How To Cut Out A Rocker Panel

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Neil Ouellette: Those grinder sparks hitting a rug?? Could smolder up after a few hours sight unseen. Not smart.

Shawn P: Can you attach the rocker panel using self-tapping screws? I don't have welding equipment or experience.

Hal Kits: why did he call the punch a "chisel"?

Jason Gonzalez: you didnt even show how you cut it out ???????????????????????????????????

John Salla: How do you know where the rocker panel begins and ends on the donor truck and the donee truck? (I watched your next video) Do you make that decision based on where you cut it? Or is it based on where the spot welds end, and how do you know where they end if you can't see them before your grind off the bondo?

FockYouMang: I keep doing searches for removing a rocker panel on a 2002 MK4 Volkswagen Golf gti and keep finding your channel. Are the rocker panels metal and how are they attached? On the passenger side under the door area mine cracked and out sounds like bondo but in the front where the fender attaches it is metal and rotted. My wheel hub went and the tire was turned so the fender came down onto of the tire and ripped it up and out. Is it a big job to put new rocker panels in? Are they welded or molded? I can but new ones for dirt cheap but can't find information on Volkswagen Golf gti MK4 style. Thanks

metal: great job whats the name of the song and by who I like it!..thanks for the help

john allen: ware you doing this work at in your living room?  hahha

Marc King: depjim942 months agoin reply to dallaspolo
Go some place else, they are just making it hard on you so you will pay them to take it off. Better yet go to wwwlmctruckcom‎ and get yourself a new part for about the junkyard price

OEM  parts and aftermarket parts is big difference. Aftermarket body parts never fit well.

747pro: die grinder with cutoff wheel and air compressor

CesarConH: Good idea to do it over flammable polyester carpet. lol

The Big Guy Garage: chevy out my rocker panel install

dallaspolo: QUESTION.. Im needing to cut both quarter panels off a car but the Salvage yard will not allow a generator in the yard. What can I use?

Art Martinez: Grinding/cutting on carpet. Nice tip, would would of never thought of that.

Sam Stancliff: wow thats a very clean rocker panel to come off of a junk yard find

CheeseyMangos: Im a bodyman buy after market parts less work then used rusty parts and cheaper.cut the the old one off predrill the new one cut to fit sleve the inner with left over new panel use weld through primer on bare metal on both sides.the parts are cheap try; cross canada; they have all the repair panels

J. Beland: @lal5555f Normally its not to much expensive depending of the car ,for my csvt i can have for 80$ both side at monidex Montreal ,but if you try to buy it from an bodyshop you gonna be rape on the price for sure,, just try to find from where your local bodyshop order their parts and order directly from her .

J. Beland: @ScottysDetailing Just wann say an big thanks! for all your awesome how to ,i will now be able to make a pro body job by myself and save a ton of money that i didnt have on my baby svt !

Bryan Wells: Geez.... hope you didn't set the carpet on fire.

Gary Rosema: Why would you cut the rocker out then take it apart?Why not cut the rocker out of the project and weld it in?I can see the teaching about the spot welds but???
How to cut out a rocker panel 5 out of 5

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How to cut  out  a rocker panel