Falling A Tree Gone Wrong (Barber Chair)

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Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)
Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)
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Vic shooter: holy crapbags!

scootrie8: everybody knows how to save the ship after its sunk

Jeff H: coooeee, that coulda turned real nasty!

Tom Kay-Bradley: Thanks for sharing matey, I've learned from that

TheMightySalami1: Glad it wasn't a fatality, after kickback, barber's chair accidents are the most common in forestry. I'd advise in future for forward leaners like this one to put in a Dog's tooth cut, where you bore through the middle first to release the tension, and cut downwards at 45 degrees for the final cut. At the end of the day, worse things happen at sea! Stay safe!

Jenna Homan: Thank you for posting. You did title it "...gone wrong" so that should indicate to everyone that you *know* it went wrong. Seems to me you posted it to show people how these things can happen quickly, so they can learn from it, and again, I thank you for that. I have been looking at a few videos before I go cut down a tree in my front yard, because I just want to make sure I haven't overlooked anything, and I wanted to see what the barber chair looks like. Because of your video, and some of the suggestions in the comments, I am starting to feel more confident. Will certainly be more safety oriented. 

Quocalimar Anon: When you started running with the chain saw all I could think was Oh God, don't trip!

bill notice: You cut enough tree's these things will happen. Don t let fools get you down the video was educational.

Dan Zeiss: This guy is a proper cowboy. Hes obviously used the wrong cut for a leaning tree and why the hell is he seen pushing the tree with his hand. Has this guy not heard of a felling lever! Made me laugh.

James Lewington: Friendly Note.....if the tree has a top heavy lean or just a natural lean take 2min tie a rope just above your back cut a clove hitch followed by a few half hitches, or a timber hitch I prefer .......you will not get a barber chair......keep the saws sharp boys lol.....thanks for posting this. cheers bud! 

Mike Berry: Thanks for posting this and putting up with the obligatory harassment from armchair quarterbacks. We all make mistakes, and we can all learn from each others mistakes if we have the balls to own up to 'em and share them. Thanks again.

satchell78: Right back to work like nothing happened. Thanks for sharing!

jago18777: I am a rookie myself I have not barbered quite as bad as this but i have had lean back and got my chainsaw outright stuck. There is probably a reason for why you didn't but could you not have used a dog tooth cut on this tree for a lean that size?

John Hall: How many mistakes did he make, never heard of changing your cut to suit the situation. Very dangerous operator may not live long enough to gain experience... 

grumplepig: Well rookie you were lucky to survive. All you had to do was keep cutting. The saw is important, but next time drop it and run you don't want to end up bleeding out in the middle of the woods. Good luck, heads up

Daniella Kiewicz: i think he is like 6

Terry Hale: Clint, Glad to see most of the commentors are cutting you a fair bit of slack on this one. I do as well. With that little lean, most species would not barber chair on you. As clmittge commented, a lot of pros would hear the first cracking sound, curse, and saw like mad to get the tree to fail in bending about the hinge rather than by splitting up the trunk. It takes a lot of experience to know whether you can saw quick enough or should bolt for safety.

MrJason1969: keep the lord out of it . loser

willraithel123: lol I didn't see a barber chair happening with such a slight lean...what kinda tree was it?

Ed Simons: Next time keep your saw in the back cut a little longer and your finger on the trigger. 

Ed Bell: You are far too impatient and too confident. You should have saw this coming with the lean on that tree and what that would do with tension and compression. If you were on my crew you would be fired for this. It makes me angry when I see videos like this. Arboriculture is an extremely dangerous and highly skilled profession, this type of accident is easily avoidable and often results in death. One strike, you're out as far as I am concerned. 

Billy Fox: I disliked this video because of the blasphemy used at the end of the video. The word "Holy" is never to be used in any way except to glorify our God and his Son the Lord Jesus !

Bo Rasmussen: se her lasse. Jeg tror det er vores gamle svenske ven der med i kommentaren.

liviustfn: idiot

Clint Nickerson: @dallassoftballcoach Thanks for the comment :)

angus smith: that reminds me of this one Friday we were at work and this old guy was talking to us about cutting a huge black oak in his yard over the weekend. We came back to the same spot Monday morning and the black oak was cut down but a huge barber chair stub was left. My boss jokingly said "damn man, wonder who died cutting that one?" and the old man's son overheard us talking and said "well my dads the one who died cutting that" and he wasn't joking. His dad really did get killed from barber chair.

laceyobrian: only prob i seen that could have went veary wrong is he ran with the saw if u look he almost fell right on the saw my broth worked with a tree job for 28 years.

MS460SSNova: I really like your video ;) It's something to see, and I'm glad you posted it. I may be mistaken, but it sounds ( to me) like your chain is too tight. Just so ya know, that's quite bad for the pto/ crank/ main bearing, and as I'm sure you're aware, bottom end work on a saw is relatively involved/ expensive. Have a good one and thanks for the video!

campcaleigh: may these accidents that we find funny in this site also serve as a caution for us. no one wants to meet an accident of get hurt for that matter. Our body is very important, a single finger, toe, or hand that we lose we can never get back. If it can, that's only thru technology which are also man made

nord799: @gaggotgaggot oh come on you little, he knows how to cut tree down, he just didnt make the back cut all the way...dry wood is so tricky u cant imagine simpleton, it was tilt a little when he had started, started to fall and stoped, old wood could not hold a pressure, happens, dont talk if dont know or never been there...pissin me off...how you got to that video, wanted to see somebody almost got killed, you freak :)))

Clint Nickerson: To all of the people who are saying this isn't a barber chair: WHAT IS IT THEN? Can any ACTIVE loggers clear this up? I would have thought me being born and raised in British Columbia, from a logging family and having many friends employed in the industry would lend some credibility. At least contribute something useful instead of simply saying "It isn't a barber chair".

Rene Sørensen: someone needs a change of shorts

Jeff Walker: Ya make sure you cut off your mess up.........

Harm Langeloo: Hopefully you'll loose that middle name. Strap cut certainly would have been better. However once you make a cut in a loaded tree don't stop cutting. You've increased the load

Bruce Lee: QDMA brought me here

Cherie Tynan: It's hard to see your cut from this distant. But I think your face cut could of been corrected a bit. When a tree is leaning like this, you never want to go full force in on the cut. Just do little cuts while your doing your back cut. This allows the pressure to release easy and gravity do most of the work. You did good by listening to the tree, I would of waited a few seconds longer. Don't look back, get out fast and safe.

Caryl MIttge: As a pacific northwest timber faller and contractor thats a barberchair at its finest first mistake the cutter was probably using a dull chain most barberchairs happen when a saw can not keep up with the tree most hear a pop they chickencrap out step back and its to late the tree has already barberchaired and the cutter is killed at the stump,run of thumb never tackle a leaner without a sharp chain and a saw to be able to keep up with it! chinook tree service

Clint Nickerson: @dserf101 I agree 100%. However, being relatively new to it my thoughts were on getting out from under the tree only! Thank goodness us hockey playin Canadians have good balance eh?!

timberfaller666: Wow. All I can say is you are lucky you're not squirrel food. A lot of barber chairs happen when undercut is not clean to the hinge, undercut not big enough, too heavy lean, and saw not sharp enough. Looks like all of the above on this prime example. High heels? Lmao!!

creekdrifter: @clintnickerson I got the same saw! And NO I ain't dropping it!

Clint Nickerson: @ruzaruzaruza The complainers complain, it's what they do best.

Swimfan420: That freaker did not want to let go, did that once with an alder, scary as hell

Clint Nickerson: @timberfaller666 I've had a few comments about the undercut not being clean, but I really don't think that was the case. The rest is more than likely accurate and I might add that my back cut was way too high. I guess what it comes down to is you gotta learn somehow as long as you don't die trying. By the way, really liked your video! Would love to saw some big trees like those!!

frizzybob: did you scream like a little girl too ? cause you sure as hell ran like run. give up the saw for some high heels

David S: @umf3rider" NEVER" run with a saw,throw it down and then run. Had you not recovered from your stumble, you would be talking about what your next career is and not a barber chair !!!!!

kahulaz5: @Aholeintheozone Hinge?..its called holding wood.

Clint Nickerson: @creekdrifter Husqvarna 455 Rancher

gregordiesel: Wow that could have gone really wrong. I'm glad that it didn't hurt you, lucky guy!

krokiller1: Dude ur a dumbass first of y'all go get proper felling training from certified professional fellers no chaps eye protection long sleeves shirt drop stating the saw running with the saw there's alot that yu freaked up on dude stop before yu get ur self hurt or killed

The Momaw: 1. Yes that is a barber chair, I don't know how there could be any confusion. This is a classic example. 2. Safety equipment. Helmet: check. Chaps? Hard to tell. 3.Fleeing the scene: Drop the saw. If it comes down to running for your life, that's 20 pounds of easily replaceable dead weight that you don't need. Plus if you do get clobbered you don't need a running chainsaw anywhere near you to make things even more interesting. Bet you got your daily adrenaline on that one. :)
Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair) 4.4 out of 5

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Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)