Getting Started On 6 Meters, 50Mhz, THE MAGIC BAND!!

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Getting Started on 6 meters. 50Mhz. THE MAGIC BAND!!
Getting Started on 6 meters. 50Mhz. THE MAGIC BAND!!
6 Meter/50 MHZ Magnetic Loop 6M-F Review Magic Band Antenna
6 Meter/50 MHZ Magnetic Loop 6M-F Review Magic Band Antenna
6 meters. 'the magic band'. open
6 meters. 'the magic band'. open
6 Meters - Its BACK  50 Mhz
6 Meters - Its BACK 50 Mhz

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James Benedict: here is a 6m rig

DieselTrucker 2018: Cool bird!!
What license do you have to have for 6 meters?
It's not just ham radio... it's PEOPLE in general. More moronic losers today than EVER!

NWS storm chaser: Awwww shes cute i love birds a lot

outlawtrucker42: To bad 6 meters is dead right now. I love working 10 and 6 meters FM simplex. I have a older Icom 706 with a ldg pro200 tuner going into a 102 inch whip on my truck. The 102 turns everything from 20 meters to 6 with the tuner no problem. Can’t wait for the band to open back up again. Ki4agd.

UnkleJustin: I park on 50.125, leave my scanner on low band fire so I may hear fire calls from 1000 miles away, and I have the DX maps email me when it's open. I LOVE 6!! Especially AM on 50.4

DanMc: I think your videos are very insightful. Thank you.

Rony Chakraborty: i love your Sophi. :) give her a peanut from me

nateo200: Be sure to check 53.670- 103.5 KD2SL! 100watts out of a giant Batwing array antenna originally used for analog TV! The thing crosses state lines in the worst conditions and during summer it is VERY popular. Kevin, the man with the plan is a great guy! He has details on his website. The thing is at 100watts partially because going any higher might cause the repeater to become not just an Upstate NY repeater but an upper East Coast one!

jerome grzelak: Sorry my kbrd went nuts

ku4uv: I never QSY a frequency if I have a good run going on the frequency, and I held the frequency fair and square. Ham radio is just like any other facet of life, you have rude discourteous folks out there sometimes.

Patrick De Rocker: Hello Very Good, I'm also a 6m lover, made my first 6m qso with a homebrew convertor from 2m from Elektuur, output : 1 Watt and a 2 element on 1m above ground from my qht on JO10VX to Austria,  and I was saled, with 10W and a 5 ele I worked America in Oktober, however the best season in from late April to middle August,  73 de Patrick ON7ARQ  on qrz & cqqrz   hope to work you some day

John Huddy: Really nice video. I'm a newb going for tech/general? Never fathomed that 6m would go that far.Sophie Is sweet.( in the vid) Do's she call CQ at night while you're sleeping?lol.Can she play double bass?Really nice video man.

Tomlightning: do you come down to 11 meter ? and if so what is your handle ?? missouri road runner

David Mauldin: I enjoy your videos. It was good to see Sophie too. I see you and I have similar interest (Radio and Birds). I have a pet Parrotlet named Bella. She is just as sociable as Sophie is with you. I have been in Amateur Radio since 1977. Keep up the good work on the Amateur Radio videos. 73, WA6TWJ Dave :)

Mike Q: cool vid, will check out the 6 sometime

Daniel Lind: i have roosteratiels one is named B1Rd.. they are always on me when I am on the radio

Fishing Ham: Cool video Eric, I am a weak signal OP myself. I saw my friend Peter VA3ELE in your log, way cool! Hoop to work you on 2M one day.

Prcash 21: now they have FT8 compare tp jt65 and jt9 ft8 is super fast instead of 7 minutes to make a contact ft8 takes about 1 minute for a complete contact. is catching on like wild fire.

yogibear2k10: Things must have changed from 30 years ago when my dad passed his Ham Radio License in the U.K. I thought, and he did too, that as long as you were licensed you could transmit anywhere that was legally allowed. I.e 2m, 6m, 20cm, FM, AM, SSB, etc. and frequently did. I have never even heard of this technician thing! I wish I took my license with my dad (but you had to learn Morse back then and I had so much trouble with it I gave up.) My dad passed it easily! He used Morse more than he used voice, funnily enough. He could travel further in Morse and "speak" to more people. I love listening to Morse Code even now! I miss those happy times. He's been dead now 15 years along with his Equipment, but he loved Ham Radio!

Indrid Cold: I converted a vhf low 46 megacycle retired police transceiver to six meters FM at 50 watts. The person that had me do it never claimed the transceiver. So I have a free six meters FM transceiver. Is there 6 meter FM DX communications made? I know FM is used with a vertical antenna. It sounds as if it world work for local. What are your thoughts?
Getting Started on 6 meters, 50Mhz, THE MAGIC BAND!! 5 out of 5

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Getting Started on 6 meters, 50Mhz, THE MAGIC BAND!!