Derma Roller Day 53

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orangeglow1977: Hey there. You should try using sibu seabuckthorn cleanse and detox face soap. Amazon sells it for $5 and it really works wonders on skin conditions, acne , eczema etc. Please try it and post a video of your results. I think you'll be satisfied! :)

DavidTV: Thanks i will, i think i have coconut oil , does it look a yellow/green colour very light lol :)

verniecolon: Try using organic cold pressed coconut oil it has really help with my acne scars, I think in combination with the derma roller will really help the healing. Do some research on oconut oil for scars. I just order a derma roller. thanks for the review

DavidTV: :)

Nav M: Yeah I have been to a dermatologist, and it made she made my skin worse than it was by prescribing me so many different antibiotics and creams and stuff. I just can't trust them anymore, after all, they too are business people. I think the roller can help me if I use it properly, I am just kinda scared because my skin is super sensitive and my immune system is not that great either, so I have no idea how the healing process will work.. but thanks anyways.

DavidTV: Thanks, if you think positive you see life is a different perspective. Wow you have be suffering for a long time, have you been to see a dermatologist. I see slight changes when using the derma roller, but i do think if it is shallow scars use bio oil for a few months then try the roller :) hope that helped

Nav M: wow you are so positive, I had been suffering from acne since 14, I do blame myself for it since I had absolute perfect skin but I started using Proactiv which made me break out in cysts and that's how my acne pretty much started. I am 21 now, was on accutane last year for 3 months- it took away the heavy acne, but I still break out, one thing I was unaware of was that my scars started getting deep, I never had scarring before and my self esteem is ever worse than before! Does the roller work?

DavidTV: Really sounds cool i will take a look

bhchargers: if you want to see faster results just before using the dermaroller drink ginger tea as it gets the blood moving faster which is what the dermaroller does anyway.after using the dermaroller apply a thing called graviola liquid and sangre de drago.Use every 2nd night.Graviola supports healthy cell division and will help break up the scars.SDD helps seal and bring wounds is the most potent antioxdants in the world and it will help speed things up.Both are herbs and are 100% natural.

DavidTV: Thanks so much, that helped me found some hope again,! :)

laurie m: David, you're a gorgeous man, keep it up it does work. I've been doing it for 3 months on my tummy for stretch marks, it is working! Thanks very much for the vid, even my freckles are going away. I use it for facial wrinkles too. I'm subbing to follow your progress. Cheers.

DavidTV: am using a 1.5mm and once a month or 2 times a month :)

billboardnumber1: hi i am using 1.5 mm what are you using? how often can i dermaroll for 1.5 mm?

DavidTV: ok things are good for me i see little change but it is working

DavidTV: it worth doing but its up to you, if its nothing major or its not bothering you too much just leave it, but if it is try at ur own risk, because results may vary :) hope i helped

TheFatAmericans1: is this worth doing with a 0.50mm needle, I just have small red scars nothing major

Jack Quin: @davidy87 Oh thanks cheers mate

DavidTV: nope it helps all scars mine have healed but not a quickly as i hoped but it is working :)

Jack Quin: I mean does it just help pitted scars (typing to fast on phone lol)

Jack Quin: @davidy87 Hey, does the derma roller work for the red marks that are left from acne that leaves a uneven skin tone or dies it just hell pitted scars ?
Derma roller day 53 5 out of 5

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Derma roller day 53