How To Spring Twist

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How to: Nubian/Spring Twist (Review & Tutorial)
How to: Nubian/Spring Twist (Review & Tutorial)
✰33✰ Spring Twist Tutorial    Natural Hair Protective Style
✰33✰ Spring Twist Tutorial Natural Hair Protective Style
How to Spring Twist
How to Spring Twist
MzNaturalLife's Easy Spring Twist Install Method Tutorial (E*ON Natural Hair) (Requested)
MzNaturalLife's Easy Spring Twist Install Method Tutorial (E*ON Natural Hair) (Requested)

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flawless looks: What's the name of the hair you use?

Janaya Peoples: so how do you extend the hair for a longer length no one has explained that yet

ayannaefaye1: this guy asks all the best questions!! thank u mystery man. but I have a question do you hot water dip the hair after?

apple05021: I would like to know how do I make the twist hair longer and if you can show us another video thank you

Born To Be Natural: Are you in Chicago :-)

nette tolliver: Can you tell me how to put the Spring twist hair that's mixed colors in?, like 1b/33.
Not sure how to keep the bottom color at the bottom.

Violet Butterscotch: good job. thank u 4 showing wat not to do. I been wondering y mines came out wrong for months now

CayNatural85: Hi Can you use a shea butter mix instead of grease to control the frizz while installing. I'm into my 6th month natural and I'm about using only products with natural ingredients (no mineral oil, no petrolatum etc.).

Katrina Boykins: THANK YOU FOR THE BREAKDOWN OF STEPS TUTORIAL. My sister and I are always telling the braiders of our hair to not pull or twist the hair taught when twisting. But they DON'T LISTEN, so they take the look away from the hair!!!!!!!! Now I'll be able to show this tutorial and they'll know exactly what we're expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamira G: Great video. Now I can see the difference between the two. i'm going to try Spring twists with this hair...I think it'll be easier on my hands/wrists.

Shekinah Ealey: Do spring twist usually come out easily if you grease your scalp, play with your hair a lot, and wear it back, up, and down? Because I got spring twist done about a week or 2 ago and I've done all of those things and theyre loosening up and coming out especially in the back and font. My hair is about 4 inches in the front and probably 2 or 3 in the back...I just need some clarification...And what about Kinky twists? can I grease my scalp with those and play with it a lot?

Cat Cameron: thank you soooooo much on explaining the difference! about half done now and i'm realizing i'm doing kinky twists when in my brain i really wanted the spring/fluffy twists - at least i have a new style for next time now! :)

mom of 3 there's more 2 me: Hello, I enjoyed your video and would like to know if I can get the same look with the puffy twist hair by gina collection. I mistakenly got this hair thinking I could achieve this look you are doing and don't think I will be able to exchange the hair again.

Nana A.: your site doesn't allow shipping to the UK . please have a look at that

mzJamaican4Life: that look messy i would not pay for dat crap

Pj Renee: does it come longer lengths like 20 or 24 inches?

iluveyeshadows: always right over left

4PearlyMay: Does the twist direction matter for spring twists? Can you get the same look left over right or right over left?

gtfab16: wow thanks i finally know how to do the kinky twist...i was so confused about the twisting technique before.

holyghostcarrier: Awesome! Thanks!
How to Spring Twist 5 out of 5

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How to Spring Twist