Falling A Tree Gone Wrong (Barber Chair)

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Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)
Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)
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Michael Hutin: Well done for hearing the crack, that happened to me once, threw me 6 to 8 feet backwards, luckily there was nothing behind me.

Steve Barney: Thank you for posting this.  And I'm glad you weren't hurt.

Vic shooter: holy crapbags!

Jeff H: coooeee, that coulda turned real nasty!

scootrie8: everybody knows how to save the ship after its sunk

TheMightySalami1: Glad it wasn't a fatality, after kickback, barber's chair accidents are the most common in forestry. I'd advise in future for forward leaners like this one to put in a Dog's tooth cut, where you bore through the middle first to release the tension, and cut downwards at 45 degrees for the final cut. At the end of the day, worse things happen at sea! Stay safe!

Dan Zeiss: This guy is a proper cowboy. Hes obviously used the wrong cut for a leaning tree and why the hell is he seen pushing the tree with his hand. Has this guy not heard of a felling lever! Made me laugh.

Jenna Homan: Thank you for posting.  You did title it "...gone wrong" so that should indicate to everyone that you know it went wrong.  Seems to me you posted it to show people how these things can happen quickly, so they can learn from it, and again, I thank you for that.  I have been looking at a few videos before I go cut down a tree in my front yard, because I just want to make sure I haven't overlooked anything, and I wanted to see what the barber chair looks like.  Because of your video, and some of the suggestions in the comments, I am starting to feel more confident.  Will certainly be more safety oriented. 

Tom Kay-Bradley: Thanks for sharing matey, I've learned from that

Quocalimar Anon: When you started running with the chain saw all I could think was Oh God, don't trip!

Daniella Kiewicz: i think he is like 6

satchell78: Right back to work like nothing happened. Thanks for sharing!

bill notice: You cut enough tree's these things will happen. Don t let fools get you down the video was educational.

John Hall: How many mistakes did he make, never heard of changing your cut to suit the situation. Very dangerous operator may not live long enough to gain experience... 

jago18777: I am a rookie myself I have not barbered quite as bad as this but i have had lean back and got my chainsaw outright stuck. 

There is probably a reason for why you didn't but could you not have used a dog tooth cut on this tree for a lean that size?

John Ferguson: You are far too impatient and too confident. You should have saw this coming with the lean on that tree and what that would do with tension and compression. If you were on my crew you would be fired for this. It makes me angry when I see videos like this. Arboriculture is an extremely dangerous and highly skilled profession, this type of accident is easily avoidable and often results in death. One strike, you're out as far as I am concerned. 

James Lewington: Friendly Note.....if the tree has a top heavy lean or just a natural lean take 2min tie a rope just above your  back cut a clove hitch followed by a few half hitches, or a timber hitch I prefer .......you will not get a barber chair......keep the saws sharp boys lol.....thanks for posting this. cheers bud! 

Mike Berry: Thanks for posting this and putting up with the obligatory harassment from armchair quarterbacks.  We all make mistakes, and we can all learn from each others mistakes if we have the balls to own up to 'em and share them.  Thanks again.

grumplepig: Well rookie you were lucky to survive. All you had to do was keep cutting. The saw is important, but next time drop it and run you don't want to end up bleeding out in the middle of the woods. Good luck, heads up

MrJason1969: keep the lord out of it . loser
Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair) 5 out of 5

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Falling a tree gone wrong (Barber chair)