How To Get The Quill Of Gemination (Skyrim)

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King Quan Da Vet: It's a moose in mine too lol

Tyler Wallace: their was a moose in mine always

Brandon Haley: I just gotta say there actually was a moose swimming around in that exact spot on mine

FuriousIce: Thank you!

KazicGreyhelm: thank you

zemgad: THANK YOU

lmcdoug23: I am subscribing just because you showed me where that thing was!! I was looking for two hours and never found a thing except 14 salmon -_-

Thea louise Wood: About time someone showed us properly! Thanks!! -3

DemonicAngel6347: Thanks I was swimming around for about a hour

caldwin: THANK YOU! My goodness that thing was a pain in the ass!

Daniel Oddsson: Thanks allot for this info I didn't have a clue where to find this ''Quill''. :)

PackingMessyCans: Good thing I have a helmet that allows me to be underwater fooorrreeeevvvverrr (:

TheAugmoe: Thanks for that, I have blown 45min thus far seacrhing for this. Now I'll be able to move along.

Josh Giles: Thx bro u r awesome I got so pissed looking for this lol

BattlestarPegasus: Thanks man, this vid helped me out :)

itachi12348: Thank you. Couldn't of done it with out you

Alex P: dont hate ps3.... *achu cough*

Billy Edwards: you sound like john lajoie

Rus Izi: thanks alot dude, been searching for HOURS...

William Alves: thanks
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How to get the Quill of Gemination (Skyrim)