That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank

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That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank
That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank
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Dante Everheart: I cannot imagine the deaths of the people who were trapped inside the 3rd class even while the ship broke apart and sank :'(

Brittany B: This was made a year before I was born. 

johnny devecka: I was 1 and a half when this was made.

Dan Watts Lego: When This Video was made I was 7 months old 

c huff: This Video Was Made 4 Days After I Turned 2.

RDesigns ᵐᵒᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ: I had 4 years old when this video was maked

ginantsfan5: Cool Vid!!!!!!!!!!

Dat Mullet: Wow that is so far off completely movie based.

panzerlied231: This video got me to study the titanic for 6 years.

Gabriel Cruz: This video is so cool, do more videos about the Titanic. 

Emma Young: Ok well nice try but not true

Joseph Carlisle: some one just said exactly the power of allah.....this is what happens if you don't become muslim for one you don't tell me my religon for 2 i have different beliefs for one this wasn't an act of god it was a terrible accident 

HeiskaH: dude. that theory is so inaccurate

Tobias Morin: Incorret go see surviors accounts

Paul Sawka: The faster a ship is going the faster it can turn, more water pressure pushing against the rudder, creates more turning force. Had they left the engines at full speed and turned the wheel hard over, they would've missed the berg by 10-15 feet. Even though this tradgedy is horrific, the fact that it happened create necessary change, marine regulations were created for lifeboats, height of bulkheads, double skins etc. if titanic didn't sink, possibly a larger ship would've met the same fate, still carrying board of trade required, 16 lifeboats for a 10,000 ton+ limit. It was a terrible tragedy, but it opened the eyes of the world to its ignorance and arrogance.

SemicolonGamerz: They're making another Titanic next year, welcome to the lost generation 

Levi Williams: I heart the titanic and he's right titanic lights did not go out after the first funnel fell 

Fun Nuala: I love this so much,lol.?

Ali Hussin: اعجبني

DeadlySquid: Wait a min before the first funnel the lights went out WHAT IS GOING ON?!? 

ActivistVictor: that background music is awesome

The Random Guy/ Gamer: They got the break up wrong. The bow did pull the stern but not all the way vertically. The bow pulled before the double bottom separated the 2 pieces of Titanic and then the stern fell back. After that the stern started sinking making the stern ALMOST vertical but not enough to be "practically 90degrees or vertical". And i would like to mention that the lights stayed on right before Titanic split. The lights didn't turn off when the FIRST funnel fell! And when he says "broke its back" at 1:14 that really doesn't make any sense what so ever. The correct term would be "split in half".

Silver light: Lights should of went out in 1:11

godzilla691138MW3: Man , just wish they put more life boats on the beauty, Titanic was a glorious looking ship, they could have saved a lot of lives if they added for life boats but they only put little because of the unsinkable opinion amd they wanted to show Titanics beauty

Companion Cube: cool music

Shwe oat aw: That sunk fast

maria missyabit: deadly but intressting

Meb Themes: Do you mean the funnel?

Meb Themes: Is it just me but I know this sounds evil but is it fun watching titanic sink I think it's just fun just watching it sink

Ty Robinson: Watch

Riptide Mayhem: life boats

do not bother: My grandfather that I never met died on the titanic with my grandma which I also never met.

Casey Partin: "But this ship cannot sink" 1:15

airborne50804: @brockacherry The stern section separated from the bow section between the 3rd and 4th funnel, right at the seem of the aft expansion joint. If you don't know what an expansion joint is, they are used in large structures like Titanic, and bridges so they can flex without cracking the steel/Iron.

ICEWOLF7600: No. Most ships stopped and dropped the anchor for the night in arctic and transatlantic waters where icebergs are common. The captain was trying to make a world record crossing (it was his last trip before retirement) and did not stop; he didn't even slow down. He kept going at full speed even though it was foggy and he hadn't equiped his look outs with binoculars,(which he should have) which put all the passengers at risk. He crashed the ship.If he'd done his job properly Titanic may have lived

bill woods: Then be carefull duck hunting season's getting close.

Faiza Rahman: I'm a muslim, but that comment is stupid.

Yash Panchal: it was very unfortunate.

Carrie Genova: jack rose

Brittany Coyle: awsome very good detealed.

Sheela Victor: I dont think all this is possible, But now I know everything is possible when we set our minds to it

TheGoyanks: I saw a documentary idk what it was called but it said the ice burg broke off when the titanic was being made ironic? ( not trying to be disrespectfull)

Sh4rptiger: 47 years is "a few years" to you?

Ali Haider: You have low knowledge

Treviusful: Nobody really knows if going in head-on would have worked. There are a lot of things we don't know. How fast was the iceberg moving? How fast was the Titanic moving? Was it even possible for them to turn quickly enough to hit the iceberg head on? What angle did they hit it at? How much time did they have to turn between seeing the iceberg and hitting it? All we can do is guess, and all of the guessing ONLY tells us about the assumptions that we make, and NOTHING about what actually happened.

AstrosGamer: in other words "i didnt watch the video"

superfarismatrixcs54: INDO HAVE PERMISSION, MEANIES.
That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank 4.7 out of 5

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That FATEFUL Night - How The Titanic Sank