Bender Terrible

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And Me: kitty jinger lepracunt

Charlie Rogina: I hope you figured it out. I have a model 32 and bend 1" 5" CLR with 120 wall DOM steel to 180 degree in 10 seconds. No hydraulic, no indexing. No grunting , no cussing

Jack Connors: Sounds You NEVER Heard,, Pubeface Workin!..And Prob. never will agian.

Pyrat'z Lyfe Fabricationz: hey bud did you measure it with spring back?

Kur Norock: The problem you are having is that your base is flexing. More than half of your effort is being absorbed and wasted by your base flexing, leaving hardly any force going into bending the tube.

Stiffen up your base. Your tube will bend MUCH easier.

Larry Barnett: Great Video!! Need a measurement PLEASE. I plan to fabricate a JD2 Model 3 bender to use with JD2 dies and need to know the benders arm spacing. I found good drawings for the hole size, location and spacing on line but have not been able to determine the distance between the bender arms. In other words, how long is the 1" OD spacer in the die follower mounting arms? The spacer that the ratchet bar mounts on. Thanks!!

Mark K: What language is this in? It's a sort of English.

Keep on rollin: omg man ur bout two screws short aint ya? i wish i could have the moments of my life back i spent watching this bullcrapz

Andrew Boucher: i bet it would work better if he goes one notch at a time...

666 aaron: COME ON MUSCLES!!!!!

charles fournier: the only other time you hear sounds like that is when stink bug is in the bathroom with a little boys magazine

KULTAKENNO: Push/pull the pipesigrit lever with the ol'forkie bmp

Andrew Marencik: how can you be on disability and be doin all this crap fn right

Mustard Tiger: Allhhh i saunt the dirty ol vulptures flyn arount. Beg my pard

Gene O: I think you can prolly bend that pipe faster by putting it in the vice and heating it with the burning torches then given er FFS! That looks too much like work! BMP!

Far_Queue: Good werk boyz we did er

Jake The Snake Productions: 3 fat Merca pickles in a Chrysturd? Forget it... lol.

Saul Olvera: Where is buddy vandoodle?

Redeyes Allday: Slid a 4foot bar over the bar your pulling on it will give you more leverage and more controlling of your bend on any thickens of pipe keep up the work and videos
bender terrible 5 out of 5

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