How To Get A FREE Alienware Laptop Legally

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joel dodson: I didn't get asked to Do a survey i just got asked my phone number email, address, and post code and state no survey but in description of video it has heaps on addresses and hack keep coming up

Titus Brown: it took a lot of points but at least I got it

Lorenzo Lampitok: even if i'm only 14 yrs old? can i? (i'm really 14 yrs old)

hawkie bro: Worst fake video ever no free Alienware please people at least make a better video if it's fake so it looks real.

Lutfan qadri: BALLS

Lutfan qadri: I got a razer blade for 11050 points -.- freak it took two months of constant surveys and videos 

Lutfan qadri: Hawkie the points stuff it's real but takes too long 250 points is just $2.50 and you have to earn a lot of points for your 1000$ Alienware so like damn

Nick Carefoot: Can you give me yours?


Jacob Fredericks: worked for me

mrcrazy5678: Could u get me a free alienware XDDD.... and btw how many points is it?

LeadBolt3: Yep

TheNoah222: Nice background music, I convinced me to get a free computer

JaipaDoesGaming: Fake

CanalFilipeteixeira: freak you

A Buttap: Hmm bout 500000 points, you get appropriately 10 points for a survey and half the time they dont work

Nicholas Endermage: Can they be customized Alienware computers

LeadBolt3: Still working!

Brandon Rodgers: Can you get me one

mrcrazy5678: Its actually fine, i found out they actually arent good since you actually cant upgrade em (the box computer) since the case is too small

mrcrazy5678: I don't have one...

shadowtheawesome1: how much time does it take to get the freaking laptop?

DARK SLAYER: I am getting one because my laptop is a stupid compaq laptop and I have billions of games and my disk drive just broke so I can't put disks in my laptop

MrMrYMan: same here. sucky, sucky compaq

MrCRAMproductions: good work!

Barburas Bogdan: that guy gets paid cause u go to his freakin surveys

TaylorAutoCredit: no its over! I want more!
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