Here You GO! HOW To Root Your NOOK HD And NOOK HD+

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Natasha Jones: Hi :) I just recently had to factory set my nook hd plus tablet because it was too slow. But I still have cyanoboot but I can't seem to reuse my micro sd card. Will I need a new one? And my computer doesn't recognize the card or micro sd card reader. help!!!!!

Gaming With Kman: It worked:)

TargetiveChicken bacon: every time I try to confirm an app that's FREE it says unable to purchase We are unable to process your order. Please make sure that you payment information is correct or check your Wi-Fi and try again later. I've checked my Wi-Fi three times and my payment information every thing is in order I have also tried every three to four hours to make it work. PLEASE HELP.

TONAL DEBO: Never mind I fixed it and now I'm rooted !

TONAL DEBO: My nook keyboard not working please help

cora nehring: do you know if it will work for a nook glow light?

Robert Rocconella: I used the program "diskpart" in Win7 to reformat and recover my SD card.I had an 8GB card that was set up with an older CWM boot as 4GB. regular format would only give 4Gb. After this process I regained the 8Gb and then followed the procedure in the link from this video to update. The instruction for recovery of the SD is here:

If your Nook is becoming slow and not charging properly, before you do anything else please TAKE OUT THE SD CARD. For some reason it may corrupt the card and it will impact on the whole system. If it solves your problem do the following; 
1. Put the card back in 
2. Connect to computer and backup files
3. Take and out again, format through computer, (most likely will not work because of corruption)
4. Buy a new sd card
This could save you hours of unnecessary Nook cleaning, formatting, battery changing, etc, etc, e

Scott Daley: As pointed out below, some files needed per your instructions are no longer on that XDA page, making this video irrelevant unless updated. Help?

TigerMan Studios: Anyone there plz start uploading vids again

Yonathan Ávila: NookHD-HDPlus-Extras-rev2 not already exist? LINK PLEASE? HELP!!!!

XxTotalAnarchyxX: I did everything right but i still cant intall apps from the web. Can anyone help here?

Extreme Chaos: Please tell me were you got win32 disk imager

Victoria Anderson: do you have to go through all this just to change the time on your nook hd+ or is there an easier way?

Ana Zuno: so do you put the sd card into the computer ?

Mr.Steave: Doesn't work please help

Natasha Jones: I did not see the extras at all. :( help!!!

Zoey Quick: the "extras" file mentioned in the video is no longer there even though it was at the time the video was recorded is there any way i can find it?

JoceyVDV: all you would have to do is go onto the playstore and select a launcher you already have installed -_- or get an app like launcher switcher 

Anon Mouse: that's not lepiniar's work by the way, he got it from someone else and just updates it, and it's a mess.
Here you GO! HOW to root your NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ 5 out of 5

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Here you GO! HOW to root your NOOK HD and NOOK HD+