Orgonite Pendants How To Make

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sanskritmantra: where are you bro??

Zenman1976: @onionbob Look up Wilhelm Reich... the FDA stole his work and he was jailed with trumped up charges because he was 'healing' people... do your own experiments or look them up, no one's gonna spoonfeed anyone info.

primal111: takes bad crap away...wakes you up...protects you

primal111: user13467 some orgonite is better than none

primal111: onionbob they work in differant ways to everyone but there is heaps of info if you google it

primal111: livingscenary its both but the bigger the better...

primal111: sharycay drill a hole then glue it does not matter which side as long as its around your neck

primal111: marave1 you will know

primal111: resin is better by far...

primal111: thankyou

primal111: smash a big one up real fine but put intent into it for love and peace after it

ChewySatisfaction: Where do you get the quartz shards from? Can you crunch up a big crystal or does it have to be naturall smakk frags, becuase I cant get small chunks anywhere?

princesskaador: SWEET! Love your video Primal111! Thanks for your insight to helping the WORLD!!!

quantumsolutions: Hi, interesting stuff here. question: Is the resin simply the convenient medium to hold the crystals and metal? i.e. could you use something natural such as clay? I'd like to live in a house made of orgonite bricks, lol. thanks. =))

Javier Ramirez Vera: How do you know if it really works?

Sharycay: how do you put in the clasp that will hold chain to wear the pendant? just a peice of wire that you worked into the proper shape? does it matter which side you put it in and will it stay in place?

Livingscenary: Hm.. Does the size effect the overall output of energy, or is it based on the materials used? I need to look more into this..

onionbob: very pretty, but what's the science underpinning this stuff? there must be plenty of evidence proving the rigorously-posited theories behind these projects so if you could point me in the direction of the peer-reviewed published works detailing the info i'd be very grateful. thanks.

tonyreno123: what's it do?
orgonite pendants how to make 5 out of 5

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orgonite pendants how to make