Kanger EVOD T3 MT3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up

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- CHiNO -: The battery begins flashing 3 times, help please?

Chitwan Aggarwal: what size of wire to use 32 or 34

Jenkanz: my battery light just blinks and nothing happens...

RáJÁ X TáĮmØōR: how I get flavour wax

BH V SH: not vaping blinking

BH V SH: after putting the coil my evod is blinking

Sachin Choudhari: Very Good... Explained Step By Step...

Lance Barsobia: please do a tutorial on how to make more clouds by the use of evod

Abdulaziz Jan: what are the wicks gauge/ thickness for both?
the main and the flavor wicks?

John Hagen: this is an awesome video, but I saw another one where the guy took a torch/lighter to the wire/wick, would this be better or worse than a dry burn?

Reviewed Popcorn: I just replace them, from Aliexpress they are $5 for 5, interesting video though thanks

glenesis: Thank you! I just built my first coil! And dry-burnt right through it. But my second one worked like a charm! You rock!

Game Clips: Do I have to rebuild the coil to change the wick? Btw I wanna use cotton

The Truth: All that to save less than a $1....yeah...maybe when I have no life i'll give it a try.

JP DR: Hello what is the difference between the first and second wick? And the links you have in your post below the video, are that only the first wicks?

Richard C.: Also-y do u soak it in the water when its finished. Very good video dude

Richard C.: When you test burn the coil doesn't it burn the wick?

nyrforever962: when rebuilding this i tried putting the pin on the bottom back in and now it wont fire any help please? (using my sons account :) )

Jape Marttila-Tornio: Thanks! This helped me much!
Kanger EVOD T3 MT3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up 5 out of 5

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Kanger EVOD T3 MT3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up