How To Turn A 1976 9.9hp Johnson To A 15hp(Carb Exchange)

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How to convert a Johnson or Evinrude 9.9 Hp to 15Hp (1974-1992). 2 stroke
How to convert a Johnson or Evinrude 9.9 Hp to 15Hp (1974-1992). 2 stroke
Speed Test - Johnson 9.9 to 15 hp Conversion
Speed Test - Johnson 9.9 to 15 hp Conversion
Johnson Evinrude 9.9/15 hp carburetor adjust how to.
Johnson Evinrude 9.9/15 hp carburetor adjust how to.
Speed Test Johnson 9.9
Speed Test Johnson 9.9
9.9hp Evinrude converted into a 15hp Johnson
9.9hp Evinrude converted into a 15hp Johnson

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iwantosavemoney: I think this one already had a 15hp carb on it

vojomatusenko: Olhippie1 is right just as boatsandairsoft.

olhippie1: Once and for all...It is absolutely true that the carb is the only difference between the 9.9 and 15 h.p. '76 model Johnson outboard!

MetalTeamster: exhaust was diff on 15s....

chargerkid2011: Is this motor pretty reliable? Im getting ready to purchase the same motor

Ferdinand den Bleker: awsome! Do you think I can do the same with my 9,9 hp from 1975, and my 15 hp from 1976? Someone gave me the 15 hp but I'm not sure if I can get it fixed so I was thinking about switching the carb. Is there really nothing else you have to change? Not even the exhaust or the ignition? greatings from Ferdinand (from the Netherlands)

wiliam sullivan: Great job. Laugh at the negative comments. Talkers are always talking about doers.

orignalbuckaroo: I think you're right, beside, the 76 still had points and condenser!! Electronic started in 77, then we started to have real prop horse power which made a huge difference in the speed !! TNX for the comment!! :)

bsrktm1: I'll take the bet and your money. A 9.9 is a restricted 15. Same block, crank, rods, porting, compression, reed block- Does it make sense from a manufacturing standpoint to change all that? Carb IS THE ONLY difference in 1976. Reed shims (they add VIRTUALLY no Hp), and tuned exhaust were added to later 15s to get a full 15 PROP horsepower. 15s also were rated at 1000 higher RPM.

bsrktm1: In 1976, the ONLY difference between a 9.9 and 15 was the carb. It has a larger venturi and bigger jets than the 9.9. The 9.9 is a restricted 15. Later models added the tuned exhaust to get a full 15 prop rated Hp. Early (before about 1980) models were flywheel rated.

orignalbuckaroo: Nope, not only the carb !! To do this job correctly, he needs to change the exaust tube as well, if not, the engines wont have full performance and it will be darn hard on gas !!!

SaugaImports Garage: ebay

Jaden's Card Reviews: Great video and where did you get the 15hp carb?

leon karras: exw mia johnson 9-9hp toy 1984 mporw na th kanw 15 mono me ydatanthrakes h tha xreiastw k exatmish??????

putsstuff: He is not an idiot he is right the 2 blocks are identical only the carb was the difference

Fauerbachbrewery: good work and good camera work. Helpful information!

iCloud: @BOATSandAIRSOFT erm let me see you goto you local car tuning shop you buy a nos kit and you get a marine adaptor for the engine and the solenoid power for everything etc hook it all up start engine open the tank of nos to let the gas flow hit the button and away you go ?

iCloud: changing your carb wont make it 15 hp it will give you more torque and maybe 1 hp extra but over time it will wear and just act like the stock carb if you want to add more power just go buy some freaking nos or a bigger freaking engine:S

96Duelfuel: In another video, the fellow changing the carb took off the starter, and cautioned everyone, that when unscrewing the starter bolt and wrapping tape around it, to use extreme caution, as the spring is under quite heavy load and fly out and hit you (i.e. your eye). This is a very important piece of information.

aussiepaul50: The 9.9 uses the same power head, exhaust housing and reed plate. All those items use the same OMC part numbers. There is no difference. I've just replaced a broken reed on a 1982 15 hp using the reed out of a 1979 9.9 and I can tell you they are exactly the same.
How to turn a 1976 9.9hp Johnson to a 15hp(Carb Exchange) 5 out of 5

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How to turn a 1976 9.9hp Johnson to a 15hp(Carb Exchange)