PlugY Installation Guide

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PlugY Installation guide
PlugY Installation guide
Diablo 2 How to install High Res mod + PlugY + MedianXL.
Diablo 2 How to install High Res mod + PlugY + MedianXL.
[2012] Diablo 2: Installing MedianXL + PlugY + Multires ( Downgrade to 1.12)
[2012] Diablo 2: Installing MedianXL + PlugY + Multires ( Downgrade to 1.12)
Diablo 2 High Res mod + PlugY + MedianXL
Diablo 2 High Res mod + PlugY + MedianXL
[1.12a D2 MultiRes + PlugY 10.00] & [1.13c + PlugY] & [1.13d (Para]
[1.12a D2 MultiRes + PlugY 10.00] & [1.13c + PlugY] & [1.13d (Para]

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Lê Văn Tịnh: Inventory & Cube ?

ekgpled: @FazzEgg tried like 3 times but the same never mind thanks for the help anyway

Cod4PrestigesLobby: Is that legit

〈~Fazz-Egg~〉: @ekgpled Im not messing these days with plugy so i dont know myself about that, but i read from somewhere saying that should reinstall plugy. Soo I would say that you take your backups and start from beginning.

minde751: @jarhead841 yes u can . its posible u have to click items ,misc, 1.10 quest itesms or sumthin and get there some organs ;) good luck but what can isay that there is only 4 boses like duriel . mephisto . diablo. baal . there is no andriel

UndoCreation89: i'm tempted to download this, but i don't want to download any kind of virus on the new pc i just built a few months ago. can someone confirm that this is a safe download?

ekgpled: thanks for your reply i will try it wish me luck

ekgpled: i do everything the same u did and when a want to launch plugy it says 'Checking library memory check failed' what to do now? plugy v10.10 btw

TomViolence89: Doesn't work for 1.13c..

Blitzwing39: Thanks for this guide. Now I can play and enjoy benefits in Single Play mode. This mod works on the Diablo 2 LoD v 1.13c Ready to Play Torrent download at that I just got after 2 days of dl time. Then I dl the PlugY ver 10.00 and followed your guide and presto I'm all set.

WolfFreshness: I LIKE TURTLES!

ParleLeVu: It does now.

regentry549: i'm looking for people to play D2LoD with plugy and multires on lan server! message me

TheBucketedOne: Probably means you have patch 1.13d, latest version of Plugy (10.00) only works with up to patch 1.13c, so chances are you'll have to reinstall D2 and download an earlier patch. Hope this helps.

MrIluv: This mod is nice, but somethings are still messed up!

〈~Fazz-Egg~〉: @Cod4PrestigesLobby Yeah, its only mod.

HOBO61993: Thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!Version 10 came out too ^^

〈~Fazz-Egg~〉: @jarhead841 V10.00 of the PlugY should work for 1.13 and yes you can get organs from hero editor... Not really sure about that they work as they should.

32iamawesome: it wont freaking work 4 my cpu -_-

chaosbib: Kewl song

〈~Fazz-Egg~〉: @UndoCreation89 Yeah just google Plugy and take the first result it gives you. If he was spreading some viruses he wouldn't be so famous as he is now.
PlugY Installation guide 4.2 out of 5

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PlugY Installation guide