Verizon FIOS Beeping Battery Backup STOP It For Good

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HAMMER SVUNGHARD: Just take a needle nose plier and yank the the whole cylinder out.

Larry Atkins: well with the closet overflowing with wife crap, it took half an hour just to get to it so it definately took longer than most. that said, i can say behind the same small box off the side of the battery is where there are 2 recessed screws that need to come out. the rest is as indicated in the video...

Michael Mandato: Thank you. This was awesome. The total project took me less than 10 minutes. I just twisted that black piezo speaker with needlenose plyers and it popped right off. I generally love FIOS, but the fact that you can't silence the alarm for good is BS. This was awesome. In 7+ years, and plenty of power outages, this box has been completely useless. My cell phone provided me with all the backup I needed.

Matt Stuart: Sorry about the cursing, but, you know, that beeping can drive you to madness. 

Michael Thompson: Thanks! Finally a permanent solution

Matt Stuart: This is the exact freaking piece of information that I was looking for. Thanks. 

Kitty Carlson: Hi, I had this problem and it was driving me crazy and I refuse to spend $30 on a battery. My particular wall unit did not open so I could reveal the speaker so I couldn't destroy/block it. I ended up going to Best Buy and purchasing a Universal AD/DC power adapter that came with 6 different size plugs. One of them fit into the dc spot on the Verizon unit and I now just leave the unit plugged into the wall. The low battery light went off and the beeping stopped. It's been three days. The kit cost me $12 and I can use it for lots of other things that I have lost the chargers for! Yay me!!!

A Rose Grows in Harlem: THANK YOU!!!!!!

Hunter Clary: Best video ever! Bye bye battery beep.

mac mann: Just unplug ont and bbu and re-boot, that's all I did It worked..

Aaron Bell: You have to take the Verizon Fios wall unit off the wall. There are two recessed Phillips head screws on one side you need to loosen in order to pull the circuit board out from the front. Then with a pair of needle nosed pliers slowly twist the small black noisemaker until the solder points break. With that little thing romoved there will be no more BEEP! Thank you for posting this. 

Richard Biley: I bought a new battery and now less than a year later not holding a charge. Just took it out / There really is no purppose. After hurricane sandy we were without power. Got a whole 4 hours of phone time after we lost power. our power was out for a week. Hopefully removing the battery will take care or the beep. Thats what the chat support rep suggested.

ben rich: I found the black cylinder "beep" noise maker and sawed off the top of it and removed the insides...problem solved

IBUYBIKES!!!: Thanks - that little black cylinder just pops right off with a needlenose pliers. Bye bye annoying noise !

Luke DeGeiso: went in and yanked that damn thing right off the circuit board, no more beeping! +1 


usr1000x: The earlier suggestion -- remove from the wall and remove two screws on the back -- work. You need to remove from the wall (two screws hold it up, only need to loosen, and lift up to remove), then two recessed screws holding the cover on the circuit board. On my ONT, it's on the upper left side, next to the battery. Once there, the speaker couldn't be loosened, but in twisting it, it just popped off. Not sure it is a great idea to just pull it off, but so far it works fine without. A less drastic option may be to fill the hole with something, eg. glue, to mute the sound. We had so much trouble because of this beep. We've replaced the battery a few times, yet it still beeps intermittently. I hate Verizon. This seems like it was designed to annoy customers and force them to pay $80 for a service call and new battery.

Mike Bustillo: I tried the suggestion below here of pressing and holding the "silence" button down. After 15 good long seconds, the unit emitted a long beep. I'm crossing my fingers that will do the trick. Otherwise I will have to try something like this.

halomodtesters: Just tried the super glue approach, but it only muffles the sound. I'll go back in there and jank off the plastic cover and try this approach.

PlayingPanda: The falling tree also rolled down into the radio intenna towers and cut cell phone service.

enkalady: There are two boxes. A big one that requires unscrewing in the center area to access what's inside, and a smaller one above it that contains the black battery. Which box contains the circuit board? I just can't find it anywhere... The beeping is driving me crazy. Please help!

Henry Adams: I have removed the battery, however it is not obvious how to get to the beeper. How about posting a video of that?

Verizon Fios Promotion Code: have you sorted this issue ?

Roal Echevarria: If you have voice service.. your telephone will not work in case of an amergency.

mlsgiant: The beeping is coming from the smaller box where the battery is stored. Good Luck, you can do it!

12kevmaster: I hate this sound it's so damn loud

Marc Schabb: Note: first you need to remove the box from the wall, there are two screws at the rear that hold the cover over the circuit board. Thanks very much for this post, giant. I filled that little beeper up with gorilla glue, I think it has finally beeped its last beep.

mlsgiant: The info you are telling me is normal you have to remove the cover and look inside for the black cylinder that is making the beep sound on the circuit board. If you call a tech guy he will charge you lots of money that really isn't necessary.

JC Crawford: thank you netdiiver, I just moved into my new house, I dont have verizon service but that dang box was beeping. I pulled the battery like you said...Viola!

Mikeishere1st: Mine started beeping so I tried to take out the battery but it's wedged in there pretty good so I was going to have to get a step stool to get a better grip on it. But I had inadvertently disconnected the battery while trying to take it out so I plugged it back in and, the replace battery light extinguished. So far, it's been over 24 hours and no more beeping. Did the circuit 'think' that I replaced the battery because I disconnected it and then re-connected it?

robenrox: YOU RULE! Thank you for saving me from that severely annoying beep.

Vumes2: Tried this, and no go. My battery has been disconnected for a week, and I still have to press the Silence button every 24 hours. Annoying. The speaker is coming out!

skyweezynU: wow this was a non technical video..who doesnt know where the beeping sound comes from

ahlow101: What's all this talk about disconnecting, reconnecting, removing speakers, etc. Just unplug it from the wall, open up the box, disconnect the obvious wire connecting to the battery, and have a beer. Well that's for those who have switched to another service.

Mo Chen: This guy is correct about a waste of money. We were informed by Verizon we needed to buy a new battery which we did for a lot of money. It didn't work. Still beeped. It's a huge rip off.

zentypical: Depending on your unit, you may not need to do this. I helped a friend with their newer model (less than 2 years old) by first hitting the alarm silence button THEN: 1. Pulling out the battery completely. Toss it. 2. On the unit itself, remove the cable where the battery was connected. Just push the tab and unplug it. 3. Done. Try turning on the alarm again -you cant. 4. Get some quiet shuteye. Been a week and the unit has no battery hooked up and no audio alarm --just the warning light.

Mikeishere1st: Instead of destroying the beeper - just put a piece of rubber tape over the hole! The beep will be so muffled that you won't even notice it anymore - until of course your power goes out because a tree fell on lines to your house and you can't call 911 to come put out the fire that was started when lightening that brought down the tree jumped over to hit your attic.

sunsetmal: Thanks a million - this was driving us crazy. Only thing I would add is that, at least on mine, the speaker is smaller than it appears on this video. On mine, it was only about 1cm in diameter. I just grabbed the black cylindrical cap and twisted to access the speaker parts underneath. The cone of the mini speaker is the "washer" referred to. Easy to pry it up and remove it - then all that's left is the copper wire coil for the speaker - but no speaker cone.

R Linnell: are you serious!?! Ever heard of a cell phone?

mlsgiant: @suemendoza1 You have to detach the cover by siding a plastic tab or use a flathead screwdriver to pry it open then inside look for the black cylinder about 1/2" big. Good Luck!


Jana Panarites: For me the beeping/red light didn't go away even after I installed a brand new battery. Does this mean my backup system will not work at all, even with the new battery? Also, my BBU looks nothing like the one in this video (mine is a white box, model CS36D) + I can't find the piezo to squelch the beeping. And the disconnecting, reconnecting idea didn't work for me. Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance!

mikem2k: Just disconnect the battery by pulling out the small connector that connects the battery leads to the body of the FIOS box! It is a 10-second solution that will leave the 'Replace Battery' light on, but will silence the ANNOYING alarm. No need to break the piezo speaker / remove the battery / etc. What really bothers me though is that Verizon provided the box and the battery - it is their equipment - but said the I have to pay for a new one. NOT cool!

Mikeishere1st: I stopped mine now for over three months. 1. Disconnect battery connection. 2. Unplug power supply 3. Wait 5 minutes. 4. Plug in power supply 5. Re-connect battery. Power completely off erases the unit's 'memory' that tracks charging/discharging profile of the battery used for setting off the alarm. The above essentially forces the unit into 'thinking' you installed a new battery. If it really is a bad battery the alarm will come on again soon, if not - like mine - it will not.

TKLBC: Before you do that try this: To do this from your Battery Backup Unit (BBU): 1. Please go to the smaller beige box and follow its power cable to the 3-prong power outlet. 2. Disconnect the power cable from the outlet, you may hear a beep. 3. Go to the larger beige box, remove the battery panel to reveal the black battery. Follow the black/red leads until you get to a plastic coupler that hooks into the BBU. next post for part 2

Troll: On mine there is recessed alarm silencer button. I put an aspirin tablet under a piece of duct tape to hold the button down.

azul3z: Unfortunately they sell install boxes where the beeping will return 24h after you reset the alarm, even if the battery is completely disconnected. I can't believe it's legal for them to put something in your home that beeps until you give them $50. It's certainly immortal!

Troll: the duct tape loosened after a couple of days. Now I have a plastic toothpick crammed into the small crack around the silencer button. It seems to be holding the silencer in. If it doesn't hold for at least a week, I will comment again.

Chris Lawson: After figuring that the annoying beep was coming from the Fios box and not my surge protector/backup battery which I replaced I called Verizon and was told I just need to press silence alarm for 10-15 seconds and it would remain silent.

flatyaking: my battery is disconnected. not only do I get the beep from the unit but a warning displayed on my tv telling me I had a batter issue. I think there are 2 solutions. 1, replace the battery. 2, disconnect the alarm
Verizon FIOS Beeping Battery Backup STOP It For Good 4.4 out of 5

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