Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review - $650,000 In Profits

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vivahernando1: The issue I see is that there are so many buy and sell signals that if you have a small account you are going to get eaten alive by fees. Tim scalps. He often holds less than an hour. A small investor will have to hold longer than Tim does and with a small account shorting is near impossible. I am just being honest as a subscriber to his Tim Alerts. 

Nathan Rogers: So fake lol his car is that white old ass toyota his daughter was on 

Sushanth Amin: Amazing, I have registered to the challenge and keeping an eye on the emails I am getting to complete home works before I start trading. I am really very exited. Thanks Tim ....

Bhanu Bruce Chivukula: I did not see this and I sent two messages to Elkwood66. He is shorting most of the time penny stocks. The messages I sent asking which broker he was using as his trade pages says Broker as Secret.Congrats to Elkwood and TIm ... -Brucebond2014 

Robert J. duPreez: Great job Eric. In hopes of a PM one day. LOL I have had a couple of comments from Tim, and that shocked me enough. 

Sushanth Amin: Amazing, I have registered to the challenge and keeping an eye on the emails I am getting to complete home works before I start trading. I am really very exited. Thanks Tim ....

Stu Rotticci: HELLL YEA ERIC!!! Congrats sir! 

Lanny Skilling: how do i get started?

concentrationimages: jul 4, 2014, Well he said from the beginning he was successful in following Timothy's methods, hope it works for me as well from the start.

Adony Francisco: I need wanna learn!

Jacque Lewis: I wanna try the new banana pudding milkshake...

Girolamo Aloe: it's a real talent or simply a strategy with a large amount of capital.

DemocracyDoctor1: Right on, Brother Wood! And I totally agree with your PM policy: there's way to much bull-crapting going on in chat. I don't do divided attention well. I'm there to make money NOT bullcrap. Congratulations to you and also to Master Tim.

Timothy Sykes: it's cool, i teach the dumbest and poorest people in the world, you'll fit right in!

MARWAN KADHUM: No doubt,Tim strategy works but this guy Eric should tell people how much he money he started with? then it will make sense

nainjatt: So finally I have the pleasure to be the first to comment on your video Tim !! Yayyyy !!

Attackfull: hahaha ;D

Sam Lozano: Expecting to make money trading with $500 is a lot like gambling... you give no room for error or even if you dont make an error a "good trade" still may not be a winner.

Timothy Sykes: yup save up!

foodnetworks: Ive been using tim strategy for 8 months. I started with 11,000. I am now at 42,000 with out trying as i should.

damian irarrazaval: Tim! You tech strategies to buy penny stocks... But your video lessons explains how penny stock market works? I mean where all the money came from?, they are many people who losses many money ... And if all the people use your strategy... it´s possible that all people win money?... it can unbalance the market or not?? and the rules would change, your rules can last forever i think... There is something like if 1000 people win money, 1000 have to lose money ?? Please answer!

Jose Garcia: what type of capital do you recommend to get started .

Will Rothrock: I wanna be rich Tim but, I'm really stupid

Marc Reyes: Am i the only one to notice the mirror on the lambo lol. Don't let friend's drive you're car!

Niki Alltree: Quick Question please Tim, your 'Pennystocking' DVD when was it released? Many thanks

WiseysWorld97: Yeah this is the same situation i am in i want to create a better life for my family and looking and the videos on your channel really inspires to learn more and get into this. You love what you do as you make so much so quickly! I want to be able to do the same... Good luck

TimAmerica1000: He started with $100,000 now up to $600,000

Timothy Sykes: cool try silver and start watching my 970+ video lessons!

Timothy Sykes: ha i never work, i do what i love and live a life of luxury for fun

KingGianni17: @GamingDX Even if he was to stop "working", he would have enough money left from trading to do real estate investments and have a cash flow monthly. Tim wont ever have issues with money. One, because hes Jewish. So we always find a way. And two, because hes not going broke like MC hammer.

Sam Lozano: how much money did eric start with?

Chipz518: Hey tim, today marks the first day i start your challenge, is youtube your main source of keeping in touch with students, i know i have what it takes and i know i will be able to win with your strategy thanks for reading!

oil4money2012: Hi Tim I would like to know if you have Canadian students and if your methods works in canada

Michael Austin Jacobs: Great video Tim!

yuhjvg: hey Tim i applied for your Tim's challenge would love to get in and be your first millionaire, but while i wait i now have enough money to purchase a penneystocking silver yearly subscriptions what would be my best rout. love your stuff im excited to learn more!!

Shantell Burns: Nice to meet you Eric, I am just studying up right now, still pretty nervous about buying into the stock market... Don't have much money to throw around right now. I am hoping to be just as successful as y'all!! Thanks for the videos and updates, But i was wondering how the heck to even get started, Do i have to go through etrade or could i buy and sell without a broker and all the extra fees? Srry Tim but I don't have the money to be buying up all your books and dvd's either.

Timothy Sykes: everyone plays my strategy differently, its a series of rules and a framework for trading, not one exact method...most people don't study hard enough though, that's for sure

TimAmerica1000: Yes it doesn't matter where you're from his methods works..

Eigen Function: How much did you get paid to write this comment?

Timothy Sykes: actually breaking out nicely now :)

AussieGirl: Haha.

GamingDX: Tim you look like a hard working guy and it pays off obviously, but do you think youll ever be able to stop working or retire and still live in luxury?

Chad Lau: i have signed up for the challenge, cant wait to get started,

invincible310: Tim m a fan of yours.but not talented like you ! pls give me an honest answer how much capital i need to start with , using your strategy .want to mention i am a poor guy ..lol

TimAmerica1000: You can start with $500 dollars and start trading!

TheMmmCereal: Tim, can I trade any day and still make profits?

shan121191: Tim, I have a question. I really want to be a part of the Challenge, but I do not have money saved up at the moment. By the end of this year I should be able to save up enough to easily get started in trading and I was wondering if you will still be doing the challenge then. I'm ready to start making money in the market and I just need to save up a little so that I can start.

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Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review - $650,000 in Profits 4.6 out of 5

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Tim Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review - $650,000 in Profits