Monsters Vs Aliens Demo Ginormica Level (XB360)

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Chris Quijano: try using punctuation because i do not understand

Nick Greene: lol she runs like shadow the hedgehog

francisco alain esquivel: do i even need punctuation? -_-

Luigifan14: She just looks really tall because the robot she fights is even bigger. Way even bigger.

DriftersTheory: ur the one calling people nerds and your watching a video of a game...

Decembirth: Saw some other game clips, it looks quite entertaining.

MarikoTohno: This game is for PS3.

Patricia Miller: Graphics not too bad. Looks like a good game. :)

cpmastershq: shes gotta be maam because she picked ginormica, a girl

MarikoTohno: This is a Demo. Not the full game.

slashybrows: looks horable

hulk8batman: is al you do steer her left or right throught the road looks bad

francisco alain esquivel: who is bob

ideitbawx: movie looks pretty good. game looks pretty lame. a lame game.

DriftersTheory: okay you keep saying that your getting pissed at the internet so just grow up.

TheChin2010: yea for a game based on a movie it actually seems pretty good i wouldnt say its worth 50 bucks though

tastyneck: This game looks like mindless fun, like G-Force. MIght have to get it if its really cheap.

PacGuy765: it would be gr8 if she was a MUGEN character!

TheJoker563: u sir r a freaking asshole retard

audikuamon: is the perfect level and super monster

sheakat: hey be nice

Mariobros956: except she doesnt skate realllllly fast

TwilightPrince123: +15 Epic points for you, my friend.

remyatharun: oh guess what!!i completed the game in three3 DAYS!!!!!!

DriftersTheory: well im going to be the MAN and step away from this fight

Mariobros956: she isnt 49 feet and 11 inches she is 50 feet even the general says she is 50 feet and 16,000 pounds

lev924: is this fiun

slashybrows: shut up man!!!

iareahuman: haha, if you're 30 years old, you should probably act more like it by not using insults like "dumbass"

MsLollipop30: I like it at the beginning where the seargant is giving them a pep talk and susan rolls her eyes at him.

Max Yendall: Loved this movie haha.

francisco alain esquivel: i just think it was strange cause my friend has it and it already had the demos do you freaking understand sir

thesonicfan21: @markbriones3 I am 16 going on 17. Very imbalanced reading comprehension dude...-_-

Crossover Negro: Meh, looks like it' would be an ok movie game. A rental at best. Maybe a little fun the first time but way too easy looking. It had be have a crap ton of unlockables... but I'm not sure even that would warrant buying it.

TaylorMaloney: Nice. >.> When I rented this for Wii, I was freaking pissed off you didn't get to be Dr. roosterroach. D:

jodiendoteputo: dr houese i am drinking

Mariobros956: this is awesome i love playing ginomirca

willjamesgodd: Bonechene, thought you might like to know that god of war diddn't invent quicktime events, which existed back in the times of n64 and even before, using strung together CGI clips. It's just one of the most popular games to use that feature.I don't is truly new in gaming anymore. LOL, I used to think Valve (HL2) invented in-game developers commentary.

MarikoTohno: At least I can spell "Disgrace" better than you can. Also, "suck at video games"? You haven't even seen me play games in person.

toneset: Even Susan is uglier in the game!

LegoJKL: noone was in the city so the city was totaly EMPTY so nope noone was in them i saw da movie u know

tony77345: Hopefully she took the people out of the cars before she put them on lol

Armel Aquino: you can buy the kinect and play it!! :)

thesonicfan21: @markbriones3 Why don't your freaking daughter go get a life and be pissed off somewhere else. This game ain't for 3 y oles, it's recommended for 8-12 y oles, goddamit.

sheakat: how does she suck

TwilightPrince123: Epic. I know the movie's gonna be awesome.

ajlilj22aj: do u have xboxlive

grindgirl8: She's skating with cars, not running. But she does look like it XD

person4fun: Haha the game looks fun! And the movie looks great too. Can't wait for it to come out! ^_^

thesonicfan21: @markbriones3 Didn't u see the page on my channel?? I'm 16, goddamit. Going on 17 this year. So yeah, I'm going on second year of highschool. Didn't you hear what I said? The game is for older kids not toddlers, just like the film. And second, I AM IN SCHOOL! *sighs* Another troll comment I have to deal with-_-
Monsters Vs Aliens Demo Ginormica Level (XB360) 4.4 out of 5

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Monsters Vs Aliens Demo Ginormica Level (XB360)