Chevy 6.0 Engine Knocking

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chevy 6.0 engine knocking
chevy 6.0 engine knocking
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Chevy 6.0L Vortec 'Piston Slap' Solved With SeaFoam
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Dakota Lockhart: I like your channel please like and suscrieb on my channel and I will do the same

Glenn S: Check the exhaust manifold bolts, all 4 corners. They're notorious for breaking off and getting exhaust ticking when cold. After market companies sell bolt-on clamps with jack bolts for around $25, so you don't have to pull the manifold and drill out the broken bolt. Worst case, you'd have to grind the stud down a little so the clamp will press on the manifold instead of the stud end. I fixed mine this way, and told a guy at work that was complaining about "lifter tick" to check his manifold, and sure enough, he had a couple broken off too. The bolts are too small, and the engine torque twists enough to break them off.

Tamsen Justice: My 02 Chevy 6.0 has 315,000 original motor, tranny still runs great makes the same noise has since factory.

mybudshoteyes: i just replaced both knock sensors in my 2001 silverado 2500HD and the piston slap went away. my truck has 321000k on it lmao. nvr thought a chevy would last this long. it still has a timing ping. hopefully that goes away after resetting itself. if not timing chain up.

ذابحكم كلكم: same problem , i change the rod and its gonne
also the sound came back
i change the engin dynamo , and its good for now

Ali Saleh: Thats normal just replace 1 quart of oil with one quart lucas oil stabilizer it will make engine run very smooth

Jacobi Chee: replace the Knock Sensor what it does is it readjust it's own timing by it self

redFAKTION: Sounds like the lifters to me. I love that sound.

Arnold Baclig: try to put a restore oil treatment buy the V8 it might help your engine

Ronal Jimenez: I just bought 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel 6.7 cummin sound most worthy than mine old Chevy

Ronal Jimenez: I still own this truck is just fine when warm up the noise go away

Blake Johnson: I should know I own one

Blake Johnson: Piston slap 6.0 vortecs are notorious for that after it warms up it will go away

dutchrolla907: I had that knock on my 2001 Silverado chained my torque converter from a 1500 to a 25000 sound was gone it wasn't my motor it was my torque converter

mrservemallday: mine dose this same crap!!!! what is it????? ony got 88K on it, 2006 silverado.

BustedWalletGarage: Bolt holes on flywheel are cracked

sonicthehog303: but no that sounds like normal engine noise i don't hear crap, but normal sound its a lot of metal moving around, of course it going to make some noise...... I'm not a freakin prius

sonicthehog303: its cause its a chevy....

IXBlackoutXI1: get some fuel injector cleaner and sea foam it. should reduce

George Felix: Typical noise on the chevy or GMC engines , but do not meant they are broken , ok , whit a sound like this I know so many Chevys running perfect over 200K .
chevy 6.0 engine knocking 5 out of 5

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chevy 6.0 engine knocking