Chevrolet C/K Truck Mode And Blend Door Actuator Replacement

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bossmack187: Great video. Lots of helpful information. You answered every question I had and now I'm ready to tackle this little job. 

superturboawesome1: Thanks for thr video. I have a '98 and it seems like the whole thing went kaput at the same time - lost the blower motor and resistor circuit for speed control, temperature control works, door actuator doesn't function properly so I can't get the main front vents to blow and now my AC is stuck on so I unplugged under the hood at the AC compressor. I guess I'll also need the door actuator like you showed and maybe a control panel as well. 

Richard Drury: Had he same problem in my 1998 Chey 1500 and I watched your video and changed the blend door actuator by the ay you showed. Made it very easy and was done in about 15 min. You explained it very well and now it works in all modes. Thank you for your video helped make it easy.

irvinf12: Curious maybe you know what i need . I have a c1500 and either the heater or a/c whichever i have it set to is on at all times in the off position. Its on very weak not even level one but it is on. Say its 70 degrees out i turn thr knob to heat. It will blow out hot air faintly but it heats up the truck in around 10 to 18 minutes

Chad Simmons: Is this applicable to a 2004 silverado with dual manual climate control? My driver side blows cold but the passenger side is fine. Mode control seems to work fine too.

David R. James: Now show us how to get the other one out on the passenger side!!!!!

John Price: He sounds like Forest Gump!

tyler fontaine: Ok on my pickup it does change to all the settings but it always continues to blow air through the main vents please help

LightAdrenaline: Spot on bro! I replaced my control panel when this happened. I went to adjust the AC on afternoon in my 99 Tahoe and it got stuck on defrost. I fiddled with the knob and push in a bit and it finally worked again. So when it did it again a few weeks later and DIDN'T ever get off defrost, I figured the control was bad. I tried the "turn the key to accessory mode a few times, remove the key to reset the system" with no luck, disconnected and reconnected the battery with no luck as well. Got a used control panel of eBay and it functioned the same as the original. So, I was in the forums, etc. and was looking at the different actuators. I knew it wasn't the blend b/c the temp was fine, so I went to my local pull-a-part, removed one off a similar model, spent 5 minutes unhooking the old one and installing the new one and tada!!!!! Now get heat on my feet! 15 degrees the other day and my face was on fire while my feet were on ice! They run about $40 new for my Tahoe and the Pull-a-part sold it for $18 with environmental fees and tax included.

Yours is the ONLY video I could find on the MODE door actuator and I'm very appreciative. I'd have never known where to find it or how to approach the job. Thanks!

Everyone make sure you pay attention to the 7/32" nut size. That back one is IMPOSSIBLE to remove without one! Ha.


Max9507: Good job, thanks for the info & Happy New Year

moneyalfredo: my climate control panel wont light up at night but will still work. what do you think the problem is ? maybe a dead bulb ? 

Mike Bauman: Fuse

Mike Bauman: Where is it

Mike Bauman: I have a 99 gmc serria z71 it is making a noise in the heater area it is not a constant noise but will come and go. Like a grulling noise I think it is the mode door can you confirm that and with is it. I pull the blower motor fuel it didn't stop put it back and removed the fuse to HVAC and it stopped the noise . do I need to replace the mode door or can it be relubed? Thanks mole

Stephanie Smith: I am trying to replace my actuator in my 2001 chevy silverado. I get everything installed correctly, but then when I turn on my truck, I'm getting cold air when my knob is on heat, and hot air when my knob is on cold. I can't seem to get the flap to go in the right direction. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Dale Keller: My blend door works properly , but I hear a ticking noise in the middle of my system.  what would cause this

Finalstage666: im havin trouble with the defrost everything else works so far i changed the resistor and check and saw one of the arms fell off would it just be the actuator motor? like the air blows out one side of the defrost and very little on the other side

ScottysDetailing: You just helped me fix my HOT!! Wife ☀️😡😰Ever since we bought our 98 Yukon it's been blowing hot all year! Not anymore thanks to you it's ice cold❄️⛄️ 😅

deloreanfan81: which parts store did you get this from?

jbyrd3304: I have a 2005 gmc 1500 pick up. I will be going down the road with cold air then the driver side will start blowing hot but the passenger side will be cold. I turn truck off and back on then everything works fine again. My diagram shows four actuators I replaced the one by drivers right foot and that did not fix the problem can you please tell me which one it is. Gmc will not help me. THANKS
Chevrolet C/K truck mode and blend door actuator replacement 5 out of 5

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Chevrolet C/K truck mode and blend door actuator replacement