The Adventures Of Kotetsu - Episode 1 (English Dubbed)

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SerNotSoBraveAlot of the Scared Easily Guild: My left ear says please show mercy and upload better quality.

Ahsan Bubble Gum: What Do You Mean With What lol? You Did Upload These Did You Not

Ileana Belfiore: how many episodes are there in this show?

Claude C: The english voices are terribly mis-cast. The art is 3rd rate. Other than that it is a waste of time.

Alex Pahl: DKMY

Shayne Pelladoah: dam really not for -18

warriormaster8: The young girl's British sounds really half assed 

Zsteel: I love the opening theme for this.

Ahsan Bubble Gum: You Did A Great Job :) Thanks For Uploading. I was Half Asleep While Watching This And i Still Found The Quality Great.

Shayne Pelladoah: I love this anime

Ahsan Bubble Gum: I Don't Think The Quality Is That Bad Lol @_@

TheCoyle22: lol its cute dont recomend for 18 and under tho reminds me of sameri champloo and ruronie kension fast moves like sameri champloo funny accent like ruroni kenshion creators musta been on somthing

Venturiantale And GameChap Fan: and what does OAV mean?

Milan Kazarka: accent = they wanted to make her sound differently, because she's from Kyoto? or may I say Kyowtow?

DK OK: cool

exoticzaczilla: what is this boobs on youtube XD anime boobs wtf is this

Knightwalker Peacez: *NEURALYZED* (°_°) !?

Ichigo Daifuku: Would be pretty sweet if (AdultSwim) could show this awsome anime! :)

marsheacleveland: Have u seen ranma

Sebastian FlameHammer: that english "accent" is terrible guv`na! nearly ruined the anime for me but luckily the boobs,bums and blood convinced me to watch on.

Knightwalker Peacez: *FUNKY* @_@

Alyssa Loggins: I feel bad for her the towel fell

TheOddestOtaku: You're welcome, my Oddling. You're welcome.

centrosideable: I do to I'm 13

Crimsonfacker: You know im not an otaku but i appreciate a hell of a good anime

dantran001: Da freaks up with the accent man

TheBoundFenrir: 5:32 "Hey, that's a cutina!" lol i see what you mean.

Dick Head: This is brilliant. Thank you. I'm 35.

mssupergirl54: cool

zambimaru: What's with the british accent?

hammed510: when will this be subbed?... this would be even better if it was ahha XD

Aaron Duncan: Original anime video

lord java: great show my boy

Zerumphrey Mankool: Kat-ta-na? Fake british accent on the main character? Bad animation? This is obviously old and cheaply made. Not for me.

ivan6139: I love ecchi animes, I am 16

xwiNtz: my left ear is lonely.

Evelyn Graham: Dubbed Wins the battle go back to wear you came from sub fan this is our turf now.Jk i like both subbed and dubbed so nothing personal.but theres 3 sides 1 subbed 2 dubbed 3 subbed dubbed and im 3 and as i see it if your not with me your againt me.a new Fanbase type startes Subbed Dubbed So WATCH YOUR STEP.jk

Utubeblows: yay tits aplenty

James Jamsey: I strongly disagree

Leke Akinyemi: 23;49

akon duk: its ranma!!!!!!!

Mary Antonette Baluyot: I find this quite amusing

jacob collum: i love it it is my kind of anime

TheOddestOtaku: Oftentimes, my Oddling, in Japanese to English dubs, they will use an accent to identify the person from a different province or district in Japan. In this case, Kyoto. But for some reason, they chose British...go figs

animbella3: You ROCK!!! F***ING EPIC Anime!!! Wasted on those who aren't complete and total Otaku's though!! LOL!! THANX 4uploading!!!

TheOddestOtaku: You know, I don't believe they released a subbed version stateside...I'm sure one must exist tho. :)

Anthony Davis: I cant find a anime tht better thn sao or death note

Honey Crown: 23:56

Dick Head: This is brilliant. Thank you. I'm 35.

TheOddestOtaku: *Episode 2 will be up soon*. My bad
The Adventures of Kotetsu - Episode 1 (English Dubbed) 4.7 out of 5

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The Adventures of Kotetsu - Episode 1 (English Dubbed)