Chevy 6.0 Engine Knocking

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chevy 6.0 engine knocking
chevy 6.0 engine knocking
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sonicthehog303: but no that sounds like normal engine noise i don't hear crap, but normal sound its a lot of metal moving around, of course it going to make some noise...... I'm not a freakin prius

sonicthehog303: its cause its a chevy....

IXBlackoutXI1: get some fuel injector cleaner and sea foam it. should reduce

Jorge felix: Typical noise on the chevy or GMC engines , but do not meant they are broken , ok , whit a sound like this I know so many Chevys running perfect over 200K .

Matthew Garcia: Almost all of these motors 2000to06 develop this knock.purchased my 2002 Chevy brand new 4.8 engine started knocking after 17k,now has197k miles and still runs nothing but synthetic mobile one.

Jay Mitchell: LOL, no, you're the idiot, you with the POS GM junk with engine noise. My Hemi Ram runs like a champ. Great sentence structure too I might ad.

Jay Mitchell: When, oh when will people learn...Mopar or no car. (or truck)
Buy a Dodge Ram. Problem solved!!!!!

Chase Anderson: Every 6.0 I've heard makes that noise. Mine does it but it also has a tick in the engine. Anyone know what that may be? It's not a constant tick, just sporadic 

TheBlackShadow270: Mine does the same. Many people say that's just what they do

Nurse Bewbies: I have never had issues with GM. Only with Ford. And their customer service sucks too.

Kevin Rogers: Well any car or truck if you do the maintance chances are you wont have issues... and for a truck to blow up after a month of owning it, chances are you didnt break the engine in properly and or you just had bad luck simple as that, i work for gm the amount of trucks my dealer sells and for how few issues there are just bad luck

tracy george: ? i have a 2003 6.0 chevy and love it but i service it like it should be

MrTpengineer: That's true I don't know what goes on with you. Yes I know it was 6 months ago but who cares?

Nurse Bewbies: Dude, your 6 months late. And you don't know crap about what goes on with other people's experience.

joeyf504327: For some reason GM uses small oil ports on their lifters and these oil ports get clogged if regular oil changes aren't performed. And also when regular oil changes are performed! Our 2007 Chevy Suburban is doing this, it has 5.3L with AFM. Only thing you can do is use Mobile 1. Or tear down heads and clean the lifters or replace them.

MrTpengineer: Your funny. Well we had a Z71, it was nice until it blew the engine a month after we bough it! Bought a 2000 f-250 USED and it drove fine for 400,000 miles. We eventually sold it for a stronger truck to pull out 5th wheel. So chevy was our biggest mistake... Don't even get me started on our minivan...

CHEAVYguy650: Thank Me Later @ronal1330 Hey It's Your Flex Plate aka Flywheel. Take the transfer case off and wiggle the flex plate. I May Be Right Because Its the Same Problem on my 2000 yukon xl 2500 6.0L. When you started your truck the starter sounded the same bad. Your truck will still run mines been making the noise for over a year I just haven't had the time to find the NUISANCE. LoL Brands Are Brands Every Company Has Mistakes Ford And Chevy Are Both Great! Yet I Still Own Only Chevy.

clayton cannon: amen never had problems but owned two fords never got 100000 miles out of eather on

Dennis Swew: its not a knock its an exhaust leak, the last exhaust manifold bolt on the driver side is broke off

TReaD113: And I believe it. We had a 2000 2500, 6.0, only had 54000 miles BUT it had been through 12 years of abuse..plowing, towing, road trips, etc. Still ran like new
chevy 6.0 engine knocking 5 out of 5

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chevy 6.0 engine knocking