Nikon P-223 Sighting In Ar-15

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Marlyn Willie: Also thats not 100yards that is 100 ft OMG lol

Marlyn Willie: Lol 2 inches to the left would cost ya 8clicks LMFAO

JSMELLEY1: Regardless of what you think of the video, he DIDN’T sweep the cameraman. He swept the stand that was holding the camera. His friend was to the west of the barrel the whole time. Pay attention before you dis for no reason

oicu81b42eh: 200 or so rounds and this scope was high right on ar15, like 4 inches both ways. during the zero back in process, which it wasn't doing, the front lens o ring started coming out. keep your warranty card AND receipt, need both for warranty work. will be trying a diff budget scope, one with a no strings warranty

C: This guy dosent know what hes doing. A scope being mounted that high only forces you to adjust more at different distances. I can bet money if its a bdc he will be low over his zero. Second i would never mount a scope on the top rail of a standard AR. Dont post crap and act like an expert if you dont know what the hell your doing or talking about.

Euclid Eureka: Noob

Sergio Eltrucker: Redneck

South Carolina Trump Supporter: Ewww Clemson! GO GAMEroosterS!

scott3708: Get your self a flat top upper (they're cheap), mount scope to that, it will shoot so much better. That handle set up, been there done that, can only shoot one distance accurately without constant re-sighting in. Pitch it.

Jim U: what an ugly setup... and there is so much wrong with this video it isn't even funny especially the part where he leaves a round in the chamber and walks away from the gun...SAFTEY does not exist here!

megan holliman: thats like 50 yards if that

Brett Miller: furthest your going to shoot with an ar15 is 300yds lol it'll easily shoot 2-3 times that

worddunlap: WTF?

majestytd: People this is not 100yard. I shot at a 100yard and when I walked to my target it's a long walk but this dude walked a short distance. Also by looking at the target and when he shoot it is clearly not a 100yard. 🍺🍺

Popcorn G: Thats the highest scope profile I ever seen!! Damn kid

metalgear386: Down vote for flagging cameraman.

SnackAttackO1: An AR generally produces a group size of around 2" with bulk ammo. Maybe more or less depending on your particular rifle. A single round is not indicative of the rifle's true POI. It may look look like you have it right, but you will still. e a little off. Fire a carefully aimed group of 3-5 shots (the more the better) and adjust for the center of that group. By doing this you will be able to more accurately zero your optic to the rifle's true POI.

Jason Vorhees: That scope is ridiculously high.

BigJohnMcVicker: Always put it on safety when done...then swing the barrel past your camera man! Come on man!

Pagansdad: Terrible trajectory that zero.  Ur wasting all the most useful, and most likely, range of the cartridge.  Mind ur basics Brother.  Swept the camera man BIGTIME.
Nikon p-223 sighting in ar-15 5 out of 5

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Nikon p-223 sighting in ar-15