Orgonite Pendants How To Make

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Energy Pendant - Available at
My Experience with Orgonite. a Tip on How to Use Orgonite during Meditation
My Experience with Orgonite. a Tip on How to Use Orgonite during Meditation

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sanskritmantra: where are you bro??

quantumsolutions: Hi, interesting stuff here. question: Is the resin simply the convenient medium to hold the crystals and metal? i.e. could you use something natural such as clay? I'd like to live in a house made of orgonite bricks, lol. thanks. =))

Javier Ramirez Vera: How do you know if it really works?

Sharycay: how do you put in the clasp that will hold chain to wear the pendant? just a peice of wire that you worked into the proper shape? does it matter which side you put it in and will it stay in place?

Livingscenary: Hm.. Does the size effect the overall output of energy, or is it based on the materials used? I need to look more into this..

onionbob: very pretty, but what's the science underpinning this stuff? there must be plenty of evidence proving the rigorously-posited theories behind these projects so if you could point me in the direction of the peer-reviewed published works detailing the info i'd be very grateful. thanks.

AeriisGainsborough: Hey, and how do you work the copper to have it in such small parts? Do you buy it that way? Is it better in small parts? Does it affect the result?

AeriisGainsborough: Can you cook on that tray afterwards?

Cesar Brauer: Very interesting ... it's a combination of metals ... now I really have to read/watch more about how?/ what?/ why?/etc. Many thanks!!

OkeanosSage: and i finally made my orgonite,the wool is sticking out to a certain degree so if there is any swarf places you could recommend that would be awesome

OkeanosSage: where is there swarf in NYC?

OkeanosSage: how do you take out the orgonite from the muffin pan

OkeanosSage: it's just that i don't know whether my comment went through or not,btw how long does the resin take to work

Moyomoto: Can any crystals no matter what size or shape i.e 2cm x 1cm be chipped into smaller chunks and retain the natural element

OkeanosSage: is that steel wool your using?

Lea C: Great Video!! Thanks much.

2012forlove: was trying to do my first one ... so messy ... resin got on my hands etc even using gloves ... would see how i did after hmmmmm

OkeanosSage: ok thanks

OkeanosSage: that includes pennies nickles and dimes right

OkeanosSage: that includes pennies,nickles,and maybe dimes as the three metals
orgonite pendants how to make 5 out of 5

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orgonite pendants how to make