That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank

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That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank
That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank
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panzerlied231: This video got me to study the titanic for 6 years.

godzilla691138MW3: Man , just wish they put more life boats on the beauty, Titanic was a glorious looking ship, they could have saved a lot of lives if they added for life boats but they only put little because of the unsinkable opinion amd they wanted to show Titanics beauty

Darby Long: Do you mean the funnel?

maria missyabit: deadly but intressting

Nathaniel Pineda: Wait a min before the first funnel the lights went out WHAT IS GOING ON?!? 

Fiona Figuerola: I love this so much,lol.?

ActivistVictor: that background music is awesome

George S: How the Titanic Sank....

Ty Robinson: Watch

IAMAFURRY: life boats

do not bother: My grandfather that I never met died on the titanic with my grandma which I also never met.

Casey Plotnick: "But this ship cannot sink" 1:15

airborne50804: @brockacherry The stern section separated from the bow section between the 3rd and 4th funnel, right at the seem of the aft expansion joint. If you don't know what an expansion joint is, they are used in large structures like Titanic, and bridges so they can flex without cracking the steel/Iron.

Ali Haider: This is the power of Allah ... exactly what happens if you don't become a muslim.

ICEWOLF7600: No. Most ships stopped and dropped the anchor for the night in arctic and transatlantic waters where icebergs are common. The captain was trying to make a world record crossing (it was his last trip before retirement) and did not stop; he didn't even slow down. He kept going at full speed even though it was foggy and he hadn't equiped his look outs with binoculars,(which he should have) which put all the passengers at risk. He crashed the ship.If he'd done his job properly Titanic may have lived

bill woods: Then be carefull duck hunting season's getting close.

hi I'm awkward: I'm a muslim, but that comment is stupid.

damiang1583: That is sad

kenny Brindley: it was poo

Yash Panchal: it was very unfortunate.

Carrie Genova: jack rose

Brittany Coyle: awsome very good detealed.

Sheela Victor: I dont think all this is possible, But now I know everything is possible when we set our minds to it

TheGoyanks: I saw a documentary idk what it was called but it said the ice burg broke off when the titanic was being made ironic? ( not trying to be disrespectfull)

Sh4rptiger: 47 years is "a few years" to you?

Ali Haider: You have low knowledge

1523jackson: you are an idiot and a jerk

AstrosGamer: in other words "i didnt watch the video"

superfarismatrixcs54: INDO HAVE PERMISSION, MEANIES.

IAMAFURRY: The designer was not a selfish bastard Mr.Andrews the one your calling the selfish bastard wanted boat deck level bulkheads Mr.Ismay was the one who screwed up

IAMAFURRY: William murdoch was the first officer not the look out that night the one who saw the berg first was fredrick fleet

laughin lolly: scary

william greene: Thats sad

ICEWOLF7600: No the captain may have gone down with it but thats the law he signed a piece of paper stating he has to be the last person off a ship thats sinking. He is to blame he ignored 7 warning stating there were icebergs in the water and that he was going too fast. It is his fault mostly but there were a few other factors

matrixfan127: The uploader didn't make this you idiot this is out of a documentary. And it didn't necessarily go out 3 seconds before it split. That was only in the movie. No one who was actually there said when the lights went out. Were you there? No. Think before making yourself look like an idiot in front of the world wide web.

misssupercookie2011: Imagine being near the bow of the ship. Knowing there is no hope. You're going down, watching people panic, maybe you try to reach to stern, but it's too late

IAMAFURRY: they couldnt find the binoculars and i know captain smith was on his last voyage he was asleep when the ship hit the berg murdoch (first officer) ordered hard a starboard and reversed the engines if he went head on the ship could have stayed afloat

Nando M: Parabéns pelo vídeo, porém, como sabemos, o angulo de elevação da popa não ultrapassou 30°.

ICEWOLF7600: The designer made the compartments shorter to make room for more 1st class cabins. Also the WSL owner reduced the number of life boats by half also to make room for more first class cabins. When the ship was sinking he pushed past children and women to get in a life boat. Selfish bastard

Joe Standiflord: To the person who said lol not funny AT ALL if that was you and someone said that to your death would you lol

theretrogamerno1: I read that his daughter told him DON'T GO he said everything will be okay but on the night she sank between 11:50 and 2:10 am his daughter was wide awake. please note that i read this in my french TITANIC book so i'm not sure my self.

Wolfheart: I don't want to get into an argument but... 1. What are the thing that you know so much about? and, 2. I seriously doubt that you actually met Cottam.

Amy Evans: This is horrific

Ella Coffman: The lookout man, William Murdoch, was fired at the last second and held a key that opened something to get to binoculars. The replacement was not given it because of William's haste and obviously didn't realize he still had the key until after the line was launched. People claim the binoculars were missing, as they were, held by William. With the binoculars, the new lookout man would've seen the iceberg and given enough time to steer clear of it and save many lives.

Marc Tuazon: the lights dint turn off early

carrireliam: No that not how it sunk

Jack Taylor: My great grandad was meant to go on the Titanic but he was ill so he couldn't.

justin ronald: Wow.. O.o I am never ever going on a boat now that I know its scary... I would swim in the sea, but never go on a boat in the Ocean

IAMAFURRY: the stern is the back of the ship
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That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank