At Home Hair Coloring With ESalon, Salon Quality Hair Coloring At Home

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At Home Hair Coloring with eSalon. Salon Quality Hair Coloring at Home
At Home Hair Coloring with eSalon. Salon Quality Hair Coloring at Home
eSalon Custom Hair Color Review - Video
eSalon Custom Hair Color Review - Video Custom Haircolor Review / Tutorial Custom Haircolor Review / Tutorial
How to apply hair color to your roots
How to apply hair color to your roots
Salon-Worthy Hair Colour At Home!
Salon-Worthy Hair Colour At Home!
How works
How works
How to Color Your Hair at Home
How to Color Your Hair at Home
How to color (dye) your hair using
How to color (dye) your hair using

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Molly Kiely: Is it permanent?

eatromb: I just put in an order for my hair color. I hope it works as well for me as it did for you. Can't wait!!!! :)

AprilAthena7: @myownsummersi LOL! Honey you are soo funny! I love you!

1977BayBay: Hello yes awe made me smile I'm blessed but still dealing with this pain. I'm glad you ask and you are looking great. How r things with u?

myownsummersi: Damn you look good. Can I get your digits?

AprilAthena7: @HELLOxVY I never knew such an amazing website like this existed too! It is amazing to get a customized hair color!!!

Biggbubby: Nice, Nice, Nice, April! You're So Sweet And Pretty As Sexy And Healthy Asian Lady, April. I Love You, April! So 5 Days Ago It's Was My Birthday In Halloween, April!

Biggbubby: @AprilAthena7 You're Welcome!

AprilAthena7: @hisprincesaa You are very welcome!

AprilAthena7: @supadeeva Thank you!

AprilAthena7: @1977BayBay Aw, I hope the pain you are experience will go away. I am doing well! It was a hot day in Southern California!

SistaSledge101: put vaseline around the perimeter of your forehead, ears and neck to keep from staining..also hair color takes out color stained on.. just put the wet color onto of the stain..rub..and wipe off and it should lift.

AprilAthena7: @genieve09 I watch all her videos. I feel terrible for the girl. :(

Jessica Nyao: your hair looks so gorgeous and wonderfully shiny!!! :D thank you so much for sharing! ^^~

AprilAthena7: @333gv I still color my hair with esalon and it is fantastic! :D

Laurajflores: i wish i had the lenght of your hair

AprilAthena7: @lilazngal288 Thanks! My natural hair color is soft black.

Biggbubby: Oh, My Gosh, April. You're Look So Sexy And Healthy Like That, April. I Love Your Hair.

Biggbubby: @AprilAthena7 You're Welcome And Thank You!

AprilAthena7: @MissNazal I think they have that selection because it takes time for dark hair to lighten. Maybe if we pick the lightest color and continue to get lighter there will be more of a selection? Just guessing...hehe! I hope you're having a good evening!

888newmoon: You are so pretty in this video, love your makeup! What are you wearing on your eyes?

AprilAthena7: @sweet4cherry I hope they ship international one day for you and my international friends.

Ernestine Perez: thanxs so much april i will look into this.... your so beautiful i love love ur loong hair u and justin r the best cutest couple to me here on youtube much lovve from Austin tx

AprilAthena7: @jessicaxnyao Thank you so much for watching!

mrsrainyday: you should update in a few weeks or months to let us know how long the dye lasts and when the color starts fading that would be really helpful ^___^

AprilAthena7: @SistaSledge101 THANK YOU! Amazing tips!

farleychanel: I'll never understand why girls with black hair think it's "dark brown". Your hair is jet black, nowhere in the realm dark brown.

AprilAthena7: @20ernestine Aww thank you!

AprilAthena7: @Cardillia LOL! If you like a purple mohawk go right ahead. I'm sure you'd look great in everything!

Cardillia: @AprilAthena7 aww thank you XD but id probably scare my family if i get that Lmao XDD

3purplelover3: Hi! Rubbing alcohol helps to remove any hair dye stains you may get on your skin. I used to work in a beauty salon and we did this all the time! If the color is dark and you can't quite get it completely off, a sugar scrub will do the trick. Petroleum jelly breaks some people out so this is an alternative when you don't want to use it :) Hope you're well and great review!

Charlotte Sargent: @AarynThi No they dont :(

HELLOxVY: you're so pretty! thanks for sharing this information! i never knew such website like this existed! i'll definitely keep this website in mind since i love dying my hair a lot.

Cardillia: Omg so pretty :DDD, thank you for the review, i have never tryed dying my hair yet, so im going to try that sometime :DD think id match with a purple mohawk? XDDD JK lol

krystalklear87: april you are so adorable! i cannot wait to buy a kit thanks for the code and review

AprilAthena7: @Biggbubby Thanks! I hope you have a great birthday!!!

sportyshortey: Do you still use this for your hair now?

hisprincesaa: thanks for sharing girl!

lolamv213: I have been told by friends that before dying my hair I should not wash it so the color would stick better in my hair. It does not matter wether I do it myself or professionally done. Is this true? I know this might be a dumb question, but it will be my 1st time dying my hair & I do not know if I should wash it or not. Or if I should put some sort of product a few days before dying it to prepare it for a 1st time dye job. Any advice would be highly appeciated thanks APRIL! :)

AprilAthena7: @MissNazal :) Thank you so much for watching! Remember that my promo code APRIL saves you 20% off!

AprilAthena7: @888newmoon Really? Thanks! I thought I looked kind of pale in this lighting. LOL! I have Jane Iredale eyeshadow in Oyster.The promo code may last for months. I'm sure they'll tell me when it expries.

AprilAthena7: @Biggbubby Thanks!

333gv: @AprilAthena7 -- I see that you say in reply to "Mrs Rainy Day" that you will definitely do an update and I do NOT see a new comment/update from a YEAR AGO. (It is now March 2012). Update??

madisonnicolemarrow: im getting a free trial of it! <3

supadeeva: looks great

1977BayBay: ty 4 info!!

888newmoon: You are so pretty in this video, love your makeup! What are you wearing on your eyes? When will that 20% expire? I jsut colred my hair a week ago and not ready to oreder yet12 Such a get deal ! Thank you

Sofie H: i wanted to order, but they don't ship international...but love the review

HyperGirl6589: Is it permanite? Or tenporary?

AprilAthena7: @NguyenDon198 Cool! :)
At Home Hair Coloring with eSalon, Salon Quality Hair Coloring at Home 4.7 out of 5

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At Home Hair Coloring with eSalon, Salon Quality Hair Coloring at Home