44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

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Kahla Howard: I agree that Ruger makes some amazing and hefty revolvers but the class still lies with S&W and Colt. Maybe you should design a revolver for them? The Ruger Hickok, I'd buy that.

Jake Henry: hiya hickok, just one thing bout popping those melons, ya know the one's that are trophy size, well over 4-5lbs., with that pistola, not a big chunk left for trophy,lol,shakyjake out!

николай николаевич: жаль, я не знаю английского, хоть бери учи

David Tracy: Got one for my birthday. Beautiful gun

byrdland357: You are and experienced shooter with the .44 magnum round. I've noticed ad lot less muzzle flip is this video than I would expect with the .44 magnum round. Is it the shooter or the pistol? Does the S&W 629 flip less or more?

Kewl Kann: I've shot this one alot, its really fun since you have to pull the hammer back

Mark H: Do they make a 44 Mag pistol that you can swing out the Cylinder and eject all 6 casings at the same time ..?

William Matthews: I plan on purchasing one of these handguns soon, but I just have this one question. Does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably priced, good quality handgun scope for this particular model handgun? I'm not interested in red-dot sights. Thank you.

Sunday Gunday Channel: I have this gun with the Bisley grip. Shot some pretty nasty loads out of it and she rolls up nice and smooth. Check it out on my channel. Keep up the good work, Hickok45!

Timmy A: I want to a 44 magnum. still doing research on which one

Midway47: I just bought one of these this week and got a chance to shoot it today. I love it!

D Boss: The older I get the more I like revolvers. Especially for the home. You put them some place ready (because running for a gun is starting to suck ), And you don't have to worry It will go bang! Magazines go bad when fully loaded after a so many years! Full size gun suck to carry, 5 shots of 38spl in a pocket ready is all you need.

Schön: I love my early '80's Ruger Security Six in .357 with 6" barrel, however, the Super Blackhawk is now tops on my list.

Nallanyesmar: I bought a Ruger six shooter to shoot the Koran on video.  It looks like I'll have to visit a friend who owns a house out in the desert to shoot it legally, though.

Geoff Dearth: I think there would be about as much left of a chicken as there was of that watermelon.

Jordan/Shyadow: Would you deer hunt with a .357 Blackhawk ?

Ben Bedwell: I like the swing-out cylinder of the Redhawk, but this gun just has so much style.... I'd almost rather buy the Blackhawk

RedBayDog: Wayne C. Smith you are a self edit...

Super Blackhawk.44: I wouldn't want any other gun except the Freedom Arms model 83 in .454 I believe it's the best looking and best built tolerance wise gun ever made.
44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter 5 out of 5

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44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter