What Do You Think About Ubuntu Linux?

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What Do You Think about Ubuntu Linux?
What Do You Think about Ubuntu Linux?

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Only Way Is Linux: Personally I love it! I pay attention to other distros too but nothing thus far has taken me away from Ubuntu.

Andrew Woodhead: Great starter distro (as it aims to be). Runs well. Im a bit biased as an Ubuntu member -ActionParsnip

Gazzer96: I used Windows 8 beta and I found it very good.

JMeyN40: A LOAD of bs.

Apatthetic Man: 7 was what Vista should have been. 8, how can you improve that mess?

Samuel O: What doesn't kill it, makes it stronger. You know the pattern, microsoft releases a turd and then it releases pure freaking gold.

danielgartin6993: I just got my copy of Ubuntu installed today,except where do i find the wifi card drivers I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1545

EngineCogs: Badger from Breaking Bad watches Lockergnome???

Xaahu Yazeed: And without electricity none of this will exist :P

TheShadowFog: >2012 >using crap distros like noobuntu HAHAHAHA

Xaahu Yazeed: mouth? O.o month?

Xaahu Yazeed: yes i agree. ubuntu does heat up mine too. mint is more like a polished ubuntu but people prefer ubuntu cuz its very simple and laid out and now unity is getting amazing and not as annoying and lame as it was in 11.04 and 11.10. 12.04 will be the best linux distro. count on it.

Xaahu Yazeed: mint and ubuntu are just the same except for the desktop environment. mint uses gnome shell which you can also install on ubuntu. i PERSONALLY think ubuntu is the best because without it mint wont exist.

Xaahu Yazeed: I think its the best OS ever.

horaciovel: Ubuntu is amazing! I like this distro.

yanike: @Reallush you know you can use Adobe CS5 Photoshop on Ubuntu using Wine. I use it now on Ubuntu 11.10 when I need some extra features that GIMP doesn't have.

yanike: @webDes33 Ubuntu is derived from Debian Linux. No their Linux is not the same as the others. It's like saying Mac OS X is the same as FreeBSD, because they referenced off of it. Ubuntu's development team has done a great job at making Ubuntu it's own OS and it's definitely my default now. Ubuntu to me is more professional than any other Linux available. It's definitely the only ProAm Linux out that competes against Windows and Mac OS X. I'm developing premium C++ software for it now using Qt :)

webDes33: @yanike linuX and Ubuntu is the same? or is it a version of linux?

Dennis de Jong: Linus is a great backup/web browse OS but for other things I'd choose windows or mac since those 2 OS's are able to use Adobe's software.. I heard Gimp was so great.. I installed it.. and after opening.. I was like.. how the hel am i gonna work with this..and there goes Ubuntu's graphic editor.. ( On Ubuntu right now though^^)

yanike: Ubuntu 11.10 is awesome and premium softwares are now making their way in.
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What Do You Think about Ubuntu Linux?