DIY Lawnmower Generator - Convert From Gas To Propane

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allenbrian72: Ok at 1:44 minutes into the video I hear a robot voice what's with that sounds like it says I'm your command

Shaun Dobbie: Propane is gas when it comes out the bottle.

Eddieallen: That ball valve with a blue handle isn't rated for gas use and will over time loose it's seal and stop working. Ball valves with a yellow or red handle is rated for gas use and will last longer.

EVZebra: I would add a flash back arrestor or two between the carb and the gas tank, if the people who fill those bottles have air or oxygen contamination and you get a flash going back through the overlap in the cam on the inlet valve then you will get a big surprise, the equipment you have most likely already has that in it but make sure.
I would add a couple of acetylene flash back arresters, they only a few bucks and dont take long to fit.

Target Time: If you didn't immediately pull the rope making a spark, would the propane build up and then go boom. Im sure the tank wouldn't but around the carb couldn't all that throw some plastic.

QuantumRift: Cylon "By your command" soundclip at 1:43??

Don's Garage: The piece you put carb didnt total cover it and can you air fiter on?

Don's Garage: How long will alertator last chargeing at that voltage , and do you have away keep from over heating ?

tyhnbgtyhnbgt: Here is the million dollar home is on natural gas. If the power goes out I've always have natural gas on hand. Propane requires tanks and unhooking. I want that same set up but with the abundance of natural gas on hand. Does natural gas work the same way?

rhandsom: Good points.

Rebel Rise Farm: as long as your there it is, but if you leave and the bottle freezes , engine will starve and stop, bottle will unfreeze then your gas will flow but not be consumed by the engine. Doesn't take a whole lot for a nice little explosion. With the Vac Reg, no vacuum no flow. Just got one for my generator conversion 35 bucks shipped. Brand new too!

rhandsom: I guess it wouldn't hurt, but it's as safe as using it on a BBQ grill or Turkey fryer.

Rebel Rise Farm: You need a vacuum regulator. safety first!

The Wide Open Life: thats pretty good

rhandsom: Doesn't use a lot of propane to run, and the amount used depends on the load you put on the engine. I've seen my unit run on a trickle when combined with alcohol based fuel.

The Wide Open Life: how much gas does it use?

rhandsom: If I remember correctly it's been awhile, when using propane in this video the butterfly valve should be wide open and flow controlled by the inline valve coming from the propane tank.

OokTiaopi: So rhandsom, you connect the propane hose to the carburator gasoline inlet... my question is, "what's your carburator's throtle position when u make the video???" as i know, the carburator butterfly valve is closing when in idle throotle position.

rhandsom: With 2 cycle, the fuel is mixed with oil. This is geared more for 4 cycle I suppose.

Davy Matheny: does it matter if its 2 cycle or 4 cycle?
DIY Lawnmower Generator - Convert from Gas to Propane 5 out of 5

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DIY Lawnmower Generator - Convert from Gas to Propane