My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!

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My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!
My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!
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Did this video help you?

DrumNUT: What do you mean by PG/VG ratio?

JOHNNY FUTS: Has anyone lost weight vaping?

xavier415: Im trying the Helios Meteor juice and i love it. It has a very subtle taste of vanilla caramel, and a nice tobacco flavor. Jackson vapor Agua dulce is great if you like a sweet flavor taste like papaya. I have a lot more but i usually get tired of them those two i could vape all day.

r3conwoo: My two favorite juices for the past year have been Dragons Delight from ECBlends and the RY4 from Totally Wicked's Patriotic Range. ECBlends is also super cheap - 125ml bottles for $35. 

Fred Finizzi: I bought Boba's in the big bottle 100 or 120ml can't remember I use a needle tip 10 ml bottle to use when vaping. Much less $$$$ that way

Joshua Brown: We need an update on this one, brotha!

countingtelescopes: Anyone know where to get boba's that will ship to Australia?

MrR1D3R: RIP I need help. I cant find a ejuice I like, Im a former heavy smoker and I'm really into vaping. I just bought a provari and with it I bought Boba's bounty. I need something that will give me that cigarett flavor and not too sweet. Boba's way to sweet. Know anything that taste like a marlboro light, but like good?

t0k3rr569: Is there a website where I could order liquids for a cheap price in the U.S?

Stan Stone: Does anyone ever get a slight headache from Vaping certain Juice? I am guessing for me its either the PG or the Nicotine... nice to find PG and Nicotine free... anyone know of any places to get that in the U.S, on the internet? Thanks in advance... Stan

djsinnay: Which one of these websites offers good flavors with 50/50 pg/vg juices

M4RC14N0: Somw juices I have give me like a burning throat sensation but others are smooth. Ive tried them on every device I have same thing. Any reason why?

Roof Uddin: hello, what I wanted to know which one out of all them smell and taste like a normal cigarette 

sparXX2438: awesome review! have you tried vapor jam? ever i enjoy their flavors a lot only 3.99 for a 10 ml bottle :) and if u use the coupon code STV14 u get another 10% off :D just saying haha bohemian raspberry is my FAV

Jesse H: With Backwoods Brew juices, I highly recommend letting them steep at least week, better to go two weeks. It only gets better with time, and some of them really won't taste good right out of the package.

Daniel Post: VistaVapors is a favorite of mine I really wanna try the Jerry Juice I've heard about recently and that Bounty stuff thanks great video.

Matt Johnson: Hey Rip. When I started vaping in late Feb it was due to a friend who had a friend who started working at a local vape store called The Vapor Hut in Oklahoma City. They have some seriously good juice (60/40 ratio), a buddy of mine ordered a lot of juice from the popular places on Reddit and our local store is better. Try some Van Applewood, or VanHazin from The Vapor Hut. I wouldnt recommend it to someone of your status but honestly from a noob vaper to an expert I think its absolutely phenomenal. Its made in their facility here in OKC. Some of the juice I have tasted is not good and if it wasnt for the Vapor Hut's juice I might have picked up vaping for a couple weeks and then put it down.

Rascal77s: I bought Bobas bounty and Havana gold will based on this review. They arrived today and so far I've only tried the bobas bounty. I quit a nearly 30 year tobacco habit that day I tried my 1st vape, nearly 5 years ago. Now, I've been vaping on and off for those 5 years, but in all that time I never found the flavor that I was looking for. What I was looking for is a delicious vanilla-y pipe tobacco flavor that I had many, many years ago. Bobas bounty is it. I went with 6 mg, but I was hoping they had 0. I don't know if the minimum is 6 mg, because they do you have other 0 mg juices, because they use are real tobacco maceration or did they are trying for some minimal type of throat hit., but this stuff is so good that I don't care. like rip always says flavor is subjective, for me personally after tasting Bobas bounty I'm not sure I'll be able to vape another juice. I found it that good. This is not a cigarette tobacco flavor in my opinion, it is most definitely a delicious pipe tobacco flavor. Amazing stuff .

Vappy Dan: Very nice to see some tobacco blend type juice reviews. Thanks so much!

Seth Cain: 2014 version?

Adam Flynn: For the dude that wanted a Marlboro light flavor. My favorite is haloecigs prime 15, its really smooth but with a throat hit at the same time if that makes sense, it has a very light nutty chocolate flavour to it but its definitely not a sweet vape. I've tried alot and it was the first I loved. 

Jade Benz: I was just watching this for the first time and I picked the website for halocigs, the prices are affordable...I'm about to buy three bottles. Thanks 

Trisara Tops: out of all your top favs I haven't tried sandsmods but I just ordered a sample pack from them because your favs are my favs so I trust your infinite wisdom haha. thanx man! great review

dorotheaeli1: Heaven is just heavenly.

StanwoodSpartans: The "tobacco" flavor from "Lush Vapor Liquid" tastes amazing. It doesn't taste like tobacco or anything like that, but it taste like frosted flakes. Its amazing.

kellibear45: my favorite is saffire vapor's gold rush blend. it's a combo of vanilla and hazelnut--yummy

Chad Britton: ewww rip all tobacco flavors? thats disgusting. look into doomsday gourmet i bet youll love it mention chad britton it comes in glass dripper bottles and the line is a standard 70vg/30pg there "holocaustard" "last call" and "applecalypse" are absolutely amazing if anyoine that sees this hasnt tried doomsday gourmet your truly missing out theyre out of Carmicheal California GIVE THEM A TRY! beats suicide bunny, prime, big willies, grants etc.

urmumscuntful: only one thats i can get in australia is grumpys hooch how freaked is that i want more companies to do the right thing and send me some good juice. thumb up for sandmods

Imran Bashir: mystic juice - cool lemonade

Sonnet Gomes: RIP...the link to Murdock's Radiator Pluid isn't working. Where can i find some? I like your taste in juices. You seem to enjoy the throat hit more than smooth fruity flavored liquids. Couldn't agree with you more.. Keep em coming :)

Steve Weiser: Virgin Vapors.."Maple French Toast"...Good th,great vapor all vg organic. To me, its my all time favorite...I have to force myself to put it down because I'll just vape it constantly,the flavor is unbelievably delicious!!!!

Grant Baldwin: Big Nasty's Wick Sauce- Horchata 

Jimmy Laooutsa: thug juice from mt baker!

Lee Carver: "Dragons Blood" by Rocky Top Vapors

Nataani2376: I think my favorite tobacco style juice has to be Vermillion Rivers "Kentucky Blend #7". Non tobacco favorite is a "Hazelnut" juice made by a store called Kokomo Pure Vapor shop, they claim to make it themselves.

Mustang FiveOH: Another one of my favorites is Cohiba cigar

carmen volpe: where can I find some good PG all go with my vegetable glycerin right now I am feeling 100 percent would like to add some PG can't seem to find it anywhere to buy it anyone have a clue

Brynjar Kiddi: Recently bought me some Hawk sauce, and monica's eyes check them out 

brian barrientes: One if my favorites is called sex on the moon AMAZING!!!!!!!

MARTIN GALICIA: To this day BWB Casablanca is still my favorite:

MArc Estrada: Rip what is a good mix for juice!

Andrew Tattersall: Strawmelon cooler, by Zeus E Juice, sweet fruity flavor, and they let you pick pg/vg mix, prompt shipping, good prices $20 for a 50ml bottle, many flavors to choose Chai Tea Party, by Caterpillar Poseidon, by Cyclops

james Veitch: Also like to add that I mix peanut butter and black in same tank - reason being is that peanut butter has a warm flow taste to the draw and the after taste is a sparkle of black jack. Odd mix but good!!

Jenna Kannenberg: The link you posted for the Murdock's Radiator Fluid does not sounds like an amazing flavor and I would love to try it, any suggestions?

Tim g star Mills tech: So what nicotine strength are these? 

Teufel Ghost: try wizard labs on-line

Mustang FiveOH: You gotta try caravan by VP One of my favorites. 

james Veitch: Hi dude good blend of flavours you recommend. At the moment Im enjoying Hazel nut from wicked liquid.

Dylan Johnson: I can't wait until I'm eighteen man

masterdcx: dude i strongly recommend you try VapourGod there website is brilliant for flavours etc:)
My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far! 4.7 out of 5

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My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!