QAV-400 Build Overview Review

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QAV-400 Build overview review
QAV-400 Build overview review
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DenHvideHund: Hi X Hover. Nice video. Have one/two questions for you. Hope you find time to answer. FPV Cam. When using a 12v on a 4s setup, do you use any UBEC/SBEC. Which one could you recommend. Also about the FPV cam. I am looking into the Super HAD from getfpv, since the TBS69 is out of stock almost everywhere. Is this an ok cam or will I miss out, compared to the TBS69. Thx again.

numex106: how does this compare to the cinetank?

ezikiel121212: With the camera mounted like that I can gurantee you that thing has jello when it's not low-light like in the video.

Multi Rotor: Hi, Are these the apc slow fly props? have you heard of any of them breaking mid air from to much rpm on 4s? just thought id check before ordering any

watermelon538: Hi there X-Hover! How does the QAV400 compare with the Flip Gimbal? Thank you!

Multi Rotor: Thank for the reply on the props, Is the setup in this video Balanced front to rear? I have almost the same setup , go pro in case and same fpv cam etc, but I can not get Front to rear balance unless I run a 3250mah pack and hang it off the rear very very far.

golden4248: Will you build me one?

delasantos: I am also curious what wire wrapping that is! ... great video ...

X Hover: Thanks! I would got with the 500 i have all my fpv gear setup on that. The 400 is awesome if you want something small not planing to fly very far. I have the 500 and i really like that thing it feels like flying a plain its awesome!!

Tim Nilson: Very nice review! I am posting this on the product page for the QAV400 on GetFPV. Well done!

JollySwagman2006: That Quad looks Awesome and very clear amazing video

Beny Baskoro Jatisari: you set Medium angle for the GoPro?

X Hover: More POWER!!:)

X Hover: Thanks!

Chris Young: Do you prefer the QAV400 to the TBS Disco?

astronutski: Wow very cool! I'm debating between the 400 and the 500, I'm full on FPV with OSD, GPS, elogger, altimeter....etc... So, I'm wondering if the 400 is big enough? Can you comment on this? I run 1.3 also, and UHF radio, DIY cloverleaf, and GoPro2. Which would you recommend?

aerofokus: how hard is it to install the Flip Multi Wi ?

X Hover: Not hard at all just takes a bit of knowledge and searching around the web.:)

Alvin Birbal: hey would 10 inch props be to big for your application? (would it touch the gopro?)

xhoverdrone: Hobbypartz

nathan post: looks great

X Hover: No only 8" but you can use the qav500 arms to use 9"

X Hover: Thanks Tim, Really loving the QAV500

Austn Texan: Great video, thank you for putting this together. Have you tried MultiWiiConf 2.2 yet? Trying to get a good acro setting like you've got on you little Flip Sport.


X Hover: I think it might but 5000 is a lot and heavy!

X Hover: Thank You!.:)

andrew sauls: Where did you get the mesh for the wires??

astronutski: Awesome, that helps a lot, 500 it is! Thank you!

Haych: any issues with 1.3 for video while using 2.4 spektrum?

X Hover: QAV400 all the way!

Aaron Moseman: Hover, awesome build. Just curious what you used for your cable management wrapping? That is a super clean build, nice work!

TheFido03: Can this frame use 9" props?

Santiago Martinez: What do you recomend more.. Spidex or QAV400?

tir33x .: how did u mount the fpv camera? did you have to glue the bracket on?

X Hover: THanks!:)

RCPerfectionist: Nice machine. Is that tape to balance the props? I used that method and cut some round disks of various sizes using gasket punches. I found some black mailbox letters that are really sticky and used that. I stuck one on the back of the light blade to balance and if you place it in the correct place you can also balance the hub at the same time.

X Hover: Yes i am.:) works great with this setup.:)

X Hover: about 2 Years now.

MyOnehand: nicely done great looking rig happy flying !!!

TheFido03: I have a 5000mah 3s battery, will it fit in this frame?

projectforth: How long have you been flying ?


X Hover: No they perform amazing!! took it out for a test full speed going as hard as i could motors and escs stayed nice n cool.:)

X Hover: yea the smaller version is so cool!!

Anthony Spencer: Just finished the QAV500 and started flying it but am very intrigued by the smaller version.

traileater: What is the cost of this unit minus the go pro and radio?

Mulder8472: what sort of flying time do you get on this with the 4s 2200mah lipos?

Brandon Geiger: Dang that thing looks sick! Cant wait for more footage!

bmschulman: Looks like wire mesh guard. Hobby King sells it in various colors. Search for "mesh".
QAV-400 Build overview review 4.9 out of 5

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QAV-400 Build overview review