Nazi Love Camp 27 (Sexploitation 1977) (18)

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Stacy Simonson: Wow things I never knew

phillyhebrew215: The JEW-U_WISH people aren't the biblical israelites. Infact They're converts through a false religion called Judaism. The impostors in the Land today don't belong there because the Jews were never white!!!

baller84milw: Exactly. I actually met a woman who was raped by the red army troops in poland while she was hiding out in a factory with other women. I find it funny that they broadcast "holocaust survivor" stories on the news, tv, and have them visit schools across the nation. Yet here was this old lady in a retirement home and no one else had ever heard her story.

Victor Abdalov: very true! someone finally said it!

jonbryn4: silly exploitation however camp nic

Juan Osoria: lol thanks

Y'all Got Any More of That Deus Vult: Lol rape much?

Jon Kimberson: Was this a grindhouse movie

Jimizul: Nice fictions..

Riski M Nurlan: KONTOLE

baller84milw: The jewish general of the red army ordered his troops to rape tens of thousands of innocent defenseless german and polish women. Google "red army mass rapes." Jews have done ten times worse than anything the nazis ever did.

Sudirman dirman: mantap........ ni film

Erica Perez Crmr: pornotube

rebecca flanary: how discusting!!!

Ruslan Tokhchukov: You are a Muslim savage. Hitler kaputt. And you primitiv savages 1 billion of you, are trying to finish Hitler's job on the Jews, but the tiny Israel beats you all ! Israel is the very best nation in the world !

Faris Othman: The NAZIS should have finished every one last JEW alive.

Chong Yuji: now u cant say this is fake

Deivid Huertovsky: Who cares? No one! jajaja You are such an asshole. Lol! For that exists something called "Google Traductor", is useful for some cases. Better luck next time, my buddy.

arturo martinez: todos y sus comentarios en ingles y yo no ablo inglis

exposez: hahahaha! xD think i've come across the dark side of youtube again :D
Nazi Love Camp 27 (Sexploitation 1977) (18) 5 out of 5

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Nazi Love Camp 27 (Sexploitation 1977) (18)