44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter

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OsricRexor: Why did they make it single action? Is it because double action is impracticable when it comes to hunting or did they just feel like making a beautiful single action revolver?

ed mo: that black talon seems so powerful

Darrin Flores: Do you hold a revolver any different from semiauto?.. your left thumb basically same place?

Sam T (Yodelin'Odin): I can't wait to pick mine up!

daniTHEwani: which do you prefer, the redhawk or the blackhawk?

syed Muhammad Nazim muhammah: What's the price

Jon Snow: You Americans are extremely lucky to be allowed these beautiful guns, Australia is too strict on firearms and it's a real buzz kill. I just wish our government would pull the sticks out of their asses

Daniel Choate: Thanks for another great video. I purchased my first new gun in the mid eighties. I went to get a 357 to carry hunting but I made the mistake of taking my young son at the time with me. He saw the Ruger Super Blackhawk in the display case and just insisted that I purchase it. So the first new gun I purchased was the Ruger Super Blackhawk with the ten and a half inch barrel and I paid three hundred and thirty dollars for it.It looks as good today  as it did when I purchased it.

Ronald Pagan: the little cutouts on the barrel for optics add to the looks, like they were meant to be there

TomatheGreek: Hickok, I have a big chicken problem down in my neck of the woods, do you think the .44 magnum will be able to take a man sized chicken? (We are talking about 15ft in circumference here)

J de Sade: Those bullets are carrying some serious energy.

DionysusVoice: Now that's one beautiful weapon -- I love the wooden grips.

Wahoochi Moomba: Hickok have you ever calculated your yearly watermelon bill?

Andrew R: you're such a good shot, its unbelievable sometimes.

PaulBodyBuilder: Double action in cowboy guns I hope comes out with a modern technology

nicholas paulson: i hope you read the manual before pickin' off those two liters ;)

Adrian Larkins: I don't understand the logic of hunting with anything less accurate than a rifle. Why use a weapon that has more chance of missing or worse, wounding the animal? If you must hunt, at least make it as humane as possible. Take the hand gun as back-up by all means.

Saeed Ahmadi: beautiful & powerful

DainBramaged 4Life: It makes my blood  boil a little to be reminded that one of the most effective defense loads to exist can no longer be.

5252dan: if you had daughters, i'd stay away two counties. nice nice piece
44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter 5 out of 5

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44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter