My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!

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My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!
My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!
Best E Cigarette Liquid - Specific E Cig Juice Flavors - My Favorites
Best E Cigarette Liquid - Specific E Cig Juice Flavors - My Favorites
Mad Murdock's Radiator Pluid E-Liquid Review
Mad Murdock's Radiator Pluid E-Liquid Review

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r3conwoo: My two favorite juices for the past year have been Dragons Delight from ECBlends and the RY4 from Totally Wicked's Patriotic Range. ECBlends is also super cheap - 125ml bottles for $35. 

DrumNUT: What do you mean by PG/VG ratio?

Daniel Post: VistaVapors is a favorite of mine I really wanna try the Jerry Juice I've heard about recently and that Bounty stuff thanks great video.

Josh Giles: my 2 favorite right now are The Struggle and Leprechaun Nectar both from Lucky Ruckus.

M4RC14N0: Somw juices I have give me like a burning throat sensation but others are smooth. Ive tried them on every device I have same thing. Any reason why?

Vappy Dan: Very nice to see some tobacco blend type juice reviews. Thanks so much!

MrR1D3R: RIP I need help. I cant find a ejuice I like, Im a former heavy smoker and I'm really into vaping. I just bought a provari and with it I bought Boba's bounty. I need something that will give me that cigarett flavor and not too sweet. Boba's way to sweet. Know anything that taste like a marlboro light, but like good?

Adam Flynn: For the dude that wanted a Marlboro light flavor. My favorite is haloecigs prime 15, its really smooth but with a throat hit at the same time if that makes sense, it has a very light nutty chocolate flavour to it but its definitely not a sweet vape. I've tried alot and it was the first I loved. 

Stan Stone: Does anyone ever get a slight headache from Vaping certain Juice? I am guessing for me its either the PG or the Nicotine... nice to find PG and Nicotine free... anyone know of any places to get that in the U.S, on the internet? Thanks in advance... Stan

Jade Benz: I was just watching this for the first time and I picked the website for halocigs, the prices are affordable...I'm about to buy three bottles. Thanks 

djsinnay: Which one of these websites offers good flavors with 50/50 pg/vg juices

dorotheaeli1: Heaven is just heavenly.

StanwoodSpartans: The "tobacco" flavor from "Lush Vapor Liquid" tastes amazing. It doesn't taste like tobacco or anything like that, but it taste like frosted flakes. Its amazing.

urmumscuntful: only one thats i can get in australia is grumpys hooch how freaked is that i want more companies to do the right thing and send me some good juice. thumb up for sandmods

Jenna Kannenberg: The link you posted for the Murdock's Radiator Fluid does not sounds like an amazing flavor and I would love to try it, any suggestions?

Imran Bashir: mystic juice - cool lemonade

Grant Baldwin: Big Nasty's Wick Sauce- Horchata 

Steve Weiser: Virgin Vapors.."Maple French Toast"...Good th,great vapor all vg organic. To me, its my all time favorite...I have to force myself to put it down because I'll just vape it constantly,the flavor is unbelievably delicious!!!!

Andrew Tattersall: Strawmelon cooler, by Zeus E Juice, sweet fruity flavor, and they let you pick pg/vg mix, prompt shipping, good prices $20 for a 50ml bottle, many flavors to choose Chai Tea Party, by Caterpillar Poseidon, by Cyclops

carmen volpe: where can I find some good PG all go with my vegetable glycerin right now I am feeling 100 percent would like to add some PG can't seem to find it anywhere to buy it anyone have a clue

Nataani2376: I think my favorite tobacco style juice has to be Vermillion Rivers "Kentucky Blend #7". Non tobacco favorite is a "Hazelnut" juice made by a store called Kokomo Pure Vapor shop, they claim to make it themselves.

MArc Estrada: Rip what is a good mix for juice!

james Veitch: Hi dude good blend of flavours you recommend. At the moment Im enjoying Hazel nut from wicked liquid.

Austin Farris: You must not have tried Killer Liquid yet !!! $3/10mL for kick-ass ejuice. Hit us up and we'll get some out to you!!

Teufel Ghost: try wizard labs on-line

Christina Akins: for me tobacco is av bobas bounty and spacejam eclipse and sweet fruit is spacejam astro 

Michael Forbes: Bumblefrog Mixology

natalia McDonough: you should try itsvapetime e cig juice..its the best ive had so far for sure...its inexpensive and it rocks!

james Veitch: Also like to add that I mix peanut butter and black in same tank - reason being is that peanut butter has a warm flow taste to the draw and the after taste is a sparkle of black jack. Odd mix but good!!

Quinn Myers: Sandy or Cindy (forgot her name) who owns Pink Spot Vapors told me in person they usually use a 70VG/30PG liquid in their flavors. She made it sound like she doesn't always use, but generally speaking, that's what their liquids are.

Z Vaper: So far my best juices are as follows: 1. Truth Serum (RAWR) 2. Boba's Bounty (Alien Visions) 3. Highbrowbacco RY4 (Highbrow Vapor) 4. Peach Green Tea (RAWR) 5. Hawaii Wai (RAWR) 6. Coquito (LJ E-Liquid)

RiP Trippers: Hobby, you make total sense brother. :)

TwistedTornsTirade: Ive been going to vaporbomb, and they have a green apple that blows my mind lol I love jolly ranchers, and to me this stuff tastes just like green apple jolly ranchers. Do you have any other suggestions for green apple jolly ranchers? Or maybe even the grape the jolly rancher? Also go to Mountain vapor and try there Cinnayum, OMG this stuff is like crack, never had crack personally and heard its addictive, and trust me Cinnayum is off the chart

bigfordmano5: cinnamon roll from mtbakervapor

Kolohe Kai: I got Evo Wild Watermelon for my first juice -- it's way too perfumey in taste and smell. Is this pretty common in all fruit flavor vapes? I feel like your suggestions are different and right up my alley. I just put in an order for a couple you reviewed.

Ashley Peterson: Kanger evod~!

An84maro: What do you meen by pg and vg? Im new and dont know the ropes yet

Jared Anderson: Hello, I saw ur newbie video and I am brand new to vaping, so i wanted to know if the eGo-C Twist 1000 mAh battery and the Kanger T3 Bottom Coil Clearomizer are a good match? Sadly i ordered everything before i saw your video. Thanks a lot!:)

JelliedInfant: Casablanca is great. My wife's favorite. She is always looking for the next batch.

Colton Murphy: a pickle, nuff said

jay poma: Thats a good match, Jared. I just started vaping last week with the same setup but I went with the 650mAh twist on the Kanger T3. I got 2 @ 2.5ohms and a 5 pack of coil units @ 1.8ohms. So far I havent noticed a difference of the coils but I find myself using the 1.8 at 4.0v because thats what the vetrans seem to recommend

Geeter Tron: and now I know the 6 juices I need to try. HEY RIP ! I did like you and made me a cotton RDA and it is awesome!!

brooksysdead: hey jared i know this comment is 10 months old but for anyone else wondering the same thing the answer is yes . my first vape setup was an 1100 ego twist and kanger t3 with a 2.5 ohm coil that depending on juice flavor i generally vaped around 4.2v and absolutely loved it. the t3 has its issues with flooding but if you properly maintain your hardware it greatly reduces issues with gurgling/flooding.

Melissa Montano: Mr. Vape (not vapes)= K.O. great semi-sweet tobacco flavor it's got a great TH a heaviness to it. It's just awesome! Got to try if you are primarily tobacco guy. I'm a tobacco blend girl. Best I have had, yet. Only been vaping for 2 months now but have spent a lot of money on juices; to find my ADV and this is it. Mr. Vape Inc.

smccartt1: People should look into revolver e-cigs, they are great, I use the talon tank system, with a 3.5ml magnum tank. Best investment ever, and they have great flavors! The battery lasts 3 days, satisfying vapor production. They have awesome products and customer service is great, they are cool people.

Bonez sd: when u listen to the first 12 seconds it sounds like ( i've had so many people pee in me haahaha

Monty Vapes: haha Cah-sah Blaunk-ah not kass uh blank uh. ;p

nerfytheclown: Hey thank you. That is exactly what I figured, but I'm kind of lazy.....i think I need to go to 325 mesh on my did even for that.

KayWhy: Pipe sauce: Shire Malt & Long Bottom Leaf from Epipemods is my go to (Kentucky bluegrass isn't bad either). just picked up some Malty, Malty Toffee, and Grumpy's Hooch based on your reviews to see if I like em' (Casablanca is not currently available, but looking to try that too) my preferred flavors are sweet (non-menthol tobaccos. (Even though I was a Newport smoker, Go figure) keep up the good reviews

cr0uchingtiger: Hi, very useful reviews thanks. I'm just about to buy some Grumpies Hooch and have it shipped to the UK. I try to get 0 nicotine for health benefits, what's your take on that with this flavour? I'm willing to get low nicotine if it otherwise prevents the full flavour.
My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far! 4.8 out of 5

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My 6 Favorite E Liquids Thus Far!