Nikon P-223 Sighting In Ar-15

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Jeremy: Down vote for flagging cameraman.

SnackAttackO1: An AR generally produces a group size of around 2" with bulk ammo. Maybe more or less depending on your particular rifle. A single round is not indicative of the rifle's true POI. It may look look like you have it right, but you will still. e a little off. Fire a carefully aimed group of 3-5 shots (the more the better) and adjust for the center of that group. By doing this you will be able to more accurately zero your optic to the rifle's true POI.

Jason Vorhees: That scope is ridiculously high.

BigJohnMcVicker: Always put it on safety when done...then swing the barrel past your camera man! Come on man!

Pagansdad: Terrible trajectory that zero.  Ur wasting all the most useful, and most likely, range of the cartridge.  Mind ur basics Brother.  Swept the camera man BIGTIME.

Kyle Rice: So much wrong with this video 💯😂

S.T. ENTERTAINMENT: what kind of grip? do you likeit?

Stetson Hays: has got to be one of the uglyest ar ive seen in a long time

Stefan Taylor: You shoot like crap

heavyhank99: I think you were only shooting about 60 yards. It didn't take too long for you to walk to the target and I counted approximately 56 foot steps.

Anthony Pegg: 1:58 "Always put it on safety when you get done". Waves barrel past camera guy
Muzzle Awareness, get it together!!

Christ Follower: Actually your statement is incorrect. The max distance with an AR is not 300 yards. I can tag a man size target very easily at 200, 300, and 500 meters open sites.

BAZ1NGA510: I just got the same scope. But when i look through the sight & turn the turret knobs i dont no movement of the reticle/target? Is that normal or do i have a defected scope?

William Kane: The reticle is designed for a 200 yd zero, with the first hash mark below the center cross hair representing 400 yd and the second representing 600 yd using a 55-grain polymer tipped bullet with a muzzle velocity of approximately 3240fps.
I'm paraphrasing the instruction manual but these are the specifications of this scope. Read the manual and you will understand the benefits/limitations of this scope. YouTube is inundated with those who don't do their homework and those whom are willing to listen to them. Wake up!!

Cass Larsen: The BDC zero for this scope is 200 yards for this scope to work as designed. Just sayin 

Matthew Whitaker: At the 500 I can consistently hit a man sized target with an m4. You can definitely go further than 300 which the scope is built for. It's not supposed to be a 100 yard zero.

Manuel Bou (MiragePro): way to flag the hell out of the camera guy, id knock you the hell out.

Todd Myers: The main issue for me is having your shooting area right next to your house and not to far off to the right is the propane tank for the house.  Seriously people, can we not have some common sense.  The what if's are stacked against you here.  What if someone comes around the corner of the house etc...

Orlando Montes: You have the ugliest AR I've ever seen. Who puts a scope on a carry handle? Why do you have that air soft butt stock on your rifle? What's up with the ugly ass flashlight on the bottom? You fail hill billy
Nikon p-223 sighting in ar-15 5 out of 5

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Nikon p-223 sighting in ar-15