How To Build A Septic Tank

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Eric Dryden: That was just ghetto!

Dian Partlow: so i made it too . just by using woodprix scripts:)

Twiddle Bee: why not dig your hole a bit deeper (6 ft. by 6ft. by 6ft.) cover the bottom of the hole with chicken wire (flat), then your wire (chicken wire and the cement.around the walls .. after wired and puttied with cement... the 6 by 6 by 6 hole, wire mess as your floor base then wire and cement around the walls ... (let dry) now with base/ floor covered with wire mesh put in your gravel/small stones about a good 2 or 3 feet deep ( this method enables fluids to seep down and out into the ground with no effort (no need for the overflow pipe or overflow compartment) the pipe is needed to allow the toxic fumes to be released (preventing high toxicity plus helps greatly with the smell) ... after your gravel is in (about 3 foot deep with gravel/stone then small wood chips, and the most important LYE ! (used for cement) ... lye and organics immediately begins breaking down any solid waste ... this type of system can last for a very long time (for the average family this systems could last for well over a year(always good to build a back up one in case large family or long term company) should one become full with solids (highly unlikely since the stones (gravel)at the bottom and adding water and lye frequently allows for effective drainage thru the bottom wile the lye is breaking down the solids , and ventilation pipe safely releasing toxic fumes (most important) (4in pvc pipe would be my recommendation sticking out from top at least 1 foot) ... then after all completed and sealed put toilet on top... and the most important walls for privacy ... and hell ! :D there you go ... a self operating septic system ... this system eliminates (GREATLY reduces any chance of over flow ) ... if you are wondering what inspired me to comment please feel free to ask... please, no harm intended... perhaps if you had bathrooms it could cut down on the rape cases, child abuse and the men taking craps on your public beaches ... and who knows Garbage Recycling Even could actually become a reality ... washing clothes in a river steeped in thick garbage is not washing clothes at all

William Jacinto Juan: The incoming pipe to the septic tank should be a "Tee" and not an elbow, to allow the adequate ventilation of obnoxious septic gases through the house vent-thru-roof or VTR.

toneroable: A nice Phillipine septic system........... 

Zakaria Farah: Excellent video. Can I know where was this done and how can get the contact of the septic tank installeres

J IJzer: Diy greath video so efficient and so iginious design thumps up from me

Joed Kevin Ubalde: Wow even the bowl is concrete haha cool man the conventional way it is!

Tahir Nure: good video to see

American On Site: Great video to see how it is done elsewhere.

recardov: this conventional technique seems to be reliable!

Maujakakana Rutjani: this is a very good video

megadeth22885: interesting... bet it works as well as the septic systems in the united states, but because our country wants us to pay $10,000 to have someone else do it, it wouldnt be up to code

Russell Stynes: Great video, very easy to follow, thank you for creating this

bigfish101: cool

deadmanswife2: This is great

SgtRurrik: I freakED YOUR DOG

Brian Newhouse: this is a really good video, well explained
How to build a septic tank 5 out of 5

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