Falling A Tree Gone Wrong (Barber Chair)

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tree man 1965: Bottom line, if a leaner makes you nervous don't cut it , be safe , life is short enough already

John Manning: Negative learning is also learning for all who are interested and lack practical experience. Thanks for posting. If even one person avoids injury after watching this it will have been worth the hard time you got for sharing your near death experience. Not sure which was more scary though, the barber chair return to earth or the chainsaw relay race. Glad you weren't hurt.

offsetter: good video. the people talking crap are usually the ones at work that need/have the most help. these types of people are too lazy to do something like that by themselves.

josephfaraci: Thanks for the video :) and any tree falling you walk away from is a good tree falling . There is a method of tying a chain or heavy duty sling around the tree to keep it from Barber chair and yet another method of plunge cutting so their is no stress point for a Barber chair to occur in the first place .

Banguts: shouldn't have backed out of the cut when you heard the snap, just throttle down and blaze that bitch off

Jay Michaud: man a barber chair is no good I've had a couple of them in my 7 years of tree work there unpredictable I honestly think its all about your notch and how you cut it too so you can prevent a barber chair from happening.

rust blade: dude, drop the saw.

Alec McLean: Man you gotta drop that saw like you've just hit a home run. I'm not talking crap just giving constructive criticism. works cited: I'm an Arborist

Craig mike: Happens once in a awhile to everyone

Jim Taylor: Watching a video and the guy brought this up. thanks for posting so i can see what happens!

Steve Crane: That's the most awesome (and potentially deadly) barber chair I've ever seen! Probably only 0.01% of chainsaws are sold are sold to professionals. The remaining 99% are sold to YouTube experts and 0.09% to self-professed novices. Thanks for sharing such a dramatic warning: it's not just the saw that can kill ya 7 ways, it's the tree too!

ThisIs MyName: That chainsaw swinging 0_0

ElveeKaye: Why is it called a barber chair?

fimbles101: So thats what a barber chair is :) thanks for sharing.

geore hermaphordyte: he should have used another tree to push it and if that wasn't an option then he should've started with a back cut if you want the tree to tip over in the other direction thats the way to go and don't forget to keep putting those wedges in!

Michael Hutin: Well done for hearing the crack, that happened to me once, threw me 6 to 8 feet backwards, luckily there was nothing behind me.

Steve Barney: Thank you for posting this.  And I'm glad you weren't hurt.

Jeff H: coooeee, that coulda turned real nasty!

scootrie8: everybody knows how to save the ship after its sunk

dubmatic: Glad it wasn't a fatality, after kickback, barber's chair accidents are the most common in forestry. I'd advise in future for forward leaners like this one to put in a Dog's tooth cut, where you bore through the middle first to release the tension, and cut downwards at 45 degrees for the final cut. At the end of the day, worse things happen at sea! Stay safe!
Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair) 5 out of 5

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Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)