44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

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Jameson Cross: How come your hands or the gun didn't get very dirty? Usually when you shoot revolvers your hands and the gun are filthy.

Papa T: Just LOVE this revolver.

Superman's Grim Reaper: I would engrave the phrase 'Non Timebo Mala' on the barrel. And this would be my monster killing revolver like Supernatural's Colt Paterson.

Hildton McConnell: very nice shooting I have only shot 44 mag revolver out to 100 yd. using the S&M with a 8 3/8" did OK but when I went to the Ruger black with a 10 1/2" was much better. I would like to see what the Ruger 77/44 would do at long range.

Jeffrey Morgan: I went with the 41mag Hunter Davidsons ...almost the same gun

twist of -faith: It would be nice if Hogue made a grip for these guns.

P CP kèm Cận Chiến.: Ong gia nay ban sung ok

Dennis Collins: Definitely on my radar. How could 139 people not like this video? I guess there’s gotta be a few trolls.

LeideHuend: Ok, you got me, I have to get one! :)
Just bougth the GP100 .357 mag but I guess that one is not enough...
I love your videos, very atmospheric and informative!
Greetings from Switzerland

David Scholting: Awesome!!!

Steve B: Bear repellant.

Fox Wild: Hickok are you cross eye dominant?

Michael Corrieri: I have the bisley version, and it can take any load I've thrown at it. I think it might be the best .44 mag you can get for under 3 grand. I owned a .44 mag Frontier Arms with the 7.5" barrel... and surprisingly, I preferred the Ruger Bisley Hunter.

R V: what do you think of the Interarms Virginian Dragoon 7.5" .44 Magnum

Brighten Bell: Blackhawk is gorgeous. But. Is there a Redhawk double action version that looks exactly the same ?

Joe MacDonald: Have you ever tested a Freedom Arms revolver?

MATT DYLAN: Ruger Super Blackhawk 😍

kentchr76: I love the "too-much-steel design" on revolvers from Ruger :-) .

Dhira Gill: i luv ruger

RT Solo: Has Hickok ever fanned the hammer?
44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter 5 out of 5

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44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter