Crosman 1377 Disassembly

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Thomas V: Thank you Mike for the video. I plan on installing a Piccadilly scope mount on my 1377. Your instructions are very easy to follow and you speak very clearly and for an old fart like me that is crucial lol thanks again and happy shooting

Michael Norris: wow good video, but could you help me? I have an older phase 2 model with the rear roostering pull. I have it torn down but the valve seems to be stuck in the tube. It does appear to be up against a crimp on the cylinder, but not crimped I believe. I have tried a brass rod and hammer tapping on the valve but it seems stuck. Is this normal? any ideas?

fsdarrell: Great video, FYI, that square do hickey screw is a Robertson #2. A mainstay in Canada, but rare to non existent in the US since Robertson and Henry Ford had a falling out a century or so ago.

ROBERT DRAZNIK: Excellent Mike. I should have found this before I "lost" my ball and spring. Would you believe, however, that I found both!! I certainly won't forget THAT experience.

Neil Yakuza: Great vid! Thanks.

shaliyah rodriguez: You should do a reassemble because I have a pressure leak and I don't know how to fix it

Hugh Greenough: Thanks for making this video. I am going to be replacing my pump arm assembly as well. I was a little concerned about removing the lever from the piston. I have been unable to find that particular part of the dis assembly on a video. And you remembered to slip that part in right at the end. Well Done! Thanks, Hugh

marcelojc: what kind of oil do you use on the internal parts, air chamber ?

PhysicsOfCombat: The Breech screw is 4-48 x 1/4inch long. Im not 100% sure about the length

TheVabene73: mike my crosmans 1377 bereel moves because the plastic band at the end where the sight is is not firm.does yours move too it seems tha doesnt afect accuracy too much 

Shaun Savoury: Excellent video, 100%  :)

fabiolus2007: This is awesome, you did the assembly? I'm trying to look into getting a mod kit for better fps. A 're-assembly would be nice.

Thank you

callofdutyguy9: I have a question about the flat top piston and valve. Do custom flat top pistons come in the correct length because I notice many of these pistons look like thick screws attached to a couple of nuts and an o-ring at the front and do you need a new transfer port if the valve has been widened a little? Thanks!

Vladimir Chertok: can you use pellgun oil on that pistol.

Szin Napalm: this guy sounds like hes the real arnold swartzinagger, serously listen

Richard Blackshire: nice video but i was hoping you would show how to remove the pump cap, think it has a pin through it

Nirvana cana: how do i get the thing that holds the barrel band in place back into the gun?

Nirvana cana: how do i get the thing that holds the barrel band in place.

Syed Iftikharuddin: i have one 1322 crossma .22 ned repair iwant to sell it for 5000 only
Crosman 1377 disassembly 5 out of 5

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Crosman 1377 disassembly