Chevrolet C/K Truck Mode And Blend Door Actuator Replacement

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patsy lane: hi need advice. I have 1988 chevy s10. as I select HEATER  the air from heater blows full blast at the dash and when I select A/C max   the air conditioner blows full blast at the floor board. what can be done to correct this?

Ryan McBride: So if I can see both actuators turning when I turn the corresponding knobs; does that mean they are good? Or might they still need to be replaced even though I can see the spline turning?

Ernest A: talking too much; gosh shut up!!

CaptainPolly 92: my ac blows hot on driver side but stays cold on passenger side. is it really the blend door on the passenger side? also, what are the little wrench number? 7/32?

Dudeareno Rodent: wtf

Dudeareno Rodent: 05 siverado...fresh air door..was stuck half way open...stealer ship...replaced my compressor ...didn't fix air temp ...duh...I have now got door closed and have cold air...stealer ship says $400 to replace ...I'm okay with door as is..

drumrooster: my truck switches from def to floor fine and blows good but it wont get hot..Out side hoses are hot si I:m assuming the blend door is stuck? or the blend actuator is out? so I should get the BLEND DOOR ACTUATOR right?

EDMusic Entertainment: You can actually pull your glove box and cut a square hole into the plastic box itself to see if your blend door is actually working, just seal it back up afterwards. When you look inside you can see it lift up and down, down is cool up is heat. I hit mine too hard by accident when I was listening for it to close thinking it may be jammed while I heard and seen it turning. The actuator on my 95 suburban is behind the right side of the ash tray which is blocked by the dash and a PIA to remove. Regardless, i now have heat somehow and my door is working without having to remove the actuator.

BAMABOSS PHILLIPS: I changed blend door heater core and water pump mines still not getting hot

Shane James: I read something that said to make sure that the new actuator is in the same position as the old when when it came off. If you aren't suppose to turn the actuator then how do you get them to make sure that they are in the same position?

Josh S: I have a 1991 GMC, and my buddy a 1989 GMC. Both have a distinct tapping sound on the passenger side. Sounds like plastic plunking on plastic. Would this be the solution to our problems?

Billy Holmes: almost same problem the AC pulsates but dose work good , and only when put in the floor position. think it the same problem?

Kevin goodman: 99 chevy suburban 2500. windshield vents doesn't work and it leaves my suburban foggy???

CS Ham: Same, here Followed this to the tee and fixed my problem in just a few minutes.  Thanks for this video.  I have a 98 Tahoe that did the same thing earlier this week. I had no idea what was wrong and considered taking it to the dealer until I saw this.  Thanks Man.

froggy: My 02 Suburban has a similar "issue". When I direct the flow to feet/floor it's all fine. If I direct the flow to dash or dash PLUS floor I can hear a door clunk noise as if the door is "trying" to move & moves for a while then falls back out of position.

Does that sound like the same issue?


Mine is NOT dual climate control or the electronic control where you set temp & it does the rest. It is almost identical to yours only 2002.


Joe M: Really helpful and well explained The mode door on my '98 Silverado has been slowing going bye-bye for a couple of years and I wasn't sure what was causing the issue. Thanks to your video, I know what the problem is and how to make repairs with relative ease. And, your price information was right on-$39 at a local auto parts dealer!

Appreciate the well-done tutorial! :-)

Lost Soul: Tyler: 1997 GMC Silverado, no air thru the dash vents when turned on HIGH. Replace the servo in this video? Thanks!!

Lane Rourke: 2000 k3500. Ac doesn't blow out vents powerful. Any idea which one of the 3 would cause that?

allen Henry: mine is blowing hot only. with motor is the on I need to replace?

Eduardo Chavez: good video so helpful..i have a Chevy Silverado and was having same problem 👍👍👍
Chevrolet C/K truck mode and blend door actuator replacement 5 out of 5

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Chevrolet C/K truck mode and blend door actuator replacement