How To Make Baby Booties On Round Loom 1 Of 6

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how to make baby booties on round loom 1 of 6
how to make baby booties on round loom 1 of 6
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Burntsmurff: If you do less stitches what will happen is that the weave will not be as "thick". So the weave will be more open, and it will not hold its shape as much. If you want to make it "smaller" You would need a smaller loom, and I don't know if anyone makes one. Sorry! Maybe if it was knit flat? Both body of booty and sole?

michelle from down under in bundy: if i wanted to make new born could i do less stiches

Burntsmurff: So glad you liked it! I can't make heads or tails of pattern books. It is so much easier to watch and learn!

Katherine Collazo Santos: Hello! I am new to this and would like to know which yarn to use.

Burntsmurff: Hi, I accidentally replied to this using my husband's account. But the answer is the same. You can use one or three! The more strings of yarn the thicker it will be. Try knitting a flat panel and you will see the difference. If you use one the bootie will not hold its shape as well, and it will be a noticeably looser more open knit. Hope this helps!

Ed Winn: You can use just one yarn string, but it is not as "thick" when you knit it. It's like the weave will be more open, and it will not hold its shape as well. Experiment and you will see what I mean!

emily smith: do u have to use 2 strings or can u only use 1as well?

skgreviews: u made this so simple! I think it is so nice that you took the time out to help us!

MrSzOmBiEsPiDeR: thank you so much for posting this, i cant read patterns at all! thisvideo helped me make the cutest bootie evr for my baby neice :)

Burntsmurff: You're welcome. I really should get back to it. So many ideas, so little time.

bigheadbulldogs: Great job with this video it helped me alot, thanks so much!

Burntsmurff: Thank you. I have watched videos in which they cut away and it sometimes make me feel like I missed something!

starcutie5: i like how you explain everything i enjoy watching your videos

starcutie5: 24 peg

Ana Maria Nunes: Hahahaha is very good but ur English is kind of funny

ThatOneGirlStar: @Burntsmurff I guess I will try and give it a go lolz but I probably wont be successful for a while lolz

Burntsmurff: @mistideveau I cannot follow a pattern if my life depended on it. I have tried and it's like reading hieroglyphs!

Burntsmurff: @johana022290 You know I have only tried this because I am not a knitter or crochetter. And I wanted an easy way to make booties, and I love loom knitting. The only thing I can think of is to experiment with the tops, with straps, and I bet one could even make flat panels to add. If and when I find time I would like to make other kinds!

Burntsmurff: @06fablemable Hi, I am sorry for the late reply, I don't usually check my you tube account! I guess I should. I used the smallest loom possible the one for the preemie hats. I think there are other companies that make similar size loom with different sized pegs and I bet those would give a tighter weave.

Burntsmurff: @ThatOneGirlStar You Know I never thought about it, but it seems someone else commented on another video of these same series and said they made some for a two year old and ten year old. I am guessing use different size loom? Let me know if you try it!
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how to make baby booties on round loom 1 of 6