Kanger EVOD T3 MT3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up

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Fadez Gaming: Would I be able to use a paper clip for the coil and 100% cotton for the wick? Ive seen people use them with other coil build but idk if itll work for this. 

misty silver: mine was breathing in air I toke a cheap atomizer and nicked the wick out of it temp until I get me kit but thankyou for upload cuz eventually I will need to change the wire and wick and your video is a good little tutorial on how to coil rebuild on these little bugars :)

Samuel Boon: Why it need to soak in hot water for few hours? Isn't necessarily?

TheMwowner1: Thank you for this tutorial, saved my life because here i thought i was going to have to keep buying new grommets, and they are expensive.

Richard Conrad: Why do you need to soak it in water after the build is finished? Great vid dude!

Dash Teyo: I did all of this and when i press the button when everything id all tight my battery just blinks and doesnt fire. But when i take the base of and push the pin down on top of my battery center pin it doesn't blink anymore but lights up like it should. How do i fix this????

kieran cherrington: Any reason that you use a smaller wick as a "flavour wick"?
Will a normal size  do? Or should I possibly unthread it?

Piotr Król: Thank you so much! Not knowing how the coil in EVOD is built, this video is exactly what I've been looking for. ;)

darren belgar: Every time I build one and then do a try burn I end up still getting a gross taste why? Help please lol

Leslie Hoffner: how about where to get the grommets, posts at?

ADarkAriaUSA: Hey Sean...a great video!  Am new to vaping and am currently using an EVOD 900maH model at 2.4 ohms.  Could you tell me if it is the number of wire wraps to the burn/coil wick that determine the level of ohms being produced by the atty or is there some other factor?  What would help get me as close to 2.4 as I can when doing a rebuild?  Also...can you tell me how Volts come into play and how you can know how many volts are being produced by an existing battery (without packaging information...or a meter).  Thank you in advance!

Stefan Fransen: Got a tip that i strongly recommend to avoid a dryburn (and burn your coil out).
buy a gasburner (blue flame) and hold your wick in it till it is white. then pull it out let it cool down al little en do your job. it wil give a harder feeling and is a little brose but you'll never have a nasty taste

JayMillz517: Most helpful vid, I just bought a EVOD and had some leaking issues so I had to do a rebuild..

APR!G Beats: this is the best on youtube. thanks sir

Darin Kramer: New to rebuilding and have got it down to a science, but I am getting no air flow thru the atty like when I use a pre bought one. What could be the issue here? to much wick? not enough?

lakersfan0000: good vid man helped a lot i stopped smoking Marlboro reds an just bought a E-cig no regrets but i knew nothing about em an after awhile my ecig stopped producing good hits an i took it apart my coil was covered in black burnt stuff so had to rebuild it but didn't know how till i seen the vid my ecig works good now :)  

patrick flynn: Oh i
I forgot you use a pin on the single rebuild and not the dual?  Can I use my 3mm wick that I use in the dual coil for the single? Is the dual coil an old video and you've learned as you've gone?

patrick flynn: ??? Why do you leave a gaps with the single coil vs the dual coil. Also you say to do a dry burn on the single, but not on the dual. Also soak in water and dry on the single and not on the dual??????? I have bought lot's of stuff from you and new to this.  Just trying to get educated....So teacher I need some tutoring.

PortugalCarp: Thanks for for posting this, just did my first "re-build" and it works.

Curtis Roberts: Hey man do u sell them already man 
Kanger EVOD T3 MT3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up 5 out of 5

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Kanger EVOD T3 MT3 Bottom Coil Atomizer Rebuild HD Close Up