SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review Of As I Am

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SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review of As I Am
SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review of As I Am
As I Am Twist Defining Cream product review_0001.wmv
As I Am Twist Defining Cream product review_0001.wmv
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PRODUCT REVIEW: As I am Twist Defining Cream
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Did this video help you?

lolin11222: Just bought it today! I hope it works as well as it did for you. My hair is pretty similar to yours!

Linda B: I love your makeup! beautiful!

8ShadesofColor: Great video, love your hair texture. It turned out nice on you.

NeEkNinJa: Really....never knew that. Does great on my hair though.

mariej52: You are pretty and your hair is pretty..i purchase the product today. I have my fingers crossed.

NeEkNinJa: Thanks doll.

Brittanny Jennings: your makeup is always gorgeous!! I need tips so I can look as fabulous as you

pinkfuzz9009: I swear I said the same thing when I bought it! If cupcakes and coconuts had a baby, as I am would be how it smelled!!!

NeEkNinJa: Thank you.

MarkeshaNicole85: I just started using "As I am" products a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!! I've been natural since September 2012. I'm using this on my daughters hair too! It keeps our hair moisturized.....we both can get super dry hair. Yeah, it's expensive but it's worth every penny. I didn't buy the Double Butter Cream Moisturizer but after watching this video, I will. Thank you for sharing :-)

UnchainedVintage: you can get it cheaper on curlymart

liab: great video! love your hair! edit your description of this video you meant "see" but you typed "seem" :)

NeEkNinJa: I used this I believe on wet hair. Thanks for watching :)

diana konen: what is your hair type?

Judy Turner: I love this product line!!! My twists outs are AmazzZzing!!! My hair has NEVER felt SO good!!!

Mz Barbie: nice video volume is a lil low

NeEkNinJa: I wanted to hear other views about their product. Like I said its not for everyone but it did work for me!!! Thanks for sharing and also watching!! :)

NeEkNinJa: I wouldn't say there is a does depend on when you do your hair. If you have super thick hair I would suggest starting the process a liittle bit earlier then right before bed. I have to do my hair about and hour to hour and 30 min before I really settle down for bed and I'm dry in the morning. Hopes this helps!!! Keep me posted and thanks for watching.

NeEkNinJa: No problem. Good luck and thanks for watching!!!

NeEkNinJa: Thanks love!! I'm always up for saving some dollars now all it has to do is migrate to walmart and it will be cheaper than that lol!!

Tari Zee: I'm looking forward to your twist out tutorial ( :

Bfit6: Your curls look nicely defined as well as thoroughly moisturized. I really like the sheen that your hair is displaying! I am having such a difficult time with my twist outs coming out frizzy and not so defined as well as lacking sheen! I've been trying different products but my twist outs do not come out looking as great as yours. I wish I could get samples or pay for a sample package to try because I have so many products at home that didn't work and we all know how expensive the process of fi

NeEkNinJa: No problem!!

B. Haynes PrettyPRChick: Great vid! I'm going to try this!

Shweta Singh: i like your curly hair more than straight..

NeEkNinJa: Thanks for viewing. Sorry about the bf told me it was but its loud on my laptop! Gotta work on that!

FeeFeeFull_of_Life: u made me wanna run out the door and go look for these product mind you i have no hair to put them on hahhhaha!u look very pretty

Sherri Taylor: I am going to try because I am dreaming of the perfect twist out and I am yet to achieve thanks. good job you look great.

NeEkNinJa: I'm glad you have such success. Thanks for watching!

NeEkNinJa: Thanks!! I will say that the product does last. I still have some since doing this week. Mind you I gave it a try before doing the video so it does last. Depending on the amount that you will have to use in your hair though!! Thanks for watching :)

Pamela Louise: I am so glad that I came across your review. So nice to see someone of my color and hair texture that can give an honest review. I also fell in love with As I Am packaging and ordered some samples (several times lol). That will be my next big purchase as soon as I use up my $58 Miss Jessies buttercreme. Lol I also have trouble getting a good twist out so I'm also scrambling to do something with that hot mess before work. I I look forward to seeing more of your reviews and tutorials:)

Monique west: Couldn't watch it because I couldn't hear it. Sorry.


NeEkNinJa: Aww thanks!!! I'm glad that you could find me relatable. I was like you as well. I didn't see to many online that i could relate to. I'm glad you like it. I appreciate you subbing always a help. Thanks for watching!!!

NeEkNinJa: Thanks!!

NeEkNinJa: Thank you.

NeEkNinJa: I'm glad i could help...thanks for watching!!!!

Wannella Lawson: I found your video on using cowash and buttercream on. Your hair was nice but I lk your hair better when you had on the purple top. Is it possible that you can mk a video on using buttercream. Tks

NeEkNinJa: Never hurts to try!!! Thanks for watching!

andre thorn: if u go to curlmart dot com its cheaper there and also a little cheaper at walgreens

veronica stackhouse: Your welcome

Sagenaturalhair: Great Vid dealling with the same issue have NOT been able to find ANYTHING that will define my curls get the same results you mentioned MAJOR shrinkage I can so relate been natural 4 almost 2 years had a setback last year after swimming in the Atlantic Ocean then having to straighten my hair for a family wedding burned it out so started over May 2011 with braids to repair and get it growing again have 2 many products 2 go out & buy more will have to work with what I have :) thx 4 sharing

NeEkNinJa: yeah me too.....I can't rock straight for to long! Thanks for watching

Wannella Lawson: Your hair is pretty. Sallys is having sell on all As I Am products - $2 off. Coconut CoWash is $5.99. Plz do a video on double buttercream. Have fun shopping

yonniesnatural: Also, had to sub!!!!!

3boyscs: thx for the review I use the co wash leave in and twist and coil definer but my hair is never dry in the morn. So I will try the doublebutter cream tonight I just bought so is the a speacial technique?

angie greene: THANKS FOR SHARING! I am currently using SHEA MOISTURE (wal mart) I am a newbie at being natural due to the chemical process has thinned my hair out..... I will be suscrbiing to your channel as well..... peace and love....

NeEkNinJa: Sorry about that. Thanks for the view!

nubia1950: you are TOO cute :)

NeEkNinJa: @Polyana91 No problem!!! Thanks for watching!
SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review of As I Am 4.9 out of 5

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SUPER DEFINED Twist Out /Product Review of As I Am