Testing The Kahr CW9

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Azem Gurra: nummber 4 culd kill u , but cool video lol

Howard Hase: Very nice shooting. I'm extremely impressed by 50 yard shooting. I wouldn't have hit the darn thing once most likely. I shoot at 25 yards max with handgun most of the time. Of course I do try longer ranges like 40-50 yards but it doesn't turn out well. I'm also talking about shooting using ~3-3.5 inch barrel handguns. Competition 45 or such I can hit targets with ease at 50 yards. Typical subcompacts and compacts are not so easy.

Scott Crafton: I just recently traded for a CW9. I've never handled one in all my LEO (22 years) career, but I wish I had. Very nice pistol. It feels like a TOY, but its not. Its a very well made firearm and very accurate.

Chad Hord: have had mine for 2 years, felt it was the best overall after trying the various weapons.. the trigger is sweet on it

pinkiewerewolf: I just put the money down for a CW9 to replace a LC9 and a XD9sc.
Thanks for the shooting review!

rbookstore: just bought one! I love the size and trigger.

John Lee: mine came in a cardboard box too wtf had to spend more money to get a hard case

chris knevil: good vid  thank you

MrBigden37: I prefer shooting reviews, great job. Go O's

HighAsCaptnKirk: mine came in a cardboard box w/1 mag.

Okduckboy1447: That's my ccw weapon. I've had it for about 2 years now and its great! Luckily if never had to use it on somebody.

Powerpickle68: Good vid and I'm envious of that outdoor range! I just bought a CW40 and the first 120 rounds without an issue,I really like it. For a few reasons I prefer it over my Glock27 which I've put so many more rounds through (about 1,000) Both guns are excellent but my brain lol likes this Kahr more. I think I'll subscribe to you.

Ryan Lee: other than that, they are great guns and you seem to be a good shot

Ryan Lee: you show an awful lot of recoil, you might want to tighten your grip, that cw9 should not move near that much in your hand

ob1coyote: I bought my CW9 a few months ago and it came in a cardboard box, wtf?

FlyingPancreas: Good vid. I'm considering a CW9 now - the bang for buck just seems ridiculous. Seeing it hit targets at 50 yards is a pretty good statement. Well done.

jakerussel: Thanks man and I am glad you love your CW9. Happy shooting!

jshe28: Both of you guys did a great job. 50 yard shooting is an excellent way to practice. The smaller the target the better shot you'll be. I just bought the CW9 and so far I am really happy with it.

jakerussel: Thank you sir and thank you for watching.

camaroboi13: I am a die hard ruger fan through and through, from P85 to SR9C I've loved them all. I PPT'd my LC9 after less than 30 rounds through it, and ended up with the CW9 after playing with it in my shop. Good choice and great vids keep up the good work!
Testing the Kahr CW9 5 out of 5

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Testing the Kahr CW9