Honda VFR800 Review

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Texarmageddon: Just for the record... The harley police bikes aren't exactly slow.. Police bikes aren't catching the liter bikes, but if you're on a 600cc bike you might as well give up and let them catch you.´╗┐

Danny Bannister: what a boring twat´╗┐

xCr0nus: hey, would the VFR 800 work well for a tall rider? say around 6'2?

moviebod: Good video, nice bike, very interesting. Thanks

himalayado: Thanks for the review, synicalmanor... I bought my 2008 vfr 800 a month ago as my first, and I love it. Your review helped me decide - thanks. You are right vfr tends to get hot quickly at traffic stops. I heard story about defective charger - do I need to replace it before it gets bad? Thanks.

mishko01: I have the exact same bike. Every time I go to the showroom to check out the new crop of bikes, I find nothing that enticing to trade the VFR on. A terrific allrounder with a soulful V4. I have taken mine across the country, with the sergent seat it has, an extremely comfy machine.

VIDEO regi: Hi! Thank's for a balanced review!

MK 2: Idk about the speed man, there is alot of aerodynamics there over 200km/h but yeah. i think that the fz6 can have more acceleration, but i'm not using it so often, rare that i rew over 8k rpm. but the fz6-S might challange the vfr in top speed. but ofc, it depends on mods. original sprokets for the fz6 it reaches about 230km/h. well R6 and R6. it's not really and R6, it's the same engine with different cams, software and so on.

Andrew Corsen: Btw, I had an Fz6N got stolen AGAIN holland ftw. But Fz6N is faster then the VFR800 and faster then a DL 1000 vstrom. So CC is not everything the Fz6 has an R6 engine .

cswish91: If you want more power, just throw a supercharger on it. I think a and a performance is the company. Not sure

jim whitley: Can you explain more about how ( in detail) you put a mic and attached camera etc.. to make this video. I would like to do the same. Also I put small 1 and 1/4" small mirrors on my 2003 VFR800 to cover blind spots. I have 2 inch ones on my cars. The small stick on ones can be found at bicycle shops or Amazon.

MK 2: now u have another sub! nice bike, i'm planing on getting one for my next bike. Today i have the FZ6-N and i'm abit tired of the wind, and since the FZ1 does not comes with the mufflers in the tail this is my only option for a "calmer" bike that looks good, and have more cc then my bike (i'm abit tired of rews), and i'm travling quiet far from time to time (up to 400-500km non-stop / gas stop). I have a Question: How is the Seat on the bike? both for you and passenger (e.g. long trips)

plushpig: Hi synicalmanor. May I know how many miles you get from a full tank of gas until the indicator starts flashing?

Joe73322: The only thing I hate about my 04 vfr 800 is that here in the states i see alot of dam scooters with the same front end as my vfr.And yes i get alot jokes from other riders

HondaMistuV4L: i wanna hear more about the vtec. is it really bad on gas compared to like a cbr?

TheBrowndog1969: Late for work, step on it mate.Hahaha nice one bud..

El Jefe: VFR800 is an amazing mix between sport and touring, but feels pretty sporty. Plus the V4 sound is just incredible and unique. Not sure what bike you're coming from but chances are you'll love the VFR800.

omahas9000: Hey, you did a really good job. Thanks a lot! I've been considering a VFR and appreciate your sharing your own feelings.

Marc-Antoine Vendette: Do you recommend this bike for a beguinner?

TJ Du Mez: Have you ridden with a passenger? Does it have a passenger seat?
Honda VFR800 Review 5 out of 5

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Honda VFR800 Review