How To Use A UV Sterilizer In The Planted Tank: My Take On UV Sterilizers

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How to use a UV Sterilizer in the Planted Tank: My Take on UV Sterilizers
How to use a UV Sterilizer in the Planted Tank: My Take on UV Sterilizers
UV in the Planted Aquarium
UV in the Planted Aquarium
After using UV sterilizer on a planted tank
After using UV sterilizer on a planted tank
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Aquarium UV Sterilizers Explained
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kojagun: the headline implies you are going to share knowledge information or experience about uv filters. after watching the video you clearly do not. you should have made the headline gonna bullcrap about fish tank stuff and you have no idea what you are talking about... I’m sure your a nice guy and all but you duped me into watching your crap vid hoping you knew what you were talking about. gave you a thumbs down because of that.

Versaquatics1: Hard to take intelligent aquarium advice from anyone who uses the term "dope". Have kept aquariums for 4 decades and have had wonderful luck with ultraviolet sterilization. The trick is to determine proper wattage, flow rates, contact time, and bulb replacement. The risk of using these is very minimal. My two cents.

DIY Hobby: yes get a uv strilizer. i put mine directly above sponges in sump. when i turn it on for 12 hours water changes to cloudy. LOL I OVER KILLED the bad and Banifecial bacteria but hey no problem in my tank. healthy fishes. just cloudy no prob. at least the fish is thriving healthy. for newbies get one of those uvc much better no DIY. mine 100% diy. cloudy but no bacteria my tank hehe.

Piranha and the dirt planted tank: Nothing much on the subject. You gotta do more research before making videos and giving people tips. BTW, tanks look awful.

Dustin's Fish Tanks: Here is a link to another video I did from the greenhouse
about how I get more gas exchange in my fish room. Check it

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mef1975: To comment on this video, I'll definitely be using a UV light, with low flow rate, kinda like "life support" for the plants, as they get accommodated to their new tank (they hadn't grown up under this lighting, so they're freaking out).   I'm hoping the UV light will keep them from getting completely choked out, or infected.  I'll turn it off once the grow light, CO2, and nitrate are balanced with the plants, see what happens, could be a month or so.  Now for my rant... I'm a year into the hobby, and have found that people are really, for the most part, ignorant on why they do the things they do.  Instead, they find a method that works for them, knowing a couple points about it, and they tend to stick to it, never really analyzing what all happened.  I can understand why, as there's often so many factors involved, figuring out what happened could end up being a research career.  lol  Once in a while you'll run into someone that has a masters or BS in marine biology, or something. They can be very enlightening, understanding physics of light and biology of photosynthesis to be able to look at a plant and know what kind of light it needs automatically, it's amazing when things can be understood like that.  Of course, there's always exceptions.  Anyhow, as if what I just mentioned isn't overwhelming enough, what really bothers me is the inaccuracy from companies making things for the hobby, for instance, a 150 gallon tank that could never actually hold more than 131 gallons, or a 100 gph pump, that can really never get above 70 gph, stuff like that annoys me cause it's like "false advertisement".  

yuk747:  I use a UV sterilizer only once in a while for my planted tank but not continuously only for controlling early signs of problems + it's beneficial because it's chemical free.

vipercma: While you may get different opinions on whether or not it's needed, UV has no negative effects. Since only water that passes through the unit is treated, there is no impact on the beneficial filtration bacteria. UV does not add or take anything from the water column. The only immediate noticeable effect may be an increase in water clarity.

Contrary to popular belief, UV exposure does not kill the organsims that pass through the unit. It simply uses UV radiation to sterilize single cell organisms and some small parasites so they can no longer reproduce. Hence the name UV sterilizer and not UV killer or UV destroyer (sounds like a marketable name though). Larger organisms like pods and such will pass through unharmed and unaffected by the UV exposure.

I run it on my tank on the input side of my recirc skimmer. There is a theory that UV will affect phosphate bonds and can possibly increase phosphate removal through skimming. Whether or not it works, I don't know. Since I like to run UV anyway on a tank, I figure it can't hurt. I say make the deal if it's that good.

Shawn Bailey: You tanks look so bad! Cloudy, dirty, disgusting! I feel bad for you fish.

caderaid100: Your fish look sick too lol

caderaid100: Your tank looks horrible. 

Convict1975: I'm using a 13 watt AquaTop right now in hopes to aid my battle against ich.

alientech: So what you're saying is, you hot no idea what you're talking about.

raserocka1: Has anyone had any negative affects with a diatom filter in a planted tank? I switched to a UV and seems now that the UV works better for this type of tank.

Jacob's Aquarium: Watch my newest video. It will answer all your questions.

warlim: Yea.. love this plant ... just got some from Poland

Carena722: oops. just got one

Fabulous: @anthony duffy When u dirt the tank but one inch of gravel for every inch of dirt and one inch of sand for every half an inch of dirt
How to use a UV Sterilizer in the Planted Tank: My Take on UV Sterilizers 5 out of 5

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How to use a UV Sterilizer in the Planted Tank: My Take on UV Sterilizers