?
And also what will be the fps rate average in this case (if you ever tried anything like this)?
Arduino Tutorial #10: Arduino to Arduino I2C 5 out of 5

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Arduino Tutorial #10: Arduino to Arduino I2C