QAV-400 Build Overview Review

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Scootersnmore: What  TX and Rx  do you Use and What goggles or Monitor Using? Im Just getting Into this . Love this Model Great Build

Calvin Cheng: Hey X Hover, great job!

I'm, looking to build one of these for a buddy of mine. Seeing as how the post is a couple of years old, what kind of parts would you recommend to complete the 400 right now? i.e., motor, esc, FC/firmware, vtx, cam, etc... thanks!

Cameron: Hey X Hover, great video! I love flying my DJI Phantom and I am wanting to get into the FPV flying and even racing.. I was wandering if you'd have any tips on building one for myself. Thanks!

numex106: how does this compare to the cinetank?

ezikiel121212: With the camera mounted like that I can gurantee you that thing has jello when it's not low-light like in the video.

Rudi Christensen: Hi X Hover. Nice video. Have one/two questions for you. Hope you find time to answer.
FPV Cam. When using a 12v on a 4s setup, do you use any UBEC/SBEC. Which one could you recommend. Also about the FPV cam. I am looking into the Super HAD from getfpv, since the TBS69 is out of stock almost everywhere. Is this an ok cam or will I miss out, compared to the TBS69.

Thx again.

watermelon538: Hi there X-Hover! How does the QAV400 compare with the Flip Gimbal? Thank you!

Pablo: Thank for the reply on the props,  Is the setup in this video Balanced front to rear?
I have almost the same setup , go pro in case and same fpv cam etc, but I can not get Front to rear balance unless I run a 3250mah pack and hang it off the rear very very far.

Dan The Man .Golden: Will you build me one?

Pablo: Hi, Are these the apc slow fly props?  have you heard of any of them breaking mid air from to much rpm on 4s? just thought id check before ordering any

Chris Young: Do you prefer the QAV400 to the TBS Disco?

X Hover: QAV400 all the way!

Mulder8472: what sort of flying time do you get on this with the 4s 2200mah lipos?

Santiago Martinez: What do you recomend more.. Spidex or QAV400?

Fusion Pixels: how did u mount the fpv camera? did you have to glue the bracket on?

xhoverdrone: Hobbypartz

andrew sauls: Where did you get the mesh for the wires??

traileater: What is the cost of this unit minus the go pro and radio?

Haych: any issues with 1.3 for video while using 2.4 spektrum?

bmschulman: Looks like wire mesh guard. Hobby King sells it in various colors. Search for "mesh".
QAV-400 Build overview review 5 out of 5

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QAV-400 Build overview review