DIY Lawnmower Generator - Convert From Gas To Propane

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tyhnbgtyhnbgt: Here is the million dollar home is on natural gas. If the power goes out I've always have natural gas on hand. Propane requires tanks and unhooking. I want that same set up but with the abundance of natural gas on hand. Does natural gas work the same way?´╗┐

Bryan Fatum: i think blue colored valve means water use and yellow is gas, expect seals to deteriate

Hugues Belanger: All you need now is to build a gasifier to replace the propane and your totally green Check out joshuaburks channel on youtube

George A.: How do you wire up the alternator?

rhandsom: Thanks.

rhandsom: Thanks for the comment.

Davy Matheny: does it matter if its 2 cycle or 4 cycle?

OokTiaopi: So rhandsom, you connect the propane hose to the carburator gasoline inlet... my question is, "what's your carburator's throtle position when u make the video???" as i know, the carburator butterfly valve is closing when in idle throotle position.

michael phillips: how much gas does it use?

acklan3: Very cool.

rhandsom: Thanks for the comments, I'll check out your channel.

luke Fugate: the conversion will work with natural gas as well, at least it did with my design which is similar. As far as the gas flowing after the engine quits you can add an electric valve powered by the generator itself so that when the power stops it turns off the gas automaticly. Check out my $5.00 conversion on my channel.

eastrockaway11518: This thing is going to Blow

rjd048: Is there any savings in this conversion over gasoline?

rhandsom: It's more convenient in the event of a severe power outage where there are no gasoline pumps available, there is a good chance that they will have propane. LP doesn't go bad and in this video I didn't have to modify the carb. I'm not certain that propane will run longer than gas or not, but propane is much better for long term storage.

rhandsom: This setup is definitely not for unattended use. But it's ok for quick battery charging.

ddymnm: So if I understand this, if the engine stops for any reason there is nothing to stop the gas flow. That means you lose your gas and it could collect somewhere and become an explosion hazard. Best not leave unattended especially if gas can collect somewhere.

rhandsom: Actually, there are some very good videos on Youtube that show just that. It's where I got the idea. Just do a search on propane lawnmowers and you'll find more than a few.

rhandsom: Your right it was easier. You can't see it in this video but I do have it connected directly to the fuel intake on the carburetor.

rhandsom: Yes, it seemed much simpler than boring a hole in the air filter housing or carb casing. Doing it that way seems to work better with less modifications to the unit. I removed the air filter to allow for more air flow.

rhandsom: With 2 cycle, the fuel is mixed with oil. This is geared more for 4 cycle I suppose.

rhandsom: Good points.

paul rogers: is it cheaper to run on LP than gasoline? does it last longer on a 'tank' of gas vs. a 'tank' of propane? Also did you have to modify the carb at all? thanks

rhandsom: Thanks for the heads up. And granted, this is risky business. I and everyone who attempt this have to be to be careful. I'm counting on the fact that such a small amount of fuel actually gets into the chamber. A little seems to go a long way. Also, as I have played with the value to control the amount of fuel going in, I've noticed that the engine runs rather smooth, no pings, no mis-fires, etc. But again, being careful is the way to go. Thanks again.

rhandsom: Thanks, that's good info to know.

Jo Pero: Can you please be specific on how you installed the hose into the carburetor? Where is it attached to? Is it attached to the float bowl?

FlameBow5: or 2

Rebel Rise Farm: as long as your there it is, but if you leave and the bottle freezes , engine will starve and stop, bottle will unfreeze then your gas will flow but not be consumed by the engine. Doesn't take a whole lot for a nice little explosion. With the Vac Reg, no vacuum no flow. Just got one for my generator conversion 35 bucks shipped. Brand new too!

rhandsom: I guess it wouldn't hurt, but it's as safe as using it on a BBQ grill or Turkey fryer.

FlameBow5: and makes more voltage and apage

SlyngBlade: nice job

Rusty Mcclellan: I think it would be easier to disconnect the fuel line from gas tank then connect propane line to the fuel line.

rhandsom: Thanks for your comments, and your right of course that propane has less btu's than gasoline. And as you probably suspected this project was to supplement my solar backup generator. I've since replaced the engine with a Predator 6Hp Engine from Harbor Freight and added a conversion kit for safety.

JStettATL: that sound at 1:44 haha

rhandsom: Yes, propane doesn't go bad during long term storage like gasoline. Also, I believe you get longer running time, and during a power outage´╗┐ propane is generally more available.

GunNtonic: Brilliant!

knighthawk86855: That is freaking awesome!

rhandsom: I've been considering it. Thanks.

FlameBow5: 2 9 volts is cheaper smaller better for the environment and smaller

michael phillips: thats pretty good

rhandsom: If I remember correctly it's been awhile, when using propane in this video the butterfly valve should be wide open and flow controlled by the inline valve coming from the propane tank.

rhandsom: Not sure, however I would "assume" so. But again, I don't know.

alpcats: Is it this simple to do with natural gas?

rhandsom: Thanks. Right now I just want it for bulk charging purposes. With the engine running in the medium range for RPM's it takes little propane for what I want it do.

TheKilog69: Nice job what u have done with the LP. valve, U Have however a crank case getting LP. in it. The Knock u here when starting it. LP to gasoline Engines Like Generators- that run on propane or wet gas, that use the same (wet gas) Carb to run on LP gas or vapor Fuel also have a vacuum regulator to control Propane before it meets the piston & rings .The way u have it set up lets LP get into crank case.Not good, Think BOMB! I,m not saying what u did was not cool just not safe for the engine or U.

FlameBow5: I prefer a 9 volt battery

rhandsom: This particular alternator is a "one wire" alternator that has a simple positive and ground. The hookup is very simple. Search google for one-wire alternators and you'll see what I mean.

rhandsom: Doesn't use a lot of propane to run, and the amount used depends on the load you put on the engine. I've seen my unit run on a trickle when combined with alcohol based fuel.

rhandsom: In this video the hose is attached to the fuel inlet on the carburetor. At least for this engine, connecting the hose there worked fine.

jrdoza1980: Would be cool to have a push mower running on propane would like to see the actual build pretty cool
DIY Lawnmower Generator - Convert from Gas to Propane 4.9 out of 5

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