Orgonite Pendants How To Make

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orgonite pendants how to make
orgonite pendants how to make
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Orgone Pendants Collection
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2011-09-08 - Orgonite & Scalar Energy Pendant
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SpreadingAwareness: Thanks primal111!!! Im gonna experiment with the things you said.

mayanchild: Thank you for posting this vid Primal111 - great stuff!!!

Livingscenary: Hm.. Does the size effect the overall output of energy, or is it based on the materials used? I need to look more into this..

PsySmo: i will do :) in love

primal111: yes you will find that the smaller the size the more you can get in there...

Ahbelina: You R truly Blessed Primal111.

primal111: its not in the trying its in the being that one is found....this can't be thought out only realized...witness all thoughts then you become the realization...then you are the becoming..

happygalmarried: Can you use bb's? Does it have to be diffrent metals? Thank you.

primal111: it does not matter the first one is not very good as a rule,lololol they get better fast

okeanos317: that includes pennies,nickles,and maybe dimes as the three metals

primal111: Yer thats me fit brown hansom and boy can I surf ,lololol NOT,lolol..try unfit over weight and can't surf for nuts...My mate is a surfer hes 42 years old...not me...I have one butI nearly drowned,lolol

okeanos317: and i finally made my orgonite,the wool is sticking out to a certain degree so if there is any swarf places you could recommend that would be awesome

michikochan777: love your m usic so kool

primal111: lolololol love too but in 3 years they will be taken down...all of them

primal111: smash the crystals up and make the meatal as small as you can....use 3 metals bro go to a key cutter and ask for scrapes...

okeanos317: where is there swarf in NYC?

DianaCMcC: That is a good one. Show us some videos of your gifting.

primal111: to hate anything is to play in the field of the every living paradox of careful what you project...because the oppersate will happen it has too...its best to be an observer...of the creation because then you become the wittness of it without judgement thus showing god where he needs to do his if he did not know, dance...

Iced: i dont get it it stops storms

primal111: you too:)

Ahbelina: Good on you & Bravo. Pixie's videos are amazing & her work is important. So i am sure you will be rewarded ten thousand folds. What goes around comes around.

okeanos317: how do you take out the orgonite from the muffin pan

primal111: shes good alright:)every breath is my reward

primal111: yes its better and yes you put the copper in a blender if its fine enough..once again don't use mums stuff..

primal111: no it does not bro its all good the energy goes though anything

SpreadingAwareness: Hi, can you use old cans and stuff as aluminum? Does it have to be certain metals or just any? Got the resin etc... just dunno about the metal. I have some copper sheet will that do?

primal111: go to a scrap metal yard and ask for swarf its cheap and its the right size but use 3 or more metals

primal111: good work the more you do the better you get

okeanos317: any three metals mr primal111?

okeanos317: ok thanks

cavebear crucified: What exactly is the purpose of orgonite and how can you verify its effects?

primal111: thankyou try and make some

quantumsolutions: Hi, interesting stuff here. question: Is the resin simply the convenient medium to hold the crystals and metal? i.e. could you use something natural such as clay? I'd like to live in a house made of orgonite bricks, lol. thanks. =))

primal111: or a old brain without any new tricks...your call

primal111: you do not need weapons when you have good orgonite....

primal111: gold will work but wasting money is not good 3 or more metals is good any will do

Rikybatterista: i'm italian..and you jobs is good

primal111: chop them up if you can

BlacklitFloater: they're pretty. some might think they're ugly, but they're kind of cool looking.

okeanos317: is that steel wool your using?

AeriisGainsborough: Hey, and how do you work the copper to have it in such small parts? Do you buy it that way? Is it better in small parts? Does it affect the result?

pwpg0516: Great info Primal TY lots! :))))

primal111: to bite off more than you can chew shows that biting is no thought to it...

sanskritmantra: where are you bro??

primal111: sharycay drill a hole then glue it does not matter which side as long as its around your neck

angelsamurai101: just wondering.where do you get the resin? my brother made these a while back and we have plenty of metal shavings and masks but we're out of resin and crystal now. ( we know where to buy chrystals- we buy them online)

primal111: onionbob they work in differant ways to everyone but there is heaps of info if you google it

Moyomoto: Can any crystals no matter what size or shape i.e 2cm x 1cm be chipped into smaller chunks and retain the natural element

primal111: to make more thats a good need to hope

primal111: i got one to pixie her being a light worker helped her conected big time even better,she does good work
orgonite pendants how to make 4.7 out of 5

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orgonite pendants how to make