Ico: HD Collection Walkthrough - Water Wheel (Part 18)

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Serpico's Beard: Thanks man. The jumping off of the water wheel is so awkward i wasn't sure if i was even supposed to be doing it.

suburbanindie: Sorry, this isn't a walkthrough, this is a Let's Play

humgwash: this puzzle ruined the game for me. freak you team ico for adding the weater mill for no freakin' reason.

Scott Jamieson: Hate videos that spend crap loads of pointless time showing what DOESN'T work, just show how to do it end of story!

CaptainFoaley: This was so frustrating, the first time I actually managed to jump off the wheel and grab the lever, Ico immediately decides to just let go...

HollandseKip: I bet everyone on the waterwheel part thought "push this block into the river aaaaaand... -it's gone".. Now what do I do? Never found the block back either :s it just disappeared magically.. still stuck on that part lol

Jason Heavensrun: Ee-ko. Not Eye-ko.

jvemPiRe14: this is the worst of ico. why does an atmospheric game need a freakin twitch-skill jump?

AmarKud: i had a nervous breakdown on that part....

Korin Clemens: Okay, why the crap would a WATER WHEEL have DEADLY SPIKES that are actually absolutely HARMLESS? I took one look at that water wheel and I was like: "Nope no way is that the way up there"

Elijah Obasanya: Lol i'm glad i wasn't the only one who suffered through this. I actually made it harder for myself. I jumped on the platform, then jumped on a previous platform before I jumped on the ledge

Alex Swanson: I hate you talking.

Yossarian2288: this took me ages because i was pressing triangle to jump too quickly as soon as he was balanced on the wheel so after 40 minz of frustration and the yorda bitch yelling and pointing (like she does when your taking ages to figure something out) you know yorda if you know everything then why don't you do it instead of me looking stupid all the time trying things that don't work! anyway i just changed the way i was pressing the buttons so after he balances don't press jump too quick or he'll fall

booniak: The timing is so tight i succeded because of luck.

Omaru1982: @spacelion88 considering he did it in a few tries that's pretty good, I spent 30 minues constantly falling into the water like some crap ninja warrior contestant.

Omaru1982: you know what, i'm glad every other bastard in the world has to suffer like europe did first time around.

Peter Luft: at least i know the waterwheel is possible now

SagesOfL33T: @spiraldive2 Wasn't it... added to the Japanese version? which the UK version was based on? Which is what this is based on?

Spiral Dive: This stage ruins the game for me. Too difficult. I'm giving up and putting Shadow Of The Collossus on. haha. Shame because it was taken out of the japanese version, and rightly so. it sucks, haha

Dc3n7s: @TheEvilVir It actually saved me time. You don't have to be a pickle just because his little 5-minute video isn't 60 seconds.
Ico: HD Collection Walkthrough - Water Wheel (Part 18) 5 out of 5

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Ico: HD Collection Walkthrough - Water Wheel (Part 18)