House Insulation - Different Types

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TheLookingOne: Hello Shannon,
I've come from your roofing videos. Good job !
Hey, I like stucco / timber (English Tudor) walls.
My house has exposed concrete block walls. I'm thinking of insulation, an air space, and then the exterior. Do you know of some exterior wall panels (fiber, fiberglass, pvc, ???)
that look like stucco, and don't need to be painted?
Wait! I'll go to the forum....

julia strutt: i thank you for answering me

julia strutt: as our house is very cold

julia strutt: can you please leave a message we need to insulate walls and floor

WTC7WasPulled: Cellulose?

Greg Shaw: what do you think about Roxul insulation and is it worth the cost

Iron Arm: Roxul (Rock wool) is far superior than pink batts. It's moisture and fire resistant. I can't believe people still use pink.

hotrodder62: You do not ,repeat.. DO NOT, install a vapor barrier over spray foam.

GreenKoolaidGuy Plays: out of all the college why pink I almost ate that "cotton candy" when I was younger

Happy Gardener: Hi Shannon, this video is very good to understand the different options. We bought an old house, that was supposed to have a finished basement but appears to be the former owner just covered the walls with drywall over 1x4 boards. My husband and I have been thinking in place some rigid insulation sheets on top of the drywall and then add some more drywall on top. We live in some place in Canada where the temperature drops to -50 C in winter. I wonder if this could be a good idea or it is better just remove everything and start from scratch? Thanks in advance for any ideas

Sandra Willick: Shannon, when you poly this wall do you use acoustical just at the top, bottom, sides or do you seal off the center on the sill between frame wall and cement section with acoustical too?

John Barrett: Thanks man.

Livin In A Box: Hi guys, my question is about insulation on a box truck.. I'm in England which means hot summers and cold winters, I was planning on using Celotex insulation boards on the ceiling, walls and floor. What I now need to know is what condensation/vapour barrier to use and where to put it ? Some people are saying it needs to go next to the outer wall and some are saying next to the inner ply wall but thats due to hotter and colder weather.... ARRGGHH !!! Another person recommended a vapour retardant sheet but wasn't sure if it should go next to the inner or outer wall since we'll be getting hotter and colder weather over here... Pleeeeeeeeease tell me you have a 100% correct answer ?...

Aamir Matloob: Liked your Videos...! from Lahore Pakistan

Aamir Matloob: well, i saw some of your videos. I want to insulate my house from outside temperature. it is very hot outside and I want to maintain a suitable environment for my house. Will this foam help me to do this???

Russell Clendenon: Thumbs up

Emrick Garam: great video! thanks!

Kitty Harvey: I am adding a 12x12 room over a concreat slab what is the best in material to use on floor, walls I have a tight budget,I need it to be light enough for me a lady to handle, tks

R0ckstrmik3: Spray foam insulation could be toxic if not installed right .. Rather go with the bad insulation or the sec option

linop412: Hello, is it true that using the spray foam on the entire house for new construction is a bad idea, because it will not allow the home to breath and also you cannot run wires in the future? A builder recently told me this when I was looking into what insulation to go with for my new home build. Thanks!
House Insulation - Different Types 5 out of 5

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House Insulation - Different Types