How To Get The Quill Of Gemination (Skyrim)

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How to get the Quill of Gemination (Skyrim)
How to get the Quill of Gemination (Skyrim)
skyrim - were to find the Quill of Gemination (HQ)
skyrim - were to find the Quill of Gemination (HQ)
Skyrim - Lake Honrich - Quill of Gemination
Skyrim - Lake Honrich - Quill of Gemination

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Decklocation: ....Where the hell is Vald after you get the pardon letter from Maven?

cyba9608: Thanks man!

claydawg003: umm what if I killed the guy but still have the quest?

snapjenk: nice steady cam. stilll u helped me out so i guess you're aight

zaph1987: @snapjenk I would have steadied the camera better if I could have, but it was my cell phone and I was holding it in my left hand while using my Xbox controller in my right. Also I was up for over 24 hours playing this game so I was a little tired lol.

Jews0nIce: Good thing I have a helmet that allows me to be underwater fooorrreeeevvvverrr (:

William Alves: thanks

MimicTheRsSage: thank you so much, dude it woulda taken me forever. And don't worry that the camera moves. And man where is marryfair farm

Angerin757: People need to start voting for skyrim for GOTY before Link wins.

zaph1987: Ok well based on what quite a few people have posted, there is actually a decent chance that the moose will be swimming somewhere in that area lol

Alec Blue: "Pretty much where that freaking moose is swimming, which I doubt will be going on in your version." there was a freaking moose swimming right by it in my game too I crap you not

zaph1987: @Decklocation Vlad is in the back of the house you have to sneak into, I believe it is Mercer Fray's house. He is in the backyard, you will notice it because it has a black fence all along it.

Drew Hall: The moose was swimming in my version too. Just fyi. lol

CheezyMoosen: I already had killed vald :(

Andrew Badker: thank you thank you thank you!

zaph1987: @claydawg003 That I have no idea on, maybe try to finish the quest to get credit for it? If not you may have to revert to a previous save. Either way, you do not get anything for doing the quest this way other than dialogue and the few hundred septims you get in the chest.

Really Large: For all you guys that look at this you guys are cheaters *tells friends where the quill of gemination

Danielle K: My dear friend Nelson would like to thank you lol he was getting so frustrated. Plus it kept freezing so he was having a nervous breakdown xD So thank you :D by the way, hilarious video.

Live2Play1000: thank you

toby hill: Thanks helped a lot and haha when I'm done with Skyrim I'm going to back to ffxi lol level cap 99!! Just needed little break...

soraowns1: the moose was in my game too lol

John Martin: Dude there's a freaking moose on mine. I think they all might have it and may be used as a marker!?

zaph1987: Dunno what happened in the last minute of vid being all choppy and sounding like crap. I think its cause when I uploaded it it said failed and then I clicked retry at like 77% upload....but cheya

Frederico Montero: thanks m8. I spent the last hour trying to find this damn quill by myself, but had no luck.

James Stephens: Thanks Dude!

GilbytheHobo: your an absolute beast

WastedChildhood: Thank you!!!

zaph1987: saweet :)

brendenwo123: Hey thanks man! :) this Helped immensely! :D thanks a ton - Brenden

Tomu Sentou: Omg thank you for this video! You just saved me a few hours of boredom trying to find this damn thing!

MrRedneckSuperstar: You rock

itachi12348: Thank you. Couldn't of done it with out you

TheTacosAreHere: I was doing this optionally cuz I'm that kind of chick. But it was pissing me off, Vald was killed before I went into Mercer's house, I just had to loot his body.

Kashan Ali: thanks so much man !!!!!

zaph1987: WOOT WOOT!!! Over 10,000 views and only 3 people were douchebags and clicked dislike! Thank you all for not being douchebags....well all except those 3 people hahahahaha! Sorry for not responding to much of these comments, work has had me swamped and isn't leaving much free time.

TheTacosAreHere: To get into his house, I am a quest whore.

Ken Egervari: Thanks for posting!

tom321974: i swammed a different lake then this lol i was swimmin the lak by the manor that the thieves traitor bought lol

117Cyberwolf: Didn't want to go look up where to find it, but after an hour, what other choice do you have?

zaph1987: @eternaldreamwalker no problem it took me over a hour to find, thats why when i finally found it i had to post where it was. i think i was the first vid of it on youtube

zemgad: THANK YOU

rebecca201021: I love you forever now :P

lmcdoug23: I am subscribing just because you showed me where that thing was!! I was looking for two hours and never found a thing except 14 salmon -_-

BattlestarDamocles: Thanks man, this vid helped me out :)

NiHaoWoJiaoYang: thanks bro, you saved me some time.

RichrdNoggin: No freakin wayy!!! There was a moose swimmin around in the same place on my game lmao

Alex P: dont hate ps3.... *achu cough*

Aaron Bagley: Thank you! Worked awesome

dropo5: i got 125 gold lol

Gianni Esposito: Nice, thanks! the moose was in my game too haha
How to get the Quill of Gemination (Skyrim) 4.7 out of 5

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How to get the Quill of Gemination (Skyrim)