Homemade Stick Welder - From Microwave Parts!

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Billy Bob: When I was like 10 I made a very low power stick welder. It consisted of 3 wires, 2 paperclips, an electric motor, and a 9 volt. I thought it was awesome.

Jackson Markow: "Remember, kids, ... 1:06!"

Cam Shirley: How many microwaves does your neighbor go throught lol

stgm: That weld has a lot of porosity

kk fourfiveseven (killerkiller457): I'm surprised you did a very good weld at 2:10 I didn't even do that good my first time using arc

Ridge Mallery: Can you actually show how you wired that thing? I would love to make that thing.

The.one.lVlonster: ╔╦╦

Ricky Ramirez: Lol since miller and Lincoln welders are expensive ill build myself one of these bad boys for the pipeline lmao

Blake Olson: Don't weld Galvanized metal, Zinc oxide isn't a good thing to breathe.

Will Matney: If you don't like the fumes from welding  You can make a shielded vented welding hood. and vent system . . I like a sphere enclosure . Equipted with a microscope weld stick intro , turn knobs to adjust the depth , angle , and all axis position welding . Best part is you can install a focal shield right into the view port. Add some shielding gas per weld application and a vent and its cool sailing without having to put up a screen. Can even go box to length app. Cnc if needed.

Bonnie Martin: YOU ARE AWESOME #1

Pandaboy QD: Thank you, i don't have the money to buy an actual arc welder, but this will help me make enough money to buy one. or hell, i could even try to upgrade your design for my own use.

Water Derp: Wait your camera is flammable!!!

Tonis Pickle: I Meant To Say How Do You Modify The Microwave Transformers 

Tonis Pickle: Hey Grant Thompson, Or To Any One Who Knows The Answer To My Question; How Do I Modify The Microwave In To A Transformer Like In The Video, Is There Another Video That Shows How To Make It? Because If So I Have Not Found It Yet. Thank You.

Adolf Hitler: i can safely tell you that was a terrible weld
but terrible

SYED AQEEL HAIDER: Hello sir . Can I use 4mm earth bonding cable for making coil . Thanks 

Max Pollen: what kind of trasfomer did you use
Homemade Stick Welder - From Microwave Parts! 5 out of 5

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Homemade Stick Welder - From Microwave Parts!