Audi TT Climatronic Climate Control Panel Codes: Unlocking T

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Audi TT Climatronic Climate Control Panel codes: Unlocking t
Audi TT Climatronic Climate Control Panel codes: Unlocking t
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bsmit389: Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! What model TT is yours and does it work on all TT's?

fifficus: Same for the A3 8L Facelift.

mewejo: Does this just work on the TT or other models too?

RICCARDO0183: Awesome vid. well detailed!

Pliskenmovies: Hi and thanks ! You should look for "Haldex Performance" mate ;-)

marcus1642ad: does anybody know what function number is the aricon, i am having a real bad clicking noise occur and will not stop, its only getting louder, normally when i put the degress about 18 it would stop, but that doesnt help anymore, any help on this would be a great help

LuckyK3: Thank you for this information!

smrt1000: Thanx awesome photography and music on your videos . Audi tt ftw

mantviux: Just amazing :)

groomlake67: weird 49 should be Malfunction counter for speedometer (vehicle speed) signal according to the list.

Malgoet: thx

DriftLinez: Where can you find a list of all the codes and what they show? Thanks in advance.

westsidetwelve: brilliant, thanks for the info

bmxrich53: this both is helpful, and amusing haha

Pliskenmovies: Yes you can. To come back to normal operation without switch off the climate control, just press and hold the recirculation button and the manual flow control up arrow again. ;-)

koni206: hey, thats pretty amazing!! how does it work in my audi tt mk2??? anyone knows?? it does not have a button for the air flow up :(

marcus1642ad: so what the hell do you do when you get the correct number :s my aircon is making a loud clocking noise and i was briefly informed to go into this setting, he failed to state what to do next, any help ?

Keyser Soze .: Hi ... i have a mk1 225 and i would like to know how can i change the power distributed between front and back wheels ? ...something like 70-80% to the rear... by the way, thanks! works for me too :D

unknwon12: OMG I LOVE YOU. Another thing about my TT amazes me

flavyan: many thanks! great info!

smrt1000: 5 satrs from me another awesome movie!

NictitatingRabbitCom: This looks really cool, can't wait to try it! I just have one question - can you go back to normal operation? I don't want to screw up my climate control haha.

rickyeguizabal: Idk but my TT is is not giving me the readings, well it is but i think they are wrong because the numbers are off for example The a/c high pressure displays 0 and interior climate displays 35c is super hot here in los angeles i say about 92degrees idk whats wrong.

okayis1905: bahtim üsüdü kim ooo thx

gavao: cool 5 stars

Trisha Xuk: I've been wondering about a digital output for speed for ages....this is fab. Is there any similar output for fuel or oil levels? My dash has started going south. I took it apart and managed to partially correct the fuel gauge, but it's still a bit off. I know I can get the dash pod fixed by a third party, but I was wondering if there are any viable solutions to replacement. The dash pod though nice; I would like to update, if I keep my mk1 for the foreseeable future :P

Pliskenmovies: @bsmit389: You're welcome ! YES it works on all mkI TT and also other Audi 1.8T like S3, etc...

Samuel R: nice vid. i also have a TT. what is the oil temperature?

kit stevens: does the engine have to be running to do this because mine wont do it

r zer: ayaaaa comment que c'est illégal de rouler aussi vite!!!

24118126: AMAZING!!, why does this not come in the handbook Thanks a lot xx :)

netmatrix75: Very good info!

unknwon12: This is sweet, one question- can you switch the kph on the speed gauge to mph? Other than that I love you for this

drilon1111: thnx man! :)

smrt1000: well done to you we love tt's in greece so we thank you

Pliskenmovies: Sur route ouverte, oui ;-)

liquidfearr: thank you so much for the codes!! :) made my day man!

keefboz: freaking awesome

chrisco540873: You should access engine coolant temp via # 49 and not #51... #51 displays "something" in C and quickly increases to 90 C and stops. #49 slowly increments up and will go beyond 90 C (I watched it go past 90 C and then my car overheated while diagnosing a bad thermostat issue). Once a new thermostat was installed I watched the #49 display and the fans kicked on exactly at the temp expected. #51 gives you a false sense of security - don't believe it.

SonixBartek: TXH :) TT rulez!

Naweedsucks: I tried this and it worked once but now i cant get it to work again :/ do you know what i can do to get it to work again or why it might not work anymore?

AudiTTRS340: Nicht schlecht, echt hilfreiche informationen!

A9AFHyena: Hi, thanks for the video~! By the way, wut's the normal temperature range for engine and coolant?

bobdabuildaman: thanks for the info

Jaidan Balban: HEY great vid i tried this on my TT , blew me away hehe :) look one question bro ,, please please reply to me the name of this song please do so or if any one can,, much appreciated :) :) :)

robocopu: excelent video ! Will try it on my A3

pedroloba37: Thank you for this video. I tried this in my tt and is correct

marcus1642ad: dude my car is driving me crazy, does ANYONE know what key code adjusts your aircon, i am getting a really bad clicking in intervals and it wont stop now, usually did when i changed it to above 18 degrees but now nothing :( any help

GtownThor: lol he was going 128 mph at the end of the vid

bradley081: I am about to buy a 225 soon.I look forward to trying this:) Cheers bro
Audi TT Climatronic Climate Control Panel codes: Unlocking t 4.9 out of 5

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Audi TT Climatronic Climate Control Panel codes: Unlocking t