How To Shim A Starter - EricTheCarGuy

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How To Shim A Starter - EricTheCarGuy
How To Shim A Starter - EricTheCarGuy
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Frank Sanz: Hello Eric, I have a 55 chevy bel air and the bendix don't disengage even when all the wiring is ok, the solenoid is ok, I tested the starter out of the car and works fine, and the switch tested with a multimeter, I used a screw driver with the key switch off the car to turn on the starter and it won't stop so i disconnect the battery, could it be the gap on the pinions???

Kaibil66: Excellent job are the best professional I always learn from you thanks.

80s90sfan: Thanks, I got it and my starter works and sounds...well, like it should!

HighCapacityGaming: So how do you add shims?

fred smith: this guy is one articulate friggin mechanic!!!! awesome!!!

Lotusrk123: Leave it to GM to fix what wasn't broken! When the starter bolts to the bell housing (like most other manufacturers do) then the distance is always correct and shims are never needed.. I can think of no advantage to this Rube Goldberg setup other than facilitating starting the engine on a dynomometer.

dave ddavison: Ok soo the shims go between the starter and tthe mounting points on the block. The shim is to but distance between the teeth on starter gear and the flywheel/faceplate like a spacer. To put them on. Is easy... if you adding to stsrt thats already on, remove the bolt on passanger side and loosen the other till you can slide the shim in. Line up holes and tighten back down

Birdie Golden: Thanks for the video, but I was hoping you would actually show how to use the shims.  I've got some universal shims, but I have no idea how they're supposed to work or where they go on the starter.  Any thoughts?

B Ann: What ?
Shim 1 side ?
You do realize the starter you're using does not have bolt holes straight across from each other ?
& Shimming 1 side will cause the starter to sit crooked which will cause premature wear because the starter drive teeth will not ride or mesh properly with the ring teeth .
BTW just from the sound you need to put a thin shim on that starter .

Chris Stephens: Ok, but the video doesnt actually explain how to shim them. It tells when shims should be used...but not how to install them...

alolipa: Hey Eric can you tell me if a 99 montero sport should have shim on the starer mine makes a griding noise 

Tig ger: Probably should loose the Wilson hat when promoting BBB reman

Organicle Man: How the hell do you install the shims?????????????
Thats why i watched the video! Where the hell do they go? The video is clearly titled "how to shim a starter" but you did not shim the starter nor show us how! What the hell?

Dylan B (gasengines5): Good video the starters are a pain to work with though 

Albert: Thx freaking Alots !!!!!!  Eric The Car Guy !!!!!! You safe my life !!!! 

Cameron Pigott: Hey I just installed a starter on my 454 bbc and I started the car it worked perfect a few hours later I went to start it and it made a horrible grinding sound and wouldn't turn the engine over. I don't have any shim installed. Should I install shim and try it again? 

whitebread8381: eric my sister wants to know if your available shes looking for somebody

akshairtube: Eric-you have great articles that are very helpful and informative.
in this article I would have liked to see a situation where you shimmed a starter rather than show one that did not need it.
Thanks and keep up the great work
a k shair

JG Laboratory: same with 4clyd? got a 89 mazda starter...still wants to give a loud grind sometimes when starting like its slipping gears on flywheel. same with my audi now too...can the edges of gears on flywheel be worn or something to let it slip?..maybe shim a side to angle starter a not worth new flywheel and dont have shop to do any hardcore in apartment complex.

063209dr: I thought Engineers' Blue used to be the paint for identifying the fit or fitting of parts where measurement was impracticable.
How To Shim A Starter - EricTheCarGuy 5 out of 5

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How To Shim A Starter - EricTheCarGuy