New Zastava AK-47 Pistol

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Jarreau Hassan: Big daddy hoffman are you going to make a video with the micro draco?

Jarreau Hassan: How do you like the micro draco pistol ?

Herman Williams: 28 people are lame i wanna be like him when im older

Juan Hernandez: how can you make it automatic ??

Jon S: Looks painful, I'll pass.

carolina bull: i would like to come shoot with you on your compound ! i never had that experience

Rashad Dorsey: came across one for 449 online just have to find a FFL dealer

Rashad Dorsey: is the tul ammo actually good for that gun?

Brian James: Is it hard to handle?! Saw one for $475 brand new and was wondering how they are to shoot. Looks a little rough. haha

DrHighchair: My pops said get a zastava...I got arsenal. The sam7k. I can't complain. Nice little unit! Nice video BDH1911

ElJefe45acp: Put a single point sling on it and push it forward it'll give you more stability and accuracy 

suspekt29: You talk like Johnny Cash


MAJ-12/SM420: Big Daddy- nice to meet you. That thing IS beautiful! So, this AND the "regular" full length AK fire the exact same ammo? I noticed the kick-back wasn't too bad. Is there a difference in rounds between the two?

MindInChains: Big Daddy you rule !!
I have one of these and love it so much
Take Care Sir

THE MECHANIC: Everything's better slow motion. I feel sorry for whoever come in his house uninvited 

PDIcomics: So Big Daddy when are you gonna make a video where you shoulder an SBR - LOOPHOLE arm brace stock on the bad boy?

Sirwilliam1229: I have a CAI M70ab2T underfolder, and this seems to have more recoil? Is that due to the short barrel?

Sirwilliam1229: I think a burglar would have a better chance at breaking into Ft Knox, than your house!!! Do you own all of these weapons? I have just six(6) pistols, three(3) Ar's, and One(1) Ak, and you keep showing more things I want to buy.

PDIcomics: Big Daddy here's my update for my AK. The Tapco mag was flawless. The Pro mag was also flawless EXCEPT it was loose in the magwell and would not chamber UNLESS I held the magazine while firing. The steel mag still didn't cycle a couple times. So I guess the culprit is a loose mag well. But the Tapcos are nice and thick and work flawless. The Pro Mag would not fire I couldn't even cycle it by hand without holding up on the magazine. But when I did hols the magazine it worked flawless. So does thus mean we know the gun at least works? Should I send it in or should I just use Tapco mags since they seem to work?
New Zastava AK-47 Pistol 5 out of 5

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New Zastava AK-47 Pistol