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Rowan Korthouwer: That dancing monkey made it! Haha ­čśé´╗┐

Jasmin W├╝rtz: Where can I download that song!!?´╗┐

Kustom: AH! dancing monkeys, my weakness! alrighty, lets get to the art!´╗┐

Kez teh Dragon: Here's a dancing monkey....Insta-sub...´╗┐

hadochampopo: The dancing monkey made me subscribe´╗┐

ThemMagicGuys: That monkey has so much swag.´╗┐

Aplus gaming: A DANCING MONKEY !!!!!!!! YAY :) you got a new sub ´╗┐

Portiswe Cartero: That monkey dance... omg stop... i... must... subscribe´╗┐

John Murray: Dat dancing Monkey doe´╗┐

Sergey Slepomoriy: who could say no to that monkey it was literally the cherry on top for all the other stuff the channel will offer subscribers :3´╗┐

Bandit Leader: what are u using for your animations?´╗┐

Blue Light Labs Web Design: Hey Jazza - are you accepting projects?´╗┐

Anna MusicOfficial: g-day :) I loved the dancing monkey, that was brilliant :) ´╗┐

AlecRyanBarnett: Your Videos are extraordinary, especially your how to draw female one. Showing me that as amazing as you are, there are still things to improve on gave me that extra nudge to get back into drawing.´╗┐

Selin Cry: Loving the monkey haha.´╗┐

Steven mCLui: tutorial on how to create custom items in dota 2??´╗┐

vVSaintZVv: The dancing monkey got me!´╗┐

KCProduction: what do you call that glove where it only covers the pinky?´╗┐

Andi is cool ^^: Please jazza,can you make a video in wich you will show us your brush settings?

Gendgi: LOL great video ahaha!

LitPowerMedia: I want a dancing monkey :(

Draw with Jazza: HMMMMMMM....

ryolo132: I came for the art. I stayed for the Monkey.

ruvelf: The monkey stays.

Steely Dan: Are you planning to upload your Dota 2 Newgrounds animation?

demonprince108: hell yeah mate you are an awesome bloke, i would love to work with you on some stuff getting your channel out there along with all of your other works and website is just a small way to say thank you mate for entertaining us, and informing us on how to become better at our skill set

tkzsfen: next tutorial - dancing monkeys!!!

Silvester Gomes Favero: You did the animation in Flash cs3?

Josefina Jarama: OMG hte dancing monkeey I loveed it!

SirShockway: Nooooo one channel layout

Draw with Jazza: I'm making this temporarily public, please share this vid and my channel with your artistic friends! Do it for the monkey!

OnLDrawingS: the monkey made it absolutely worth watching!

Sein Dark: The dancing monkey... Your a genius...

sekai300: how did you do this like the monkey part tutorial please

Alphfirm: :D

Skimlet: Dat dancing monkey

Vekoro: LOL nice monkey :D :D

Cherry RedRose: I like it! And the monkey was animated well

Draw with Jazza: I know. I hate it. They didn't give me a choice though.

MetalGearRexPilot: One tutorial had "Boobs!" as it's caption. 0:37 Got a good feeling about this guy XD

Kimo Lemonhead: Hello Jazza! I sent you a video response to this video of a speed painting. I learned lots of drawing tricks from you, I hope you watch it and tell me what you think. Maybe give me some hints or corrections. And thanks :D

Rhonda Harris: He made the one hour dancing monkey

MingoMash: Dancing monkey! OvO

Javier Mantilla: I love your Trailer awesome!!

Yeray Gascón Sánchez: 1 hour dancing monkey, please.

Guy Unger: those dancing skills were weak, unsubscribe..

Maulo93: Dancing Monkey <3

Jacob Bradley: I watched that all the way through with no regrets

MatthewfromCZ: He already did that .......

Noah Rangel: Sat monkey GG
Draw with Jazza! 5 out of 5

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